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Best Dice Games with 6 Dice

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Any dice games played with 6 dice aim at winning the game with a set of combinations from the dice throw. The combos are worth specific points, and players race to reach certain target points to win the game. 

In these six dice games, the rules are adaptable and very clear to understand. There exist variations on rules that are specific to the game being played, but some of the gameplay is similar to classic family dice games that many of us are actually familiar with playing. 

Some players may decide to add a few rules on top of the basic gameplay, but the house rules need to be agreed upon by all players in the game. A player wins the game by scoring a winning combination earned from the dice throw.

The best six-dice games include: 

  • Six Dice
  • Ten Thousand
  • Zilch
  • Farkle

There are multiple games that use six dice. Answered belo are frequently asked questions about playing dice games with six dice and what gameplay rules are most common.

How do you play six dice?

The game starts with all the players rolling a single die to determine which player starts the game. A player who obtains the highest number goes first, and the game’s flow has to move in the left side direction of the player who begins.

A player has to roll all six dice at the beginning of their turn. This result in certain combinations whereby some will earn points and others won’t. 

Pick out combinations that earn points and record the scores in the score sheets as per game specific guidelines. Once a player gets a score dice, they can decide to keep it aside and then choose whether to continue re-rolling the remaining un-scored dice to earn more points. 

If the player chooses to continue and get a non-scoring combination, they earn nothing, and all the earned points from the previous rolls get lost. 

The player’s turn ends immediately, and that round remains scoreless.

Is Farkle played with 6 dice?

Yes, for someone to play the Farkle game, a player must have 6 dice,a score sheet to record scores, a pencil and a dice cup is optional. A player must roll all six dice and check whether they have achieved a winning combination from the roll. 

Farkle game is similar to the Dice game 10000 in how it is played and its target objective. Both use 6 dice, and the target for Farkle is to reach the 10000 points before the other players. 

Any scoring dice can be set aside so that the player can choose to roll the remaining dice.

If the player manages to get all the scoring dice, the player earns a double roll and can roll all 6 dice once again, which accumulates more points towards the final tally. 

Do 6 dice play 10000?

Yes, 10000 is a family game that uses 6 dice at the same time in order for players to reach 10000 points. A player rolls all 6 dice, then all the possible winning combinations are picked out to win points. 

Whenever a player makes a roll and the outcome is three of a kind, single of 1s or 5s, straight, or three of a kind, they earn points. However, they earn no points if the outcome is a single or doubles of 2, 3, 4 or 6.

The rolling of dice continues until the lucky winner reaches the targeted point total. A player should try to place the dice on a flat surface for easier track keeping and recording of the scores. 

If a player doesn’t get any scoring dice, the player has to end their turn right away, and it’s recorded no points to the tally score of that player in the round. 

If a player manages to get straight numbers from 1,2,3,4,5,6, they earn double roll, and they get to roll all the dice again. That adds more points, making the player earn the highest score possible in a singe round. 

Once the player finishes their turn, they calculate the scores and pass the dice to the next player.

What dice game is played with six dice?

The games are similar, but go by different names with minor variables in gameplay and technique. These 6 dice games are convenient for multiple players and provide countless hours of laughter, excitement and entertainment. 

The best six dice games include:

Six Dice 

Players are given 15 rolls to score as many points as possible. The player to earn more points after the 15 rounds wins the game.

The game also includes a single-player mode.

Ten Thousand 

It’s a family dice game that is played with six dice. The aim is to reach 10000 points before other players do. 

The points are earned from the set of combinations during each roll of the dice. If a player fails to get a scoring dice, their turn ends, and they earn zero points in that round.


It’s a simple dice game that uses 6 dice based on luck and greed. 

A player’s turn is over if they earn more than 100 points. Once the target is achieved, each remaining player is left with one turn to add their tally scores. 

A player turns ends if they get a non-scoring dice, and they earn zero points.


Its a six dice game that is similar to the game Ten Thousand. It has a solo mode, but when played in a multiple player mode, the target is to accumulate 5000 to 7500 points. 

When a player gets a non-scoring turn, they earn zero points, and their turn is over. When that happens, a player is said to have Farkle, and they have to pass the game to the next player.

Best dice game with 6 dice

6-Dice Games: Conclusion 

Many people are familiar with six dice games including Ten thousand, Zilch, and Farkle. The simple task for players is to use their rolling skills and luck to score points, and try to reach the target points before the other players. 

Points are earned from a set of combinations rolling the dice. Some combinations are worth points while others are not. 

Once a player throws a dice, they have counted their scores. Players can set aside scoring dice and decide whether to continue with another roll or not. Players should understand, if they make a non-scoring roll, their turn has to end, and any earned points from the previous roll disappears.

Whenever a player manages to earn all the scoring dice from 1 to 6, they can roll all the dice again, thus adding the tally to the total points, making the player earn the highest score from a single throw.

6 dice games offer a lot of variations. Players may decide to add some house rules on top of the basic rules, or ignore them if they think the rules add extra challenge to the game, just decide on the type of gameplay before beginning the first turn.

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