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Best Dice Games with 5 Dice

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5 dice games are usually more fun than single die games, especially for families. The games are one of the best screen-free busters that provide a bit of satisfaction from throwing multiple dice at once.

Five dice games are typically inexpensive, educational, and convenient. Playing the game with family and friends can be a crucial tool to help reinforce mathematics skills, especially for the kids learning in schools, while also as a parent when teaching children, the importance of fair play and engaged socialization.

Dice games with 5 die are suitable for both kids and adults. Like newer family dice games, the games are not hard to learn or easy to win, which makes them fun when playing. However, there are a lot of scored needed to track, and therefore it’s more convenient for older kids and adults to help compute the scores. 

The games are often played by multiple players since they are more enjoyable when played as a group. Essential tools across all the 5 dice games include: 5 dice, pen/pencil, and a piece of paper to record the scores.

Some of the best games that use 5 dice include:

  • Ships, captain crew 
  • 3 or more
  • Drop Dead Dice Game
  • 5000 dice game 
  • Beat That
  • Plus, and Minus

It could be easy to assume that five dice games demand a lot, but they are fun and interesting to play as a group. Answered below are frequently asked questions about playing games with five dice and what are some of the gameplay rules.

How do you play with 5 dice?

The games require 5 six-sided dice, paper to record the scores and a pen. Some of these games require a dice rolling cup to further even the odds.

Players roll one die at the start of the game to determine who goes first. The player who gets the highest number after the roll starts the game. 

Every time a player makes a roll of all the five dice, their target is to hit the highest score from the roll. The face-up number after the roll of the dice determines the score a player gets from a roll. 

Some games involve rolling all the five dice at once, and others play a single die at a time. 

How do you roll 5 of the kind in dice?

The player has to roll all the five dice at once to get a 5 kind in dice. 

The chances of rolling 5-kind type for any number of the dice is 1/7776. 

Remember, there are 6 faces on the die. Therefore, the probability of getting a face for one die in a roll is ⅙. 

When all the five dice are rolled together, the probability of getting a five of the kind, will be given by ⅙ × ⅙ × ⅙ × ⅙ × ⅙ which equals 1/7776.

What game can you with 5 dice?

It can be easy to assume that five dice games demand a lot focus, but some of these games are fun and interesting to play, especially when played as a group. They are easy to learn but difficult to win. 

These games involve a lot of calculations, which improves math skills. The games sometimes take a long time to finish because it involves many players rolling and counting the dice. 

Here are some of our favorite 5 dice games, give them a shot!

Ships, Captain, Crew

The game requires 5 dice and dice cup to use for rolling. The player is required to roll all the five dice at once. 

The player’s objective is to ensure they roll a 6, 5 and 4 in one shot. The player has to try to roll six on the first roll, followed by a five, and then four. 

If a player doesn’t get a six in the first roll, then the player cannot score in that round.

Three or more

The game requires 5 dice, a pencil, and a sheet of paper to write the scores. The players have to roll all five dice at a go. 

The player’s objective is to get a three of a kind. A player gets a double roll if they pair in their first roll. But, if the player doesn’t get a pair, the turn is over. 

Players score 3 points when they get a three of a kind, and 6 points when they get a 4 kind. The player with the highest score wins the game at the end of the round.


The player has to roll all the five dice and then count the Aces. The face 1s represent the Aces. All the Aces are taken out of the game, and the 2s and 5s are passed on the left and right players, respectively. 

The remaining dice with 3, 4, or 6 are rolled until one die is left. The remaining die is rolled, and if it turns out to be an ace, the player wins the game.

Drop-dead dice game

The player has to roll all the dice at a go. If the dice faces turn out to be 5 or 2, then they are removed from the hand, and the player scores no points. 

However, if 5 and 2 are not rolled, the player should add any value that turns out on the dice face, and then record the score for that particular roll.


The player’s objective is to roll the five dice and reach 5000 points before the others. All the dice are rolled, and the player counts the scores. 

The player passes the dice to the next players. When the player manages to get 5000 points, the rest of the players have one round to add their tally.

Beat That!

The player has to roll all five dice at a go. The player then rearranges the numbers from the dice faces from the roll to get the highest number possible. 

For example, if the faces are 3-4-1-2-5, the player should rearrange it into 54,321 to get the largest possible number.

Plus, and Minus

The players have to decide how many rolls should be made in turn. The majority of player chooses four rolls for a start. 

When a player makes a roll, they have to pick the highest two numbers and remove the two dices from the roll. The remaining three dice are then rolled, and the lowest number is subtracted for the tallied score, and the die is removed from the play. 

Then, the remaining two dice are rolled and added to the results to get the final point.

Best dice games with 5 dice

5-Dice Games: Conclusion

5 dice games seem a bit involved, but these games are not what they look like at first glance. Each of the games are interesting and exciting, more so they are easy to play. 

Compared to other dice games with fewer dice, 5 dice games are a bit harder to tabulate and keep track of. Even though they are easy to learn, they are difficult to win, which makes gameplay fun and exciting.

These games involve a lot of math skills, which makes them convenient for learning kids and for parents who want to teach their kids concentration skills, basic math and enhanced socialization.

The games with 5 dice may require more time since they involve a lot of players who have to take rolls in each of their turns. Furthermore, the games are more interesting when played with a group of players.

These six-sided dice games are conducive for both adults and kids. However, the game involves a lot of track records, and therefore young kids might experience challenges when it comes to lengthy calculations

5 dice games are the best way to learn and acquire math skills while incorporating a fun and social gameplay experience. The more players a five-dice game has, the more enjoyable it really is.

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