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Can you end on power card in UNO?

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Have you ever wondered if you can end the game on a power card in UNO? Including Draw, Reverse,Skip and Wild cards, there are many types of power cards other than numbers that make the gameplay interesting and challenging. 

Can you end on a power card in UNO? Yes, you can end the UNO game with power cards such as Draw Two card, Skip, Reverse card, Wild Draw 4, and wild card, however power cards are meant to disrupt the game plan of the opponent. Therefore, it is not always advantageous to save an action card as your final discard.

For example, when a player plays a Wild card and Draw 4 card, the action forces the opponent player to draw cards based on the displayed numbers or colors. However, the above action can be thwarted if the player plays Skip or Reverse card using the same action card.

Power cards make the UNO game thrilling, which makes players continue debating on whether a player can win the game through special cards. Note, a player can only play a power card once in turn. 

So how exactly can you finish the game with a power card? When a player plays the following power cards: Draw Two or Wild Draw 4, the opponent player will be forced to draw 2 or 4 cards, respectively, which account for the total tally of the points at the end of the game to increase the winner’s score.

If you are still a new player in UNO card game, we’ve got you covered with details on why ending on power card is allowed in UNO, but not very strategic. Answered below are frequently asked questions that address tips and strategies to improve gameplay. Let’s dive in!

What cards can you not finish on in Uno?

A player can end the game with a power card as the last card to be played. If the action is a Draw Card, then the next player must draw the cards and add them to the final tally of points scored for the round.

For instance, a player can end the game with an action card such as a Wild card with another card with a color of players choice with +4 card number.

When the swap hands card is the final card, a player cannot play the card because the player will have nothing to trade with the other player. Since even if the opponent gives the player cards in their hands, the player has no playable cards to give back. 

Instead of giving out the swap card, the player should draw the card right from the draw pile like a normal turn.

Finally, the only actions cards that can end a UNO game are Wild Card 4 and Draw Two with other numbers cards. In addition, a player can use action cards such as Skip cards, Reverse cards, and Wild cards to force opponents to pick cards based on colors and numbers displayed in those cards to make winning the game even easier.

Can you finish UNO with two cards?

Yes, a player can finish UNO with two card played in a row. In a two player game, a player can play one card in a turn when the winner plays an action card like draw 2, wild draw 4, reverse, or skip, followed by another action or card of the same color. 

However, if a player has only two cards left and their turn is active, after placing one of the cards down, the player has to announce the word “UNO.”

Afterward, the player is left with the remaining one card, forcing the player up to the next round until they can play it. However, if the two cards left with the player are identical, the player is allowed to play both at the same turn.

In the first case, the player must say the word “UNO” when the player has only one card left in hand so that when their respective turn reaches, the player can play the card and win the game.

In the second scenario where the player will be left with two that are identical, after playing both cards and left with zero cards at hand, the player has to draw one card from the draw pile and say the word “UNO” so that they can wait for the next round to play the card and win provided the card picked was not a swap hand card.

The word “UNO” proclaimed by the active player declares that they are on the final card. But if two players say “UNO” at the same time, gameplay can become more complex gameplay. 

As soon as a player plays the final turn, the game ends since the opponent doesn’t get another turn. If the player fails to say the word “UNO,” the player has to draw two cards, but some “house rules” declare many more card to serve as a penalty for failing to say the word.

Can you end UNO with the powerful card?

Yes, you can end a UNO game with a powerful card. When an UNO round ends with a Draw Two and a Wild Draw Four card, the next player must draw the cards and add the points to the final tally. 

Here is the official Uno response:

When a player plays these two cards, the opponent player is forced to draw 2 to 4 cards which accounts for the total points at the end of the game unless the cards are run out of during the play and must be reshuffled.

Can you finish on an action card?

Yes, you can finish the UNO game with an action card. It is important to note that the opponent must draw cards if that is the action, then the points are added to the final total at the end of the round.

For instance, a player can play Wild Draw 4 and a number card of the color of the player’s choice of +4 and the next player must draw cards from the deck to add points for the winner of the round.

Here is Uno’s official response:

A player who has a Wild card can end the game comfortably since the player can put the Wild card on any of the cards provided the player’s turn has not been skipped. This guarantees that the player can go out, especially when the player have been left with one card to play.

Can you end game on power cards in UNO

Ending With Power Card in UNO: Conclusion

When ending the UNO card game, the player with one card remaining in their hand must to say the word “UNO” to prevent the opponent from making a move that can prevent the player from playing the last turn to win the game. 

To complete the game, you can end with power cards such as Draw two, Skip, Reverse, Wild or Wild Draw 4 cards. 

Uno has given an official response on the matter:

If you have two cards, you can only play one card at a time in your turn unless the second to last card was an action card that forces your two player opponent to skip their turn. 

In order to end the UNO game with a power card, use action cards in a sequence in a two player game, or patiently wait your turn in a game with more players. Wild action cards will guarantee to end the game, while Skip, Reverse and Draw 2 Cards must be matched corresponding to type or color to go out a winner. 

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