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Can King kill Queen in chess?

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A King can save itself from checkmate by capturing pieces around it to protect it from being checked. The King in chess responds to checkmate in three ways: first, by capturing the attacking piece around it, using another player piece to block the attack, or by moving to another square.

A King captures pieces in the direction in which it moves. Remember, a King can move in any direction that’s is horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, but only one space at a time. 

In chess, when a King captures a piece, it replaces the captured piece by occupying the square the piece previously stood. The King can only capture if the move is not going to land the King into check.

Can a King kill a king in chess? Yes, a King can kill a Queen, but onlyif the opponent Queen moves next to it and doesn’t have any defensive support. Note that it’s hard for the King to kill the Queen in chess because a King cannot move as far as the Queen. 

Again, a King can only capture a Queen if doing so wouldn’t put the King in check. In addition, it’s hard to find a Queen that is not guarded by another piece unless the player is an amateur or makes a huge mistake. 

If the King tries to attack a guarded Queen, it will put the attacking King into check. Any move thatresults in a King in check is illegal, therefore a King cannot kill a guarded Queen.

In general, a King can only kill Queen that is unguarded, because a protected Queen results in check and the move would be illegal. A King can only kill a Queen if it moves directly next to the King, so it is not that easy.

This article details what it takes for a King to kill a Queen in chess. Answered below are frequently asked questions about killing a Queen with a King, and how to successfully accomplish the attack.

Who can kill the Queen in chess?

All chess pieces can kill the Queen, including a King. However, a King cannot kill a Queen if she is protected by supporting pieces.

It is common for a Queen to kill a Queen. Otherwise, the most common pieces used to kill a Queen are Bishops, Knights, Rooks, and Pawns.

It’s hard to believe, but yes, a pawn can kill the opponent Queen by capturing the square the opponent Queen landed on. In chess, a Pawn can capture all the pieces in the direction it moves, including check or checkmate the King.

The King is another piece that can kill the opponent Queen. However, for that to happen, the Queen should not be guarded by any other piece in chess otherwise the action puts the King in check. 

When can a King kill the Queen in chess?

A King can kill a Queen if the Queen is only one space away from the King and she is not protected by any supporting pieces. Kings can only move one space at a time, and cannot attack pieces that are defended by other piece because that would result in check and is an illegal move.

 A King can kill a Queen in chess under the following circumstances:

  • If killing the Queen will not put the King under the threat of check. According to chess, it’s illegal to make a move that can put a King in check. Thereforeif capturing the enemy Queen puts a King into check, then the player cannot make such a move.
  • A King can kill the opponent’s Queen if the attacking Queen lands on the square directly next to the King’s position. A King moves one square in a single move, unless when castling, and it cannot castle when in check. Therefore, a Queen that is two squares away from the King is free from being attacked by the King.

Why can’t my King take the Queen?

Kings cannot take the queen when they are more than one space away, or if they are defended by supporting pieces. A King cannot take a piece that would then put him in check, therefore the King can’t take the Queen.

The following are circumstances under which a King cannot kill the opponent’s Queen in chess:

  • When the Queen is far from the King, a King can only capture a Queen adjacent to where it sits. However, a Queen who is more than two squares away from the King cannot be killed by a King. A King kills when it makes a move, and can only move one square at a time. Though a King move two squares when it castles, a King cannot jump over pieces to attack a Queen.
  • A King cannot kill a Queen if the attack would put the King into check. First, a player cannot make such a move because it would be illegal since any action that puts a King in check cannot be made. Hence why a King cannot kill a Queen that is protected by other pieces. 

Can a King take a Queen in chess when in check?

Yes, a King can kill a Queen when in check. The Queen can’t be defended by another piece, otherwise the King would be in check and that is an illegal move.

For instance, a Queen that is protected by a Bishop moves next to the opponent’s King, which puts the King in check. As a result, attacking the Queen using the King, would mean the Bishop will put the King in immediate check resulting in an illegal move.

Can a King kill a Queen in chess

Killing Queen With King in Chess: Conclusion 

A King can kill a Queen in a chess game, however the attack is not as easy as it sounds. Killing a Queen would require it to be adjacent to the King because a King can only attack one square at a go. 

In addition, a King cannot kill a Queen, if by doing so, would put the King in check. Any move that leaves the King in check is regarded as an illegal move, and not permitted. 

A King cannot kill a Queen that is defended by other pieces on the chessboard. Attacking a safeguarded Queen can result in the King being in check, which is illegal. 

Any chess piece can attack a Queen, however a King can only kill an undefended Queen that is one space away. As a result, it is most common for Queens to kill other Queens or for the other attacking pieces to do so as long as the action does not leave the King exposed to a check.

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