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How to Play Jenga with Dice

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Are you looking to upgrade your Jenga gameplay with dice? Jenga is great game for all ages on any occasion, but rules for playing Jenga with dice can take the gameplay to the next level. 

Simply taking turns to remove blocks to place on top in this stacking game is fun. Adding dice to the game makes it a lot more exciting and tense to play.

How do you play Jenga with dice? Prepare 1 to 4 dice and 54 Jenga blocks to start the game. To play Jenga with dice, the same rules classic Jenga is applied but he dice will determine how many blocks or which specific block number you need to pull on your turn. 

However, if you decide to play Jenga with 4 dice, you will add total number on these dice to remove the block.  Carefully decide how many dice you want to play with or how to deal with the numbers as you play. 

Set the difficult level for addition, subtraction, or multiplication to make this game quick and fun.

In Jenga gameplay, players take turn by turn eliminating one block from a 54-block tower at a time, however you can play Jenga with dice as well. Simply, roll the dice and obtain the number of blocks to be moved. 

The eliminated blocks are then positioned on top of the block tower. This removing and restocking on top creates an unstable structure as the game progresses. 

Jenga is a physical skill game that requires hand-eye coordination with extra patience. But adding dice to the game and rolling a higher number, builds anticipation and anxiety that can result in the stack crashing down. 

Jenga with dice is an addicting game where everybody, especially kids, can benefits from while having a blast. Build upon physical skills with the fun game.

Jenga with dice improves:

  • Handling pressure
  • Dexterity
  • Concentration
  • Better math skills
  • Teaching patience
  • Control
  • Enhances senses
  • Develops thinking
  • Strategy and hand movements
  • Confidence and great discipline

All variations of Jenga follow one basic rule. the block that is removed must be stacked onto the top of the tower. Whether you are playing with 1 or 4 dice, it is a great game that children and adults can play together. 

In this article, we are going to learn how to play Jenga with up to 4 dice, colored dice, and many different version of Jenga with dice for you to explore the endless variation. Answered below are frequently asked questions about playing Jenga with dice and how to interact dice with the stacking game.

How do you play numbered Jenga with 4 dice?

To play Jenga with 4 dice, the blocks are numbered 1 to 54, and the dice roll determines which specific block must be removed. Add, subtract or multiply the dice to get the number block the player must extract and replace back on top.

Jenga is an exciting game. Playing Jenga with 2 dice is an upgraded challenge to the classic gameplay. 

This game is played with 2 to 6 players and consists of 54 numbered wooden blocks. Compared to original game, the 2 dice version Jenga provides loads of thrilling moments and never get outdated or boring.

Key features

  • Roll all 4 dice, add the total numbers.
  • Remove the numbered block from the result of 4 dice. 
  • The removed block has to be placed on the stacked tower without crashing.
  • This game is addicting with fun and thrill.
  • Comes with 54 wooden blocks and 4 dice made from wood.
  • Can be played by kids and adults.

Set the rules among the players. The number of dice and how you deal with rolled numbers can be decided beforehand, i.e. multiply, subtract or add. 

The objective of the game is that the player who crashes the tower first is the loser. 

The general option of Jenga with 4 dice is totaling the number after rolling the 4 dice, eg: 5+1+3+2=11 which equals to remove 11 numbered blocks.

How to play Jenga with color dice?

To play Jenga with color dice, use Jenga blocks that are evenly divided into 6 different colors. Play with a dice that matches the different colors, and the dice roll determines the color block that must be removed and re-stacked.

This is another version of the classic Jenga which that amazes the players. The basic rule is the same, but the variations comes with distinct characteristics and multiple twists. 

The principle remains the same when playing this version of Jenga which is to eliminate a block to place it on the top successfully without crashing the tower.

Key features

  • Set the mixed-up colored and numbered blocks of the tower.
  • Whoever sets up begins the game taking the first turn.
  • Consist of special colored dice with each of its sides depicting colors that are in the numbered Jenga blocks.
  • Rolling the dice results in the final color and this becomes the color of the block to be removed.
  • Place the eliminate block on the tower top.
  • Growing tower with the advancement of the game makes it more unstable, prone to fall, and extremely shaky.
  • Play until the tower crashes down declaring the winner.

The color dice is great addition to Jenga game for children not ready to read. It helps to develop senses and thinking, while teaching control and patience. 

The colored dice version of Jenga game is perfect indoor or outdoor setting. Start by throwing the six colored dice and remove the colored blocks to challenge your skills in the fun stacking game!

Trivia Jenga® GIANT™ game with dice

Trivia Jenga® GIANT™ Game is another version of Jenga that uses colored dice combined with trivia questions and answers. Cards are drawn, questions asked, and failed responses result in pulling and stacking a block. 

The player with the most points and avoids toppling the stacked blocks wins the game.

Paint the edge of Jenga blocks with 6 different colors with the same colors on the dice as well, this creates the basis for the trivia game. Create 6 variant categories that match the colors of the Jenga blocks with 9 cards for each category.

Key features

  • The rule is that the player rolling the colored dice answers the query in a minute.
  • When the query is unanswered or answered wrong then the player has to eliminate the colored block to place it over the top. Moreover, there is no point for that player.
  • When answered correctly, there is no need to eliminate any block and obtain a scoring point instead. The player can head to the next round.
  • Keeping yourself from crashing the tower is the objective of the game thereby scoring as many points as possible.
  • The objective of the game is to answer all the questions correctly, earn points, and avoid toppling the tower.

This Jenga game includes questions from general knowledge, science, and entertainment. So, challenge your family and friends with personal knowledge questions to either answer correctly and get points, or moving blocks which can lead to the potential destruction of the tower.

How to play Jenga with 1 dice?

To play Jenga with one dice, the dice roll determines the number of block removed from the tower. The basic principle remains the same of removing a block of Jenga and place it over the top of the tower without toppling the tower. 

Jenga can be played even with one dice and it is the most basic and simple way to upgrade the original game. Start by stacking the Jenga tower in a traditional way and the first one who completes the stacking rolls the dice first. 

According to the number on the dice, the player removes that amount of Jenga blocks, but the dice adds to the difficulty of the game. When you are removing the blocks, you do not have as much time to think before the tower potentially collapses.

Piece by Piece- Jenga® GIANT™

This is a version of Jenga where you twist it up by rolling a dice. For instance, the player has rolled dice and got 3 on the dice, he or she has to cautiously eliminate 3 pieces or blocks of Jenga preventing a crash.

The objective of this version of Jenga is for the player to eliminate as many blocks as the dice number after rolling the dice. 

The player who arrange the tower roll the dice first, and whoever topples the tower loses. To play this game, you need at least 2 players to maximize the fun. 

Each player can only use one hand at a time to touch and remove the block at any given time. Using a single hand to touch and remove the blocks adds to the difficulty and improves dexterity. 

Try using your off hand to really make gameplay difficult!

Jenga® GIANT™ Multiplication game with dice

This version of Jenga makes basic maths fun to learn for children and uses two dice for the game. Start by painting the edges of the blocks using chalk paint and wet wipe marker to write numbers on them from 1 to 36 on the block.

Key features

  • Jenga uses 54 blocks and so you can repeat the numbers to finish up all the Jenga blocks.
  • Utilize one dice and roll it twice or use two dice to play this game.
  • On each turn, multiply the numbers shown on the dice. Each for the number on the block and pull out from the tower. 
  • If number on the block is part of an incomplete top level, re-roll the dice to select a different block.
  • When stacking the blocks to build a tower, you should be capable to see the edged painted numbers.
  • The primary goal for every player is to roll the dice and multiply the numbers and the block to be removed is the multiplied number.
  • For instance, you are getting 3 and 4, you remove the block numbered 12. The highest number multiplied with two 6-sided dice should be 36, so the blocks are labeled 1-36 numbers.
  • The player should be able to multiply in minimal time and eliminate the block without toppling the tower.
  • The one who locks down the tower is the loser.
  • Practice multiplication tables and use this gameplay as an education experience.

This Jenga multiplication game using dice is great way to challenge the math skills of the opponent. In addition, perfect for primary school children to reinforce multiplication in a fun and interactive way. 

If you would like the next difficulty level, you may go ahead and add dice with more sides. 

How to play Jenga with dice

Jenga with Dice: Conclusion

There are many ways to play Jenga with dice. If you look at different versions of Jenga with 4 dice, colored dice, and one dice, you will notice there is a lot of challenge, fun, excitement, and thrill in the game. 

In general, playing Jenga with dice helps to improve math skills, concentration, strategy and handling pressure in a fun perspective. Also, it is family and children friendly game that uses numbers or color to match the classic Jenga gameplay. 

Whether you are using numbered, colored, or 1 to 4 dice, the goal of Jenga is the same as the classic game. The players roll the dice and remove the amount of blocks as dice indicated and place on the top to keep the tower from crashing.

For 1 dice, it is the basic Jenga game with slight twist for children to learn to count numbers. Simply roll the dice and remove the amount of blocks on the tower as indicated as the dice. 

It is somewhat challenging compared to the classic Jenga game where on your turn you might need to remove more than 1 block at a time.

For 4 dice, use addition, subtraction, or multiplication of the dice to determine which specific numbered block is to be removed. The decision is made among the players prior to beginning. 

For colored dice, stack the colored blocks of the color by mixing them to distribute the color so the same colors are not next to each other. Roll the dice and remove the block as the dice shown.

The trivia Jenga game with dice requires the player to answer questions to win the point and avoid from moving the blocks. When the answer is wrong, then the player must remove and replace the block with no points gained. 

There are personal or general knowledge questions based on science and entertainment to select from. 

The multiplication game with dice is perfect math game for children. It uses the same 54 blocks to start, and requires to label the blocks with numbers from 1 to 36 that are visible on the outside of the tower. 

Roll the dice and multiply the dice number to find the correct number on the block to remove. Some numbers have two different pieces, so you can choose which block to remove.

No matter which Jenga variation you play, the objective is to keep the tower from crashing down. Based on your dice, whether it is numbered or colored, the chance of winning is all on the dice. 

If you are on the edge of your seat playing Jenga, the slightest mistake or wrong block removed can topple the tower. Play until the tower collapses to win this game, but wanting for an even higher tower to challenge yourself each time.

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