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Best Card Games For Long Flights in 2022

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Do you have an upcoming trip planned and looking for fun card games to play on a long flight? If you only know Bananagrams or Travel Monopoly, it is time to switch up the game plan. 

Card games are lot more portable and space saving compared to board games. However, the airplane is a cramped space that requires a compact gameplay.

What are the best card games to play for a long flights? Playing card games while waiting on an airport delay or long flight is the best way to pass the time. These airplane friendly card games allow you to use minimal strategy and stick to a small playing area.

The best card games for long flights are:

  • The fox in the forest
  • Backpacker
  • Scattergories
  • Family Feud Strikeout 
  • Mille Bournes
  • Phase 10
  • Family Charades
  • Five Crowns
  • Skip Bo
  • Struggle for Catan

These card games are compact in size, weight, require minimal table space to play and be able to easily pass the boredom. Also, they can be played as solo or two player, and are flexible to add one or more players to increase the fun.  

If you are looking for a great card game for long flights, then you are at the right place. 

We will discuss the top 10 card games that you can play while on a long flight. In addition, learn how to enjoy these individual games for maximum entertainment value. 

What are best card games for long flights?

Long flights can be really boring and monotonous at times. Most of us spend time by watching movies, playing video games, reading a book or napping. 

While watching movies throughout the long flight is not always possible, you can definitely try some card games to pass the time. To look for best card games for airplane travel, consider size, weight, noise, and length of play time.

Let’s look at these best card games for long flights below:

Best card games for long flights

Card Games for Airplane: Conclusion

These are the top 10 best card games that you can play while traveling. Choose a card game for the long flightjourney, and enjoy playing it by yourself or with siblings, family or friends. 

Playing card games are great entertainment in the cramped space on an airplane, and fit perfect in a travel suitcase or carry-on bag. These card games are compact and portable size, therefore they do not require huge space to roll dice or even place a board.

If you have been binge watching movies or playing video games, switch up your game play with these airplane friendly card games. They require minimal strategy and easy to pick and stop if needed. 

Some include solitaire game versions and rules, but you definitely need at least one partner to join you for playing these card games to play on long flights.

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