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How to play UNO on iMessage

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A player can play iMessage games on their iPhone through an App store extension built into iMessage. Apart from the game Uno, players can still download various games on their phone, such as Crazy 8s, Yahtzee, Scrabble and more.

The iMessage gives players an option to play several games with their close contacts. Games are designed to be played on iMessage turn by turn, meaning a player takes their turn and waits for their contact to take their turn.

So, how does a player play UNO iMessage?

  • A player has to open the messaging app on their phone and search for the contact they want to play with.
  • Scroll through the available options until finding the App Store icon and tap it.
  • Note, the majority of these extensions are stickers, but scroll down to find a segment titled, “iMessage game we love.” 
  • The app will present a complete list of games played in iMessage, including the Uno game.
  • Download the game from the app store and then return to the iMessage screen.
  • Open the menu, customize the settings and play with your contact. 
  • Once a player completes their turn, they will have to wait for their friend to take theirs, and play resumes back and forth until a winner is reached.

This article discusses everything you need to know about playing Uno on iMessage. Answered below are frequently asked questions about how to play Uno on iMessage so that you can stay engaged with your closest friends.

Does iMessage have UNO?

Certainly yes! The Uno iOS and Android apps are free to download.

The Uno app has several ways to play and interact with their friends, including iMessage to play the classic card game for iOS iPhone. The Uno app in iMessage must be connected to a stable network before hosting or joining the online mode. 

The host player must create a room for other players to join. By setting up a room, players may set their own house rules to be applied, including swap hands and stacking cards, especially when discarding multiple cards in a single turn.

How many players can play iMessage UNO?

When one device is used for the Host, iMessage Uno can be played with up to six players using the same iPhone. 

There are three ways in which the Uno game can connect to multiple players, either by using a Wi-Fi network, online or through a device. 

When connecting online, a multiplayer mode can be created by the host, and a maximum of 6 players can join. 

Can you play the iMessage UNO game alone?

Yes, a player can iMessage Uno by yourself, but it’s not advisable. The app is designed to play with others, so once it realizes that no other players are playing then the app tends to crash.

It’s impossible to play against yourself. The Uno app is based on players playing against other opponent players, therefore if the game finds out that a single player is playing against themselves, it will crash their phone.

Although players can iMessage themselves, playing alone is almost impossible because the game will bug out. Let’s take an example of a player playing an Uno game alone. 

A Draw 4 card is placed on top of the discard pile by player 1, then iMessage sends a message to player 2 to draw cards according to Draw Four rules, which is the same player. If the message is replied to immediately without playing, the game will lag and be very unresponsive.

How to play UNO game on iMessage

  • A player has to open the iMessage app using their iPhone, and search for the friends they want to play with.
  • Go to the Extension on the iMessage app and search for the Uno game. Once the player finds the app, download it and exit the App store to return to the iMessage screen. 
  • Once the game has been added to the iMessage app, it will message the player showing the game has been delivered.
  • Launch the Uno app on the iMessage app, tap on the multiplayer icon, and create room for your friends to join, up to 6 players in total.
  • On the other end, players can join the room by tapping the Host icon and waiting for the host player to begin the game.
  • After all the players join, the round can officially begin.

UNO game rules on iMessage

  • A player can connect with other players in Uno iMessage through three modes: Wi-Fi, online or using a single device.
  • For the Uno to play on the iMessage, a player must add the UNO App to the iMessage extension.
  • Uno iMessage can allow 4 to 6 players to join a game at the same time. 
  • The Host of the Uno iMessage  game has to create a room for other players to join.
Tips to play UNO on imessage

Playing iMessage Uno: Conclusion 

On the iMessage app, a player gets the option to play virtual games with their contacts. 

For a person to play Uno on iMessage, update the iPhone to iOS 11 or higher. In addition, each player must download the Uno app through the App Store.

Playing Uno in iMessage alone is possible, but not advisable. Any game played on the iMessage by the player alone risks crashing the iPhone, especially when the app realizes the game is played solo. 

Playing Uno in iMessage provides different option to play, including the level of difficulty. The multiplayer mode can connect the game through Wi-Fi, online and connecting via direct iPhone to iPhone.

Uno on iMessage can allow four to six players to connect in a given room. For a player to Host a wireless connection on the iMessage, they have to launch the app first on the iMessage app store and then create a room for other players to join.

The Uno App is now available in the iMessage app store, and players can download it for free. The app provides several ways of interacting and playing with others through setting up a room with their own house rules.

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