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Best Dice Games For One Player in 2022

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Do you know any dice games to play alone? Playing with dice is generally fun and entertaining with two or four players, but game play does not have to feel limited when you are by yourself. 

Sometimes it is not the case, and most games suggest minimum of 2 instead of solo player. There are certain dice games that are perfect to play with one player, so let’s learn about a few.

What are the best dice games to play by yourself? If you have been playing only Yahtzee or Farkle with groups of people, you may wonder if there are other dice games to play solo. It may not be the same to play dice games by yourself, however there are special dice games for you to try playing alone.

The best dice games to play for one player are: 

  • Shut the box dice game
  • Nations: The Dice Game
  • Star Trek: The Dice Game
  • Firefly Shiny Dice Game
  • The Cards of Cthulhu
  • Dice City
  • Dungeon Roll Dice Game
  • OctoDice
  • Roll for the Galaxy
  • Fuse

Not all dice games are fun to play as solo because dice games can become quick and luck based game that require less strategy and planning compared to board games. To play solo dice games, you need to be creative and select the right games.

Several people use dice primarily for board games that come in a package all together. The limited complexity doesn’t have to jeopardize the gameplay.

There are many ways to play traditional and modern dice game for one player. Some amazing dice games for rolling solo for kids, which use paper and dice only. 

In this article, we are going to learn how to play dice game alone and what kind of dices games you can play by yourself. 

Can you play a dice game alone?

Yes, you can play dice games alone and it is a fun way to pass time even when you are alone. They can be played solo or in a group and the majority of these games need just a pencil, dice, and paper to keep your score.

Whether you are traveling for work or looking to spend time at home, dice games are generally very small and compact, making them easy to bring anywhere indoor and outdoor

Dice games are popular since they are versatile and can be played with 1 to 4 players and sometimes much more. They can be played anywhere from a car to a tabletop and at any age. 

In addition, these games are educational by teaching addition, counting, and subtraction. The learning possibilities go far beyond with physical dexterity and mental connections.

What are the best dice games you can play by yourself?

Depending on your gaming experience, there are quite a lot of roll and write games that works best for solo gameplay.  If you are looking for heavy and cool looking dice to play with rather than random throw for luck, here are awesome solo dice games that are worth checking out. Let’s take a look at some of the best dice games that you can play by yourself:
Dice games for one players

One Player Dice Games: Conclusion

Playing dice games with groups of friends and family is enjoyable. Sometimes, it feels playing dice game alone feels not quite the same as with others, therefore it may seem impossible to play dice game by yourself.

However, dice game for one player are actually a fun way to introduce strategical planning and thinking to kids or adults of all ages. They teach social and logical skills, while being portable and inexpensive to enjoy anytime and anywhere without a limit. 

These solo dice games are not purely luck based game. Instead they require strategy and critical thinking to win and solve problem. 

Some dice games recommend to play with two or more players, but these popular single player games include solo variations or rules to enjoy by yourself. 

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