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How do you play Jenga with 4 dice?

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The classic Jenga is lots of fun, but sometimes we are looking for ways to spice it up a bit. If you have never played Jenga with dice, then using 4 dice may seem far fetched.

In this version of the Jenga with four dice, players make a slight adjustment to the rules, but the winners will always be the last person that played just before the tower toppled over.

So, how do you play Jenga with 4 dice? Jenga 4 dice requires a player to roll all four dice before removing any block from the tower. The blocks are numbered, and the player gets to remove the specific block that corresponds to the number of dice rolled. 

The most common technique used in the roll of dice is addition. For example, if the player gets 5 in the first roll, 4, 3, and 1 in the last roll, then the total number of the roll will be 5+4+3+1=13, then the player has to remove the block number 13.

Jenga with 4 dice is a very addictive game, especially for kids who can improve their concentration, handle coordination, and improve math skills since it involves basic calculations. Answered below are frequently asked questions about playing Jenga with four dice, and how the game is played.

How do you play Jenga with dice?

To play Jenga with dice, prepare between 1 and 4 dice along with the standard 54 block game. For a player to play Jenga with dice, the same rules apply touching, removing or replacing a block back on top.

The main difference in the Jenga with dice rules is that dice are used to determine which block is played. Again, players will have to decide how many dice they want to play and how they will deal with numbers.

Rules vary when it comes to rolling the dice. While some require the player to remove the number of blocks indicated by the dice, others require a player to remove a specific block as dictated by the the dice roll. 

When playing Jenga with 4 dice, they will add the total number on the dice and remove the specific block as determined by the number rolled.

How do you play numbered Jenga with 4 dice?

To play Jenga with 4 dice, the blocks have to be numbered from 4 to 24 because that is the range that four 6-sided dice can add up to. The block picked is determined by the results from the dice roll. 

The total number from the dice is 4, which a player can achieve through addition, multiplication, or subtraction. The player gets to extract the numbered block corresponding to the result, and then replace it on top of the tower without causing it to fall. 

How many players can play Jenga with 4 dice? Between one to six players can play Jenga with 4 dice. In each of the player’s turns, they have to roll the dice, add the numbers together, then remove and re-stack the block corresponding to the sum of the dice roll.

4 Dice Jenga rules 

The 4 dice Jenga game applies the same rules of Jenga with diceapart from it using four dice instead of one, two or three. The following are rules that a player has to put in place before playing 4 Dice Jenga.

  • One to six players play the game.
  • All the blocks should be numbered from number 4 to 24.
  • Players have to remove the exact block with number determined by the roll of dice. 
  • The game involves the rolling of four dices, and the total number from the four rolls determines which block will be removed from the stacked tower.
  • Two hands can be used, but only touch the blocks with one hand at a time.
  • Blocks cannot be removed from the top 3, therefore the player will have to re-roll if the numbered block falls in the zone.
  • The player has to remove the block and place it on top of the stacked tower.
  • Some rules are set amongst the players, but the main rule of the classic Jenga game applies (The last player remains standing after the tower topples down wins the game).
Ways to play Jenga with 4 dice

Jenga With 4 Dice: Conclusion 

The 4 dice game is very addictive and is suitable for both children and adults to improve their mathematical skills.

There are many variations of 4 dice Jenga that deviate from the classic gameplay, but basic rule of removing a block from the stacked tower and placing in back on top of the tower does not change. 

The difference between the two versions is that in classic Jenga, a player chooses any block to remove from the stack tower. In 4 dice Jenga, the player has to roll dice to determine which specific block must be removed.

All blocks in 4 Dice Jenga are typically numbered from 4 to 24. However, players get to choose a set of house rules before beginning to play the game. 

For example, how many dices are needed during the game and how to deal with numbers from the rolls by adding, subtracting, or multiplying

As the game progresses, the structure becomes unstable as a result of removing and restocking blocks. The moment a player causes the tower to fall, they losses the game and the previous player wins the game.

Jenga with 4 dice requires physical skills combined with a lot of concentration and patience. It can be very addictive and useful, especially to young kids who want to improve their focus and math skills. 

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Sunday 8th of May 2022

I bought the numbered Jenga game with 4 dice and 54 numbered blocks for an 8-year-old but had no instructions. I have read and watched numerous instructions but still do not understand. If you have 54 blocks, why number them 1-24. It does not make sense to me.


Sunday 8th of May 2022

If you are adding the four six-sided dice together, then the highest total the dice can make is 24. During your turn, you are only allowed to remove one of the dice with the total fro the dice roll. As a result, the game can be played with any number of the 4 dice available.