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Best Dice Games with 2 Dice

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It is fairly common for a household to have at least two-dice hidden somewhere in a closet, junk drawer or even an old board game. With a pair of dice, there are fantastic games to play with dice and a deck of cards, or even while in a car or airplane trip. 

These two dice games are simple to understand, which is conducive for young players to easily get involved. However, they have an addictive aspect that will make you want to play one more time.

The games are easier to learn and require fewer dice than games with 3, 5 or even 6 dice at the same time. However, the simplistic games improve cognitive thinking and basic math skills due to computation of scores.

Two dice games can be played by two players or more, and the durations of gameplay vary depending on the game being played. They are convenient for children of age 6 years or more. 

To play any 2 dice game, the player needs a pair of dice, paper, and a pen to keep track of the scores. There is a target score that players aim to reach ahead of others in order to win the game.

The players have to make a roll, and the outcome of the roll determines the points scores in a round. The game durations vary from one game to the other, but most have a playtime of 30 minutes.

Some of the best 2 dice games include:

  • Chicago
  • Pig 
  • Mexico 
  • Shut the box
  • Busted dice game.

This article details some of our favorite 2 dice games. Answered below are frequently asked questions about playing 2 dice games and what you can expect while playing each game.

How do you play the dice game with two dice?

Two or more players can play games wit 2 dice. Players take turns rolling the dice to achieve certain objectives. 

Games typically use a pair of dice, paper, and a pen to record the scores. At the start of the game, players have to determine the number of rounds they have to roll before making their final total scores to determine the winner. 

However, the way to roll the dice vary depending on the 2 dice being played. The scores are determined by the combination on the faces of both dice. 

What are the dice games to play with two dice?

These 2 dice games are played by rolling a pair of dice while taking turns between two or more players. 

Two-dice games are generally played between two to six players. Gameplay lasts about 30 mins, and is convenient for players age 6 years and above. 

A few classic games with two dice include:


The game has eleven rounds that are numbered from 2 to 12th round. The game has eleven rounds where the players roll dice to calculate a score based on the combination of both dice. 

Players have to throw the correct number that corresponds with the number of a turn. If the player manages to get the number, they earn one point, but they don’t get a score if they fail. The player who reaches 11 points first, wins the game.


A player has to roll two dice at the same time, and they are not limited to the number of rolls they can make per turn. However, all players must have an equal number of rolls in a turn.

The player scores depending on the two dice face-up numbers until they gradually get the highest scores, and a double 1 earns 25 points.


This two-dice game is played by 2 to 3 players, and uses chips, tokens, or coins. The game’s objective is to make sure that there is only one player who is left with chips. 

Each player is given an even number of chips at the start of the game, typically 5 chips per player. 

Compete to get the highest numbers from a roll. The two-digit number gives the score in around from the faces of both dice rather than the dice sum.


Generally played by two to four players. At the start of a turn, the player can throw one of the two dice provided they are in apposition to hike up their scores. 

Players keep rolling to add their total tally, and any time a player rolls a bust, they earn no point. This dice game takes about 15 minutes.

Shut the box

The game is more enjoyable when played by two to four players. In a round, each player takes their turn to shut down the box. 

A player continues to roll the dice in a turn until it reaches an a point that they can’t roll anymore. Any time a player throws a dice inside the box, they have to add the pips on the face-up side. 

All the available numbers that tally to the total roll have to be covered.

2 Dice Game Rules 

Rules are followed in conjunction to the type of game you are playing. However, there are a few similarities that can be followed across the board.

  • Two or more players play the game.
  • The game is played by players from the age of six years and above.
  • The games last a duration of 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Players take turns to roll a pair of dice.
  • Players need a pen, paper, and a pair of dice.
  • The games have a shooter who rolls dice during the turn.
  • The outcome of the roll determines the score the player is going to register in that particular round.

The games are quite simplistic in nature, but they all follow this similar format. A shooter rolls the dice, and scored are tabulated for all players.

Best games with 2 dice

2-Dice Games: Conclusion 

Two-dice games are simple to learn since the gameplay is minimalistic in setup. For this reason, the games are convenient for multiple players as young as 6 years. 

The number of players can vary when playing these games, but the games are much more fun and interesting when played by two to four players. 

2 dice games are very addictive, making an urge to play the next game and see whether there is an improvement in the outcome. 

Players take their turn by rolling their dice, the average time taken by a 2 dice game is 15 to 30 minutes. Some games limit the players to a set number of rolls per turn, while others don’t. 

The game can be played for fun or gambling purposes, especially when played in a casino. When 2 dice games are played in the casino, the shooter rolls dice while the other players stake their bet based on what they think the outcome will be after the roll.

The outcome from the throw determines the score a player records from the round. More so, if the game is played for money, the roll’s outcome determines which players win their bets. 

Dice games can be quite competitive. Whether you are playing with 2 dice or more, there are multiple fun and exciting games that can be played with a small group of people.

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