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How to Play UNO with Dice

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Do you know you can play UNO card game with dice? From Jenga to Dominoes, there are many popular tabletop games that can be played with dice. 

There is also a dice game version of UNO that does not require cards, but instead you simply role the dice and match to score points and win. 

How do you play UNO with dice? The game involves two players that start with eleven dice, each player takes five dice. Since each player gets five die, one is used to start the game. 

Before the game start, the players roll one die to determine which player starts the game. The player who gets the highest roll begins the game. 

Each player rolls all five dice and leaves them on the table in front. One of the players tosses the extra dealer die and sets it in the middle of the playing arena. It is necessary to continue re-rolling the die until all numbers match the dealer die. 

In UNO dice game, the players must match the dealer die from their hand to the die at the end of the dice line. The player might not roll the die at this point to try to match. 

For instance, when the last die on the dice line is a red 2, the active player should place a red die or any color with 2. Alternatively, the active player can decide to play a Wild die. 

By doing so, the dice line moves from top to bottom or right to left. If an active player doesn’t have a die that matches one on the dice line, the player must take the unmatched die back from the dice line and re-roll all of their dice again. 

UNO dice game is a fast pace 2 player friendly game that can be played anywhere. It is quick and definitely requires more luck than strategy compared to original UNO card game.

If you would like to know how to play UNO with dice, we’ve got you covered. From setup to instruction and rules, we are going to share answers to frequently asked questions and detailed information regarding the UNO dice game.

Does UNO use die?

Yes, the new version of Uno Dice Game allows only two players with the primary objective to get rid of all of their dice in a hand before their respective opponent does.

This version is called Uno Dice. It uses 11 dies, with each player getting five dies, leaving a remainder of one used as a deal dice to start the game. 

The Uno dice game has a Dice line that serves as the Draw pile where all the dice are taken or added. The line is formed vertically (top to the bottom) or horizontally (left to right). 

The active player must match the last die in this line during the play, and there should be at least one die in this line. 

For instance, if Draw Two is played, and there are only two dice in the Draw Line, then the opponent player is allowed to only take one die from the Draw Line. 

When there is one die in the Draw Line, and an active player has no die that matches it, the player must re-roll the die again. Anytime an active player draws a dice from a Draw Line, the player must re-roll the die once.

In addition, besides having color and number faces, the Dice also have action symbols that include;

  • Draw One: When an active player gets Draw One, the opponent player must take one die from the back of the Dice Line. Again, the opponent must roll all the Dice and then skip a turn. The die is played by an active player when the last die in the Dice Line matches the color.
  • Draw Two: The function is similar to Draw one, but in this case, the opponent player Draws two dice instead of one.
  • Wild: When an active player gets Wild, the player has the power to choose or change the color to continue gameplay.

UNO Dice Game Instructions

As per the official UNO dice game instructions, each player must have five dice at the beginning of the game. Take turns and roll a single die at the beginning of the game to determine who starts. 

The players must roll their dice and leave them in front on the table. The player who rolls the dealer die starts the game.

Ensure that each player’s dice must be visible to the other player for the entire game.

If the Dice left to start the game is rolled, and the dealer number isn’t moved, a player should roll the Dice again until the number is rolled.

A turn in Uno dice must end when an active player plays their last die.

UNO dice game roll and write rules

To make the UNO dice game fair and straightforward, use this setup guideline:

  • Each of the players takes a board and maker. 
  • The players must roll the remaining dice until they get the dealer roll number, then write it on the game board
  • Youngest player or highest number begins the game.

When playing UNO dice game, take these actions in a turn:

  • Rolling the Dice: A player rolls the five dice, the last two numbers are written on their board to determine the number the player is supposed to start their chain with. If a player rolls a die with the same number, they have to start the dice chain with that particular Dice.
  • Build a Dice chain: After a player starts the Dice chain using a matching number, a player can add a Dice in the chain by matching the previous Dice based on either the number or the color.
  • Re-roll any Dice: Players may decide to re-roll the Dice as many times as their remaining Dice after making their chain. Once they re-roll their dice, they can rearrange their Dice chain as they want.
  • Write down the Dice chain: After players finish their Dice chain, they are required to write it down on the game board. Each Dice in the chain fills the next space on the board, indicating the number on the die.
  • Assigning penalties: A player uses the special symbols -1 and +1, which are not treated as numbers, to assign penalties. -1 indicates an active player chooses any player who is expected to delete their last number on the board. +1 represents an active player chooses a player who will add another space at the end of their chain.
  • Call out the Last Die color and number: When a player has a number that has been called out as the last number on the board, the player is expected to add the number at the end of the game.

In order to win the UNO dice game, the main object is become the first player who fills all the spaces on their board first, including the extra spaces, wins the round.

How to play UNO with dice

Playing UNO Dice Game: Conclusion

UNO dice game is a quick game and can be played among two players, however it is a bit different from the original UNO card game. However, the basic rules and power cards such as Draw One, Draw Two, Wild dice representation remains somewhat the same.

The end goal of this game is to be the first one to get rid of all the dice in their hand. Instead of having a dealer, the player takes turns to roll the die to find the player who goes first with the highest number.

Continue to roll the dice, build a dice chain in the center of the table, re-roll if needed, and record the dice chain to keep track of the game. If there is any penalties found, mark with -1 or +1.

If one of the Dice of an active player can match the die on the Dice line, the player is allowed to place it down at the same turn, or the play moves back to the opponent player. 

The active player may decide not to play a playable die during their turn, and when that happens, the player has to draw a die from the back of the dice line and re-roll their dice.

Call out “UNO” when there is one last die color and number to end the game properly. Fill out the space on the game board first to be the champion of the UNO dice game.

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