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Can you play doubles in UNO?

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Do you know if it is possible to play doubles in UNO? From Wild cards to Reverse cards, when unique cards pair together they form a double.

Typically, in UNO game, a player is only allowed to play one card per turn, but the rules change when it comes to doubles.

Can you play double in UNO? Yes, you can play double in UNO. If a player has two cards of the same kind of card, they can play them together in a turn. 

For instance, a player can play a pair of Blue 7s if the card on top of the Discard Pile is a Blue or 7. In addition, a player can play two Reverse cards at a go, which return the game in its original rotation. 

In UNO card game, if you have cards of the same number, they are called doubles and the color of the two cards does not matter. For the same numbered unique cards, two cards form a double.

Playing double UNO cards make the game end faster by giving more winning combinations. A player is able to win when you have two identical cards in their hand as last cards

In this article, we are going to learn how doubles work. Answered below are frequently asked questions about important doubles rules so that you can be the first player to get rid of all the cards in a hand.

What are doubles in UNO?

Doubles are two cards of the same number type that can be played together in a single turn. For instance, two cards of Green-7 can be played at once when the card on the top of the discard pile is either Green or 7. 

The doubles are typically a “house rule” that is utilized when players want the game to move faster. In every turn, the player has to place two cards instead of one if they have two identical cards of the same number. 

In this case, if a player has yellow three on the discard pile, then in the player’s turn, the player can put a Red-3 and Yellow-3 on the discarding pile simultaneously. 

But if the player’s intention is not to end the game faster, the player can discard Draw 2 cards on the discard pile so that the next player can draw two cards instead of one and force that player to forfeit their turn.

However, playing doubles in a two-player game, especially to stack Reverse cards or Skip cards, has no impact from playing one card because both scenarios return the game to the player who has placed the action card.

Players can end the game with two power or action cards such as Draw 2 or Wild Draw 4 because the cards tally at the end with the total points. When a player is left with doubles as their last cards, the player has to collect another card from the Draw Pile and announce “UNO” to potentially win on the next round.

Doubles are a surefire way for a player to take complete control of the game.

How do doubles work in UNO?

The rule of double allows a player to play two cards of one card type on their turn. When in a situation where a player has a pair of cards of a similar color as the number on a card, like two Blue-7s, then a player can play the two cards at the same time if the card of the discard pile is Blue or 7.

Doubles give the active player complete control of the game by discarding extra cards during their turn.

If the player used the double in a multiple-player game, double Reverse cards return the game to the original direction it was before. If the game is a two-player game, double Reverse cards returns to the player who plays them. 

However, doubles do not end the game if they are the last cards in the player’s hand during their turn. When the player plays their last cards, they must draw another card from the Draw Pile so that they can call “UNO” and have a chance to win on the next go around.

Is double a rule in UNO?

No, doubles are not an official rule in UNO. As a matter of fact, doubles are a “house rule” that is applied when the players want to makes the game faster and utilize advanced strategies. 

It’s a rule that allows the player to play two cards of the same kind at once, provided that the card on top of the Discard Pile matches.

The double rule also applies to action cards such that when a player places a pair of Reverse cards in a multiple-player game, they return the game to the original direction. 

But when it is played in a two-player setup, the pair of Reverse cards return the game to the player who played them, and that player gets another turn to discard.

UNO Rules for Doubles

When you are using doubles in a game of UNO, ensure that the number of the two cards are the same even though the color may not be. When the players play doubles, the players gets an added advantage in the game.

Here are double UNO game rules to help you to play fairly:

  • When players play doubles, they discard two cards that belong to any card. For example, a player can play a pair of Blue 2s if the card on top is either a 2 or any of the Blue cards.
  • Players in UNO can play pairs of Reverse cards, which return the game in its original rotation when the UNO game is played by multiple players, and return it to the player who played the action card when two players play the game together.
  • By using doubles the players can end the game much faster and the doubles may work with two power or action cards.
  • Doubles can be as the last discard, however the player must draw a card from the Draw Pile so that they can say “UNO” before attempting to win the game on the next turn.
Rule for playing doubles in UNO

Doubles in UNO: Conclusion 

Doubles are played in UNO if the players’ objective is to end the game faster by allowing players to play two cards at the same time instead of one. Doubles are an advanced game technique to further apply strategy, but this is typically a “house rule” and is not found in the official rulebook.

In the UNO game, the deck has 108 cards packaged into four-suits of color: Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow. Each with 19 cards of different numbers. 

The cards are numbered from 0 to 9 with unique cards including 8 Draw 2 cards, 4 Wild cards, 8 Reverse cards, Skip cards and 4 Wild Draw 4 cards

When playing doubles, it is important to match the same number but not the color. As always, the number or color of the doubles must match the Discarded Pile in order to make the play to begin with. 

Generally, each player is allowed to play one card per turn in UNO card game. But with same number with different color, the player may use these two cards at the same time to make a double. 

If the player is using Reverse cards in large number of player setup, double Reverse cards does not change the rotation direction. However, it there are only two players in an UNO game, double Reverse cards return back to the original player for another turn. 

There you have it! The faster you get rid of cards in your hand, and shout “UNO” when down to one last card, then the better chance you have to win the game. 

Playing doubles is great strategy to help you get rid of cards as fast as you can. Use these game player tips wisely when it comes to action cards in a 2 player setting and double up for a quicker win.

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