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How to make Spikeball bounce higher?

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The objective of Spikeball is to ensure the ball bounces off the net towards the opponent’s side in a way that the opponent cannot return the ball for a score. The ball must bounce once as it comes off the net before the opposing team can make a play.

The ball must hit the net at the center for a clean with the maximum height. If the ball hits the net rim and makes an awkward trajectory, the serving team loses a point, and the receiving team gets to serve. 

So, how do players make the Spikeball bounce higher? Two things determine how high the Spikeball bounces: the ball’s inflation and the net’s tightness. If players want the ball to bounce higher, then the ball needs to be inflated well, and the net must be tight. 

The more the ball is inflated, the higher it bounces, and the tighter the net, the more significant impact it has on the ball once it springs off the surface.

So, how tight should a net be? Tighten the net enough so that if you drop the Spikeball from 3 feet above the surface, it bounces off at least 12 to 15 inches. 

The net adjustment is made during the installation as one hooks it along the ring. However, ensure the ball is well inflated before testing the net.

Players can confirm the tightness of the net once the ball is inflated with an appropriate volume of air. Many people may overlook this factor or not pay attention to this detail during the set-up, but once the ball is aired properly and net has proper tension, it makes a significant impact of gameplay. 

This post shares ways to make the Spikeball bounce higher. Answered below are frequently asked questions about Spikeball inflation and tightness of the net so that the ball bounces higher.

Do Spikeball balls come inflated?

Yes, the Spikeball always comes inflated from the manufacturer. A hand pump can be used in case a person wants to inflate the ball a bit more. 

However, one should be cautious not to over-inflate the balls since they just require 85% of air or a specific 12” circumference, and no more than that.

It has been noted on several occasions that tournament balls are much less inflated than people typically play for friendly matches. This makes sense because it more about strategy than who can muster up the highest bounce.

How inflated should Spikeball be?

There is no set instructions for the psi of a Spikeball. The rules mention the ball being a circumference of about 12 inches, and that it should feel squishy when the ball is properly inflated. 

The inflated air should occupy about 85% of the inner volume. Inflating the ball to the maximum pressure can cause it to pop or deform.

Can you double bounce is Spikeball?

If the ball makes a double bounce as it comes off the net, that’s a fault, and the serving team loses a point. The receiving team gets to serve the ball. 

One of the players on the receiving team has to call “let” in case of the ball rolls over their side after making a double bounce. Spikeball rules are clear that the ball must bounce off the net once, without being lifted or thrown over the net.

How do you know if the Spikeball net is tight enough?

The net is considered tight enough in Spikeball if the ball bounces to a height of 12 to 15 inches after dropping the ball from three feet above the net. Furthermore, the ball must be properly inflated before testing the spring of the net.

Ensure the ball is inflated with the correct air pressure before testing the tightness of the net. A net is one of the integral components of Spikeball, so it must be tight enough to achieve a good spike.

With time the net gets loose and ball losses inflation, so retighten the net and pump the ball once they break in. Both the ball and the net need to be equally calibrated so that Spikeball can bounce properly.

How do I know if my Spikeball is tight enough?

  • A player can drop the ball from their eye level off the ground and wait for it to bounce. If the ball bounces off the net and up to their waist, the ball is good to go!
  • The circumference of a well-inflated ball is about 12 inches.
  • The ball must fit the ball gauge properly.
  • The ball should feel a bit squishy, but not tight when touching since it can deform or pop due to intense pressure inside.

How high should the ball bounce in Spikeball?

When the ball is dropped from 3ft above the net, a good bounce off the net will range between 12 to 15 inches. However, ball bounce depends on the tightness of the net and the ball’s inflation. 

The ball should be inflated about 85% of its volume, such that it behaves spongy when squeezing or touching. The ball should also have a circumference of 12 inches.

Proper inflation of the ball and tightness of the net will result in optimal bounce in the game Spikeball. If the ball is not bouncing high enough, then analyze which piece needs adjustment.

How to make Spikeball bounce higher

Spikeball Bounce Higher: Conclusion 

The Spikeball net and ball are the two components of the game that determine the spike bounce. The net must be tight enough, and the ball must be inflated with the right amount. 

Unfortunately, the instruction do not provide a psi level for the ball. Too much inflation on the ball can cause deformation, thus destroying the ball.

The amount of air inside the ball and tension of the trampoline determines how high the ball will bounce off the net. As a result, it is not all about inflating the ball or tightening the net, but inflating and trampoline tension with the right amount. 

Besides, it wouldn’t be fun if the ball kept bouncing off the roof.

Double bounces are prohibited in Spikeball. One of the factors that can cause a double bounce is a soft spike or a low-inflated ball. 

Moderating the amount of air inside the ball ensures the bounce is not too high, or cause poor bounces off the net. In the end, the net and ball are both contributing factors for the bounce and how high that the Spikeball goes.

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