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How to Play Dominoes with Dice

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There are numerous ways to play dominoes that are used all over the world. One popular method is to play dominoes with dice. 

There are sufficient games that could be played with a couple of dice to make it more challenging and take the fun to the next level. Let’s discuss the rules and gameplay to integrate dice into dominoes.

How do you play dominoes with dice? Select a large sized pair of dice, double six domino set, and poker chips. Depending on the amount of players you are playing with, the game rule can slightly vary. 

For solo player dominoes with dice, keep the dice number to 5 and count how many roll you do, also timing is a good addition to finish up the set of dice in limited period of time. Beat the previous score to win keep the timing to a minimum.

For multiplayer dominoes with dice, roll the 6 dice and when it shows number 5, that dice are stationed. Next, player can only use 5 dice instead of 6 to roll. 

The multiplayer game ends when there are no more dice left to roll, and the winner will be the one with most number of dice. 

Dominoes is a tile-based family game with gaming pieces referred to as dominoes. Each domino is a tile that is rectangular with a line splitting the face of the tile into 2 square ends. 

A domino set is also known as a pack or deck, and each of the tiles has spots referred to as dots or pips. The backside of the tile has a common design or blank.

Furthermore, this classic game can be played with kids, one with black and white rectangular tiles, and the other way is to line them in long rows to knock down the tiles. There are 28 pieces which are also referred to by names stones, tiles, spinners, bones, or tickets.

Dominoes are fun to play in the original game, however adding dice to the mix can make it challenging and level up the strategy. 

In this article, we are going to learn how to use dice to play dominoes as single player or as whole family. Answered below are frequently asked questions about play dominoes with dice, including tips and strategy to improve gameplay.

Do you use dice in dominoes?

Yes, dice are commonly used in dominoes. It is advised to use 2 or more 6-sided dice to play dominoes. 

Dominoes evolved in China and have evolved into a dice playing game during the middle ages. The gameplay is a popular counting and matching game to play with your kids.

Dice games have been there in several cultures and have entertained Greek, Egyptian and Roman empires. 

Using large dice is helpful to play dominoes by making it more visually recognizable. Observe the spots, look at pairs to match, and count the spots across 2 or over 2 dice.

There are many advantages to converting dominoes into a dice game. The dice help to play the game by collecting the number combination.

Benefits to play dominoes with dice: 

  • Play collecting games with dominoes where you roll a number or its combinations with dice. For instance, roll 3 dice and try running a consecutive roll like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. It might take a couple of turns, however you will reach the combo.
  • Use dominoes to play memory games. Take the doubles, lay them on the floor and check if you can flip a double one. Based on the domino tiles, double two and then three. Within a few turns you should be able to pick up an overall run.
  • Dominoes are great when it comes to stacking up. This assists in practicing fine motor skills. Build walls, pyramids, and stack to play domino toppling classic version. The objective of the game is to see how long a line you can make without a topple with a single dominoes set.

Playing dominoes with dice will get children to become familiar with the pattern of dots. They will be able to identify them on sight, practice basic math with the dots and match the linked patterns.

For instance,

  • If you get 1 spot on the dice and it is taken as one.
  • If you roll 3 with two dice, then you get 2 on one dice and 1 on the other one, adding it gives you 3.
  • If you roll 5 with two dice, then you get 4 on one dice and 1 on the other one, adding it gives you 5.

This way dominoes with dice can give you counting, subtracting and identifying skills for your children to practice. Educational learning is a bonus as you play along. 

These dice methods will help in supporting the understanding regarding wholes and parts on an educational level.

What are dice used for in dominoes?

Actually dominoes are identical to dice. The dice used in dominoes are either large dice or tiled dice referred to as stones or tiles. The spots on them are called pips. 

The spots from 1-6 are arranged such as the pips are on 6-sided dice, but with one side with no spots or blank ends. There are 28 unique blocks or dice in a double 6-set.

The dice used in dominoes is a rectangle that is split in between with a line in its center, which splits the ends into 2 squares. Each of the ends has spots called pips or can also be blank. 

Dominoes are hence like dice that can be used to play different games.

A traditional set of dominoes has one unique piece for a number combination from 1-6 spots. These sets are referred to as double six sets. 

The piece that have 6 spots on the end is the highest value. There are other sets in dominoes and the largest is double 18 which comprises of 190 dominoes.

Dominoes Dice Game

To start the dominoes dice game, you will need 6 dot dice, 1 or more players, a container, and a timer to speed gameplay during the dominoes dice game.

For two or more player

  • One player begins to roll all the 6 dice by shaking them in a container for a good mix-up.
  • If any of the dice shows number 5, that dice are kept by the player.
  • Now the second player rolls the remaining 5 dice by mixing them in a container.
  • If there are any dice with the number 5, that numbered dice is kept by the player.
  • The players take turns one by one and go on with the above process.
  • When there are no more 5 numbered dice, the turn goes further to the next player with no dice collected.
  • When there are no more dice left to roll, the game ends with the winner being the most with dice.

Playing solo

On the other hand, if you are playing it solo, then keep the dice with the number 5 on a roll with how many rolls are taken into account. Use a timer to finish up with a set number of dice in that time frame. 

Beat the rolls before the subsequent time. To win dominoes with dice, beat the previous score or lose when the score is not overtaken.

Other variations of Dominoes dice game

There are other variation to play dominoes with dice. If you have a target number, if not 5, and take the numbered dice individually and in a pair that adds up to 6. 

As a result, the game goes much quicker but it also makes the game educational for kids to learn basic math such as addition. 

Gameplay works the same with subtraction or multiplication. In addition, you can refrain to take out the odd or even numbers. 

Another way is to draw a 3×3 grid drawn on a piece of paper. Start taking turns to roll the dice to record the number of dots rolled in a square on the grid. On each turn, select to add to a square to contain dots or start in a new square. The objective of this game it to complete a square with 10 dots wins that square. The most squares overall wins the game. 

Dominoes are fun and flexible game to play. It is versatile to add dice or even change up the scoring system using the variations of dominoes with a dice game.

How to Play Dominoes With Dice

To play the regular game of dominoes with a pair of dice, you must first play the dominoes like normal. 

Once all the tiles have been laid out onto the table, and a player has won, then the goal is to reverse the dominoes by using dice to take back tiles. Roll the dice to match the outermost tiles, player that takes back the most tiles wins dominoes with dice.

Take turns rolling the dice. If the dice read 3 and 5, then you can take that tile off the table. Otherwise, pass the dice to the next player for their turn.

When the dice roll matches the outer tiles, then the player can take that tile off the table. Gameplay ends when all the tiles have been taken off the table and the player with the most tiles wins dominoes with dice.

How to play dominoes with dice

Dominoes with Dice: Conclusion

Play dominoes with diceby yourself or with family and friends. Just by adding dice into the mix, there are several different ways to enjoy this classic tile game. 

Whether you are looking for entertainment for party, game night or even using it for educational purposes to connect with children, the simple dice game with dominos covers all the aspects.

Simply, change it up to make it educational for kids to improve math skills or line them up to improve motor skills and hand-eye coordination. In addition, it can become a great tool to learn social skills and develop cognitive skills on top of that. 

In order to play dominoes with dice, the game rule may vary based on the amount of players you are including on each round. 

For solo player, there would be dice number until 5 with a set timer to speed up the game. Limit yourself to compete to accomplish to beat the previous number as fast as you can.

However, for more than 2 players, there are a variety of ways to enjoy dominoes with dice. Use 6 dice on the first roll and the player keeps the dice when the number 5 shows up. 

So, the game will finalize when there is no more dice left. The player with the most dice that landed on number 5 win the round. 

To play the tile game with a pair of dice, complete the regular dominoes game first. Then, use dice to deconstruct the dominoes. 

Players take turns rolling the dice to match the outer most tiles on the tabletop. If the dice roll matches the tile, then you take it off the table. 

Player with the most tiles when the tabletop is cleared wins the game of dominoes with dice.

Dominoes are classic tile-based game for family and children of all ages. Upgrade your game night by throwing dice into your dominoes matching game. 

Challenge the gameplay by yourself or with multiple players and you will have endless laughter and memorable night. Have fun with dominoes and dice to keep the party rollin!

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