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How to Store Card Games – Best Way

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Playing card games, but who really wants to cleanup and store the card games after a late game night. Storing card games without breaking, losing, or damaging the pieces is the key to prepare for your next game night.

What is the best way to store card games? The best way to store card game is first and foremost to use a tuck case, which is like a shield to help the cards from ripping or damaging. 

Store playing cards away from humidity, heat and direct sunlight where they can get bleached out or create mold that is not recoverable. In addition, store the card decks upright or flat in order to avoid from bending or losing their shape.

It can be frustrating to play with bent or faded cards where it can ruin the game experience by making them difficult to read. Organizing and storing card games appropriately keeps them clean and well set for the next play. 

No one want to spoil the fun evening by finding out that cards have gone missing or got damaged. Learn how to keep your card games stored and organized easily and quickly.

In this article, we are going to share our expert tips and ideas how to organize and store card games. Furthermore, shared below are card game storage ideas that you can apply to card games without a box.

How do you organize your cards?

Card games are easier to organize compared to board games. Generally they come with case or box to store them. However, few card games come without a box to store within, or the box is ripped and damaged over time. 

In this case, here are some organizing tips to store card games without a box:

  • Take a 5×7 photo storage box. Organize your cards individually in sets and store them in the given slots. Then, create labels for each of the small containers for that card game and store them in the bigger container. Easy and time-saving method to take, organize, play and set it back.
  • Use soapboxes and label them using a white paint marker. Write the card game name and place the cards inside. Put them in a bigger storage box or rack.

When looking for ways to organize card games, it is more convenient to use clear plastic storage boxes instead of cardboard boxes. Even though you label the outside, you can easily see the cover of the deck from outside to identify if it is the correct card game that you pulled out.

How do you store your card games?

Storing card games can prevent the packaging or pieces from ripping, damaging, fading, and molding issues. There are different ways to store card games depending on the area, conditions and organizing equipment you are working with. 

Here are some of the best ways to store card games:

Make use of a Tuck Case

This is one of the convenient ways to shield your cards. Storing in a tuck case does not expose the cards to damage or breaking. 

Plenty of people will wrap a rubber band and place them in a drawer or stack them on a table. This can put pressure unevenly on the card’s deck and they are not protected. 

Since they are paper made, some are coated with plastic, the cards when left outside can gather dust and act like sponge soaking moisture and begin to warp and bend, gradually becoming unusable.

Prevent Humidity and Heat

Humidity and heat are the enemies for playing cards. 

Preventing heat is quite easy by storing the cards in a cool and dark space that is away from direct heat. This way your cards do not fade away or get sun-bleached. 

Also, humidity can be tricky to escape, particularly in moisture-prone regions and storage areas. 

Always store the cards in the driest and coolest part of your home. This could be a storage box or a drawer located in your room, and not in the kitchen or restroom. 

Dehumidifiers can be of good help. 

Intense cold is another environment that playing cards cannot tolerate. The temperature should be kept above 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Store them upright or flat

When you position the cards deck, store them in a flat or upright position to hold them properly and allow gravity to naturally press on the cards. 

Placing them at an angle can crush or bend them, thereby losing their shape. Store them upright to keep them straight without crushing, bending or warping the deck.

Use a card guard

Before storing them in a box, you may place your deck of cards in a card guard. They are specially designed for card games where it can help you to maintain the shape and protect the card box.

Properly storing the card games can make them last longer and ultimately save you a bit of money and frustration. Avoid from missing or damaged decks of card, which can put you in a serious bummer on any game nights you have upcoming. 

Card game storage ideas

Whether you have broken card box or game cards without a box, storing card games properly can extend the quality of the game pieces. The organization and storage of cards can be done easily with quick fixes and hacks to save frustration and valuable time.

Here below are the card game storage ideas:

  • Food storage container: Use all shape cards to be stored in a hard shelled plastic container from the dollar store. Label them properly and store them easily in a dry storage container.
  • Soap container: If you have ruined your box or lost the box, you can use a bar soap or any other container of suitable size. The playing cards shouldn’t be exposed to direct moisture or air, this way they last longer. Making an effort to place the cards in a case will help prevent loss or damage to the cards each time.
  • Using a file or card clip: When you place the card deck with a file clip or card clip they do not stray away. The card clips are particularly meant to hold the deck of cards together. They maintain and protect the shape of the cards, since playing cards if left loose can get lost, damaged or distorted.
  • Making use of storage box: Wooden boxes like trading card boxes, DIY card boxes or clear containers can be stored with playing cards, thereby keeping them protected in the container. Store them in small plastic bags in sets or in individual soap containers to separate, and then store them together in a storage box.

There are many ways to replace old card game boxes with these brilliant storage ideas that you can easily accomplish with home goods. Utilize these organizational tips to avoid ruining your favorite card games from damaging humidity or heat.

How to store card games

Card Game Storage Ideas: Final Thoughts

Compared to board games, card games are a lot more fragile and hard to store properly without bending or ripping. Even though most of them are water-resistance and coated to make the cards more durable, somehow they still do not sustain well with heat and humidity. 

Thebest way to store card games is to use a tuck case or keep in clear boxes or ziplock bags. Shuffle them properly and organize them in set boxes to keep them neat and clean without getting lost or damaged. 

Rigid and durable plastic containers definitely help in preventing cards from being damaged.

Storing away from humidity and heat is crucial. 

Cards do not keep their shape well, and instead get bleached and fade the design or color away. The humidity can distort the cards and may result in mold on these cards easily, which you cannot recover from. 

When placing card games on the shelf or desk, put them upright or flat instead of diagonal. This can bend or loosen the shape and once they the shape is distorted it is hard to recover and may need to replace with new deck of cards.

There are many creative ways to store card games at home. From clear cassette tape cases to old soap boxes. 

Always label them with a marker so you know which card games are stored. As a result, you are prepared to take your game night to the next level with all the fun card games you have stored properly and kept over the years!

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