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Can you double bounce in Spikeball?

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All illegal shots count like a point in favor of the opponent team. For a shot to be legal, it must bounce off the net and cross towards the opposite side, and the ball must aim at the center of the net and not on the rim. 

If the ball comes off the rim is a fault, and the defending team gets the point. However, if the team cannot dispute whether the ball bounce came from a rim, they can ask for a replay.

Can you double bounce in spike ball? The ball should only bounce once off the net for the hit to be legal. If the ball double bounces off the net before crossing over, the non-serving team calls “let” to earn a point, and then the receiving team is given a chance to serve. 

The ball must hit the Spike net at the center and come off clean in a single bounce. Each team, once the ball is in their yard, can try to bounce the ball over their opponent’s side, failing to do so loses a point. 

No player has the authority to hit the ball twice in a row. A player can bounce the ball using any part of their body if the contact is not made twice, not even accidentally. 

In general, any time a team makes the ball bounce off the net twice, the ball is considered out, the receiving team gets a point and they get a chance to serve. Answered below are frequently asked questions about double bouncing the ball in Spikeball, and why that is not allowed in official gameplay.

Can the ball bounce twice in Spikeball?

Yes, in some situations, the ball may bounce twice before it comes off the net. If that happens, the hitting team loses a point, and the defending team gets a chance to serve. 

The situation is called a double bounce, and it’s considered a fault in Spikeball. For a hit to be legal, the ball must bounce off the net once, and the team always has three chances to make that happen. 

Failure to do so will cost the team a point.

What happens if the ball bounces more than once on the trampoline in Spikeball?

If the ball bounces more than once on the trampoline in Spikeball, then the opposing team earns a point and gets a chance to serve. The rule states that a double bounce along the net is a fault and penalizable one point. 

Once the player hits the ball, the ball should strike at the center and bounce off the net towards the opponent’s side. If it fails reach the opponents side of the yard in a clean manner, the team has two more attempts to make that happen. 

The ball cannot hit the rim, cross over the net, or cause a double bounce as it comes off the net. Each of these situations results in a penalty and lose of point.

Can you hit the ball back immediately in Spikeball?

Once the server hits the ball, players can move anywhere they want. However, when the ball bounces off the receiving side, only the player designated to receive the ball can immediately hit the ball after it crosses over the net. 

The serving team has three attempts to bounce the ball off the net to the other side. If the ball fails to bounce over the other side, the other player of the team gets a chance to serve.

As long as the ball bounces off the net and passes over to the other team’s side as a legal hit, either of the team members can hit the ball immediately and try to return it. 

The goal is to return the ball in a way that the opposing team cannot reciprocate the ball bounce off the net after the kick.

Can you intercept a spike?

No, because that’s an infraction called a “hinder,” which is illegal in Spikeball. The defensive team is prohibited from intercepting the spike from the offensive team, and if that happens the defending team loses a point.

If the player intercepts a hit from their teammate before it reaches the net, that’s a fault, and the team loses a point. The same case applies when the player intercepts their spike once the ball bounces back to them.

Can you use two hands in Spikeball?

No, a player cannot hit the ball using two hands, not even when they place the two hands together like in volleyball. Players may only use individual body parts to make clean contact with the ball. 

A player may use either hand, but only one at a time. Furthermore, the ball cannot be thrown, lifted, or caught.

Note a team can make a maximum of two hits once the ball is in their yard, but the two hits cannot be consecutive by the same play. Therefore, for the first hit, a player can use one hand, and the teammates takes their turn only using one hand. 

Can you double bounce in Spikeball

Double Bouncing in Spikeball: Conclusion 

In Spikeball, players hit the ball to bounce off the net towards the opponent’s side in a way that they cannot cleanly return the shot. The hit must be legal to score, therefore it should not hit the net’s rim, cross over without a bounce, or cause a double bounce onto the net.

Once the server makes a hit, only the receiving player can hit the service back. The receiving team has three chances to reciprocate the attack, but no player can hit the ball twice consecutively, hit with two hand at the same time or intercept a spike if it’s not their turn.

Double bounces are illegal, and the serving team loses a point whenever they happen, and the receiving team gets to serve the ball. The ball can only bounce off the net once and only at the center and not around the rims.

Avoiding double bounces and two handed contact with the ball is an essential rule to follow. Losing points for sloppy gameplay is something you want to avoid having happen.

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