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What Happens if Two Players Say Uno at the Same Time?

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Do you happen to experience where two players say UNO at the same time and don’t know what to do? Well you’re not the only one to have that happen in UNO gameplay.

It is a pretty unusual case that two players say Unoat the same time because a player yells UNO only when he or she has one card left in their hand after their turn. However, if any of the players forgets or is too excited to have a single card and yells UNO, then this case can occur. 

What happens if two players say UNO at the same time? Generally, there is no chance that you and opponents say UNO at the same time. The game itself is set and built up so there would be one player winning each round. 

But, if a player forgot to say UNO to other players before opponent’s turn, then there is a consequence to draw 2 cards from the deck to continue to play the game. 

The case for two players saying Uno at once cannot occur if following the game rules as written. 

The other circumstance is when a player doesn’t yell UNO when having one card, the player will has to draw two as the next player would play their turn and can call UNO. As a result, you will have to go ahead and draw 2 cards to continue the game if you did not say Uno before the next players turn.

UNO is a fast-paced game that kids and adults in every age are fond of. Sometimes, there are incidents such as two players say UNO or running out of cards that makes it difficult to continue the gameplay. 

In this article, we are going to review what to do when two players say UNO at the same time. Answered below are frequently asked questions about saying Uno on your last card and tips to avoid from a penalty to wrap up the game in a victory.

Can UNO be played with 2 players?

Yes, UNO can be played with two players. The goal is to get 500 points first to determine the winner for the game, and with 2 players it can take several rounds to reach that goal. 

The objective of UNO is to become the first player to put down all the cards during each round. Additionally, you must say Uno when you only have one card left in your hand and before the next persons turn, otherwise you must draw 2 cards.

Here are rules to play Uno with 2 players:

  • Set the game by shuffling the deck thoroughly.
  • Each player draws a card with the highest card player being the dealer.
  • Dealer shuffles and each player gets 7 cards.
  • Place the rest of the deck facing down, and the deck becomes the draw pile.
  • Turn the top card over and keep it face up, this is the discard pile.
  • A wild card or draw 4 should be returned with a subsequent card facing up.
  • The non-dealer player plays first.
  • Match the card of the discard pile by color or number. If you don’t have one, draw a card from the draw pile.
  • If it matches, play, otherwise the next player should play.
  • Repeat until you have the next to last card is left in your hand. This is when that player should say UNO.
  • If the other player takes their turn and calls Uno on the player with one card remaining, then you will end up drawing 2 cards in this case.
  • For special cards like a draw 2, draw 4, reverse and skip cards are the same and the player should immediately play the next turn as well.

It is a fun card game even with only two players. To play UNO for two players, the goal is the same as for multiple players. 

The first player who scores 500 points wins, however getting 500 points with just two players may take many rounds of play to reach that number. 

Is there a penalty for saying UNO?

There’s absolutely no penalty for saying UNO, as per manual instructions. The player might have to draw 2 cards when two players are playing UNO, in case the person doesn’t yell Uno when he or she has only one card left.

The instructions say when a player skipped saying UNO when they are left with only one card. This is when another player can notice it and then the player has to draw 2 or 4 cards as set by the players at the beginning of the gameplay. 

Two players yelling UNO at the same time is again an impossible situation as the only one who should yell UNO is the one who is left with one card. There is no scope for another player to yell UNO together. 

The yelling of UNO should be done before the next player takes their turn, otherwise the person who forgot to say so during their turn should be forced to draw 2 cards.

What happens if two players say UNO at the same time?

Two players saying Uno at the same time generally doesn’t happen as the game is set so that there’s no chance of two players calling UNO at the same time. When a person is caught not declaring UNO out loud before the next player’s turn, that player will have to draw 2 cards and the game continues.

When two players play UNO, the player not yelling Uno will draw 2 or 4 cards as the next turn the player will play the card and also be left with two cards by default. 

The penalty is subjective of who catches and who realizes having one card first. If you are the one catching yourself before you draw a card from the discard pile, then you are safe from the penalty, otherwise you will have to draw extra cards.

What happens when two players say Uno at the same time

Two Players Call Uno: Final Thoughts

UNO is an interesting card game even with two players. There can be many incidents and possibilities that can happen outside of gameplay instructions. 

From two players saying UNO at the same time to running out of deck cards in the draw pile, these can halt the gameplay and can cause disagreement among players trying to find the correct solution.

It is unusual that two players call out UNO at the same time. The game is not built to make that incident happen because one player can only say “UNO” when they have one card on their turn, and only one person’s turn happens at a time. 

This mean that a player forgot to declare “uno” on their turn.

As a result, when a player forgot to say UNO at their turn before the next player takes their turn, they have to draw 4 cards for 4-player game but if it is a 2-player game then 2 cards are drawn. 

If there are 2 or more players in the game, then only one player whose turn it is when left with one card can yell Uno. While a player who doesn’t call will have the penalty of drawing 2 cards and continues the game before the other player takes their turn.

To play UNO fairly, the official rules of UNO state that if someone calls out UNO before the person that has one card, the player that has one card has to pick four cards. So, be careful to say UNO at the right time because mistakenly missing it on your turn will force you to draw extra cards.

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