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Can you hit the ball twice in a row in Spikeball?

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Players can position themselves wherever they want once the server spikes the ball. A team member can pass the ball to the other teammate before they spike it, but a single player cannot hit the ball two times consecutively. 

The game Spikeball has two teams with two players per side, and each team aims to hit the net to bounce the ball over the opponent’s yard. The ball must hit the net at the center, not on the rim, otherwise it counts as a fault and the opponent will earn a point.

Can you hit the ball twice in a row in Spikeball? A player cannot hit the ball more than once in a row, irrespective of the part of the body the ball touches. 

Any body part can hit the ball only once. That means, the two players in a team must alternate their turn once the ball contact their body. 

A team has three attempts to make the ball bounce onto the net towards the opponent’s side. Though it’s not a must, each team can use all three during their turn. 

No player can hit or touch the ball two times consecutively, whicheven includes if the ball makes contact accidentally. 

In short, a player can hit the ball using any part of their body, and then the teammate must contact the ball before the initial player can hit a second time. Answered below are frequently asked questions about hitting a ball two times in a row in Spikeball, and why double hits are not allowed.

What is an illegal hit in Spikeball?

During the serve, the server is not allowed to hit the ball out of their hands without tossing it, and the ball may not hit the rim or make a double bounce on the net. These actions are illegal hits, and the receiving team earns a point.

  • Suppose the defending player tends to obstruct the offensive player from hitting the ball. Such a move is called a hinder, and the defending team gives a point automatically.
  • A pocket hit is an illegal hit during a serve. If the server makes the ball hit around the rim such that the ball makes a change in trajectory, the receiving team earns a point.
  • When a defensive player hits the ball off the net, and the ball accidentally hits their teammates, that’s an illegal hit, and the point is awarded to the opposing team.
  • A player can use any part of their body to hit the ball, but if they make contact with the ball twice in a row, the second hit is illegal, and the accidental touch earns the other team a penalty point.
  • Another illegal hit is when the defensive player tends to hit the ball, and it’s not their turn. Again, the infraction earns a point for the other team.

What if the same person hits the ball twice in a row in Spikeball?

The Spikeball rules say that a player can use any part of their body to make a hit, but the ball cannot contact the same person twice in a row, even if it’s accidental. 

The result is a fault, and the team loses a point on the spot. Once a player makes a hit, they must wait for their teammates to hit the ball before taking another hit. 

Each team has up to three hits once the ball is on their side, before they must hit it off the net and to the opposing team. That means a player may hit the ball more than once per turn, but those hits should not be consecutive and must alternate between teammates.

Can you hit the ball once in Spikeball?

Yes, you may hit the ball only once in Spikeball. A player is allowed to hit the ball once using any of their body parts, meaning a player cannot use two hands to hit the ball. 

Each team has up to three hits that players take alternating between the teammates. A player cannot make two hits in a row, even accidentally, but they are allowed to hit the ball only once back onto the net to start the opposing team’s turn. 

There is no penalty if a player hits the ball once and passes it over to the opponent’s side. However, the contact should be a clean hit, and not lifted or thrown.

Once the server serves the ball, the opposing team will aim to hit the ball such that it bounces off the net towards their opponent’s side in a way that they can’t return the ball to earn a point. Each team has up to three shots to make it happen, but the team does not need to utilize all the shots before hitting the net.

If a team must take more than one shot during their turn, the player must wait for their teammate to contact the ball before taking their second hit. A player cannot hit the ball twice in a row without their teammate hitting the ball once in between.

What happens if the Spikeball hits the net twice?

If the ball hits the net and bounces twice on the net, the opposing team earns a point, and gets to serve the ball. The ball must bounce off the net cleanly with a single bounce, the Spikeball cannot hit the new two times.

A shot that hits the round net twice results in a point earned for the opposing team. The ball must bounce off the net in one bounce, otherwise the shot is illegal and the other team earns  point and serve.

Can you hit the ball twice in a row in Spikeball

Hitting Spikeball Twice: Conclusion 

In the game Spikeball, players can strike the ball only once in a row before their teammate must take a turn. Players can only use any parts of their body to hit the ball, however they can not hit the ball twice in a row.

All illegal hits a worth one point to the opposing team, unless its a fault during a serve where the serving team is given a second chance to redo. Failure during the second attempt earns a point for the defensive team.

All the balls must bounce off the net through a single bounce, if the ball bounces twice on the net then the opponent gets the point. Contact must clean for a shot to count as legal, and throwing or lifting the ball is not allowed.

Each team cannot exceed three attempts during their turn, and players must take turns alternating hits between both players. Under no circumstance can you hit the Spikeball twice in a row, so alternate shots between teammates and makes sure the ball bounces cleanly off the net.

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