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UNO Rules Stacking Draw 4 and Draw 2 Cards

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Do you know if you are allowed to stack Draw 4 and Draw 2 cards on top of each other? According to the official rules of the UNO game, stacking is not allowed for these two cards. 

The rule of playing Draw 4 and Draw 2 states that when the player plays one of the Draw cards, either Draw 2 or Draw 4 card on the discard pile, the next player in the chain must draw two cards or four cards respectively, in addition to forfeiting their turn to discard. 

However, many players use their own house rules to allow stacking Draw 2 and Draw 4 as a delay strategy. 

What are the Draw 4 and Draw 2 stacking rules in UNO? Stacking the Draw cards is a very common strategy people use to play on their own terms. Playing Draw 2 and Draw 4 cards for the next player in their turn to draw two cards and four cards respectively from the drawing pile, and a player cannot play in that particular turn. 

Stacking rules apply to a single player playing multiple cards at one time and “stacking” two separate draw cards on top of each other during their single turn.

However, if the following player places another Draw 2 or Draw 4 on their turn, then the upcoming player has to draw 6 and 8 cards due to the staked penalty.

When a player stacks Draw 2 or Draw 4 when their opponent player plays them, the next player to follow that player have to collect 6 and 8 cards from the drawing pile, and the series continue in that order. 

In some house rules, players are allowed to stack Draw 2 cards with Draw 4 card and vice versa, forcing the next player to draw 6 cards, though it is uncommon. 

Staking Draw cards is advantageous because it acts as an advanced mechanism effect when the players want the game to end faster. However, one of its shortcomings is that it can force the player to draw many cards, starting a new chain of drawing cards that balances the game instead of breaking it.

If you have questions about stacking Draw cards, then this article is for you. Answered below are frequently asked questions about stacking Draw 4 cards on Draw 2 cards to gain the best results in your gameplay.

What are Draw cards in UNO?

In UNO game, Draw cards force the next player to draw cards from the Draw Pile and penalize their turn to discard. And there are two types of draw cards in UNO, Draw 2 and Wild Draw 4. 

According to the UNO Draw 2 rules, when a player places a Draw 2 card in the discard pile, the next player will be forced to draw two cards from the draw pile and also forfeit their turn. However, if they have a Draw 2 in their hand they can counter the play by stacking and thereby passing a multiplied penalty to the following player. 

Draw 2 cards can only be played when the card on the top of the discard pile is either a Draw 2 or matches the color of the Draw 2 card the player has. 

At the beginning of the UNO game, the dealer shuffles the deck and the first player on the left side of the dealer goes first, unless a Reverse is the top of the Discard Pile, then the dealer starts first. When a Draw 2 or Draw 4 Wild are the first card for the Discard Pile, then the player to the left must draw cards and will also get skipped for discarding the first round of the game. 

The next player can stack another Draw Two card to force the following player to draw four cards, and the series will continue.

On the other hand, Draw 4 cards when played on the discard pile, the next player has to draw four cards from the Draw Pile and forfeit their turn.

A player can play the card illegally, hence players can demand the active player to show the card in their hand before playing it. When found guilty of playing the Draw 4 card illegally, the player must draw six cards from the discard pile as a penalty for the offense. 

If the next player counters it with another Draw 4, the following player in the chain must draw eight cards from the Draw Pile. Some rules add a counter by playing a Reverse card on Draw 4, but these are customizations that you need to agree upon before the game begins.

Using Draw cards is a delay mechanism of the game because it forces players to draw from the deck, and start a new chain is discarding in the gameplay.

Can you stack Draw 2s in UNO?

Yes, you can stack Draw 2s in UNO. According to the official rules, a player can only play one discard at a time, however stacking Draw 2s is allowed in a two-player game and specific house rules designed to speed up the game. 

Stacking Draw 2 cards has been used by many players in their own house rules. If so, the a player can play multiple Draw 2 cards in one discard turn and force the next player to draw extra cards.

Otherwise, when a player plays Draw 2 card, the next player has to collect two cards from the draw pile. However, the player can stack back by placing another Draw two card on top to force the next player in the chain to collect four cards. 

The series can continue in that particular order if a following player stacks another draw card in the chain.

Some house rules allow a player to stack a Draw 2 with a Draw 4 card, which forces the next player to draw 6 cards from the Draw Pile.

Is stacking a rule in UNO?

No, stacking is not an official rule in UNO. Stacking is an alternative gameplay method that is occasionally incorporated as a house rule. 

For instance, when a player plays a Draw 2 card in the game, the next player must draw two cards and forfeit their turn. However, players can set a house rule that allows a player to play another Draw 2, causing the next player in the line to draw four cards.

Stacking rules for Draw 4 and Draw 2

Generally, stacking is not allowed in the official UNO game. However, with mutual agreement, players can allow stacking for any Draw cards that are the same color. 

When a player plays Draw 4 card, the next player has to forfeit their turn and draw four cards. However, that can be stacked by allowing that player who is supposed to collect four cards to play another Draw 4 on the discard pile to counter. 

The stacked action counters the initial move and causes the following player to draw eight cards instead. The series continues to increase in that order.

A player is forced to collect two cards when a Draw 2 card is played in the preceding turn. However, with the stacking rule, the player can play another Draw 2 card on the Discard Pile, which causes the next player to draw four cards. 

Draw 4 and Draw 2 stacking rules in UNO

Stack Draw 4 and Draw 2 Cards in UNO: Conclusion 

Stacking is not allowed in UNO, no matter if it is Draw 2 or Draw 4, but players tend to setup their own house rule that apply to stacking Draw cards only by the same color. This strategy uses the rule as a delay mechanism strategy to prolong the game and increase risk/reward gameplay.

Stacking Draw 4 and Draw 2 cards is a common option that players incorporate into gameplay. It results the following player to extra cards for the multiplied penalty depending on the combination laid down.

Generally, when a player uses Draw card, the next player draws either 2 or 4 cards, and cannot discard on the turn. With stacking, the player can drop another draw card on top of the Discard Pile and the double penalty gets passed to the following player.

To win in UNO game, you must be the fastest player eliminate cards in your hand, which is why custom stacking rules for Draw 4 and Draw 2 cards is highly recommended to speed up the game. Now you know how to take advantage of stacking in the game, so use it wisely and add the house rule to your next game night. 

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Saturday 27th of August 2022

For games with 2 people: if player A plays their last card, which is a draw 2, but player B also has a draw 2 card, does the game end and player A wins or does it continue and player A has to draw 4 cards?


Sunday 28th of August 2022

Player A plays the Draw 2 card, and player B has to draw 2 cards from the deck, then the game ends. Player B gets stuck with the extra cards and points in their hand


Friday 7th of January 2022

Can you place a wild card on top of a +2 card and not draw 2 cards and change the color????


Saturday 8th of January 2022

The answer is no, action cards cannot be used to prevent from picking cards unless the house rules is agreed upon by all players before the game. Some households play stacking rules that allow players to block, counter or direct extra punishment to the following player, but these are house rules that must be discussed before the game begins.