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Why Are Board Games Better Than Video Games?

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Playing games during your spare time is fun and makes time fly by quickly. But have you ever wondered if board games are better than video games? 

We play games when we are bored or even as a fun way to spice up the party with family and friends. Many people disregard video games and consider board games to be a far better way to play together on any occasion.

Why are board games better than video games? Board games and video games are both fun to play and help you develop strategy and critical thinking to solve problems. However, board games offer additional benefits to adult and children including family bonding, physical activity, brain health, social development, and cognitive learning.

People have found a way to entertain themselves and have fun through different games. Board games were the preliminary games that have evolved with time. 

Then came video gaming, which has found a place in almost every household through phones, computers and TVs. However, both carry merits and demerits of their own regard. 

The primary principles of both games remains the same, giving tough competition to opponents through strategic and logical thinking while having fun. Board games provide face to face social dynamics as family and friends interact, while video games tend to limit the physical interaction with each other. 

Playing game is an effective way to reduce stress and have fun in a spare time. Whether to improve learning or just as pure entertainment, games are a way to pass time and enjoy an interactive hobby.

There are two types of games being talking about in this article, board game and video game. Answered below are frequently asked questions about the differences and why board games are better than the video games. 

Difference between board games and video games

Board games and video games have evolved in their presentation, strategies, difficulty and logical thinking. The main difference between the two is that video games make you feel out to be a protagonist in a action filled movie, while board games give you the imaginative capabilities and together time.

Here are they key points of the principal differences between board games and video games:

  • Video games can be played alone and in groups while a board game generally requires the physical presence and involvement of a friend, family member or acquaintance.
  • Board games require thinking, imagination and in some games a pen and a paper. While video games take you into the gameplay with animation and special effects.
  • Video games help with motor skills, visual thinking, movement, and so on. While board games give you an additional benefit of bonding with family, maximizing attention span, social development, learning, and health.
  • Board games give you physical interaction while video games can be tackled alone, online with friends, or with a partner.

Games typically play by the same goals to compete, win, and obey the rules. Depending on the board games, you may work as team instead of individuality, so there is a flexible position that every player faces. 

But video games have a high degree of self-expression through freeform play. Therefore, you can set up your own goals to achieve without outside interference.

Difference between board games and video games

Similarities between board games and video games

Due to being separate entities, one is virtual and the other one is physical, therefore it is difficult to fully compare the similarities between the two. The more games are developed, the harder to understand the distinctive line between the two. 

Here are some similarities between board games and video games:

  • Get to read in both games and understand the rules, regulations, and gameplay.
  • Provide visual skills through the gameplay.
  • Need logical and strategical thinking, which sharpens your brain.
  • Can improve problem-solving skills and memory retention.
  • Improve social connections by getting together with others virtually or physically.
  • Enhance creativity and imagination with advanced strategies and techniques.
  • Have careers associated with them like gaming, playing chess or other games for competitions.

Both video games and board games bring out positive and negative aspects. They are fun to play and happy to win, but also rage or tears when you loose. 

Which brings us to the next point, do you wonder what are the benefits of board game over video games?

Benefits of Board Games over Video Games

Other than health, education, and social development, there are loads of benefits playing board game have over video games. Playing board games brings family and friends closer, strengthens relationships and helps to meet new people. 

Also, it is good for your brain since playing board game is a mimicking exercise for both sides of your cerebrum. It stimulate the cerebral matter where memory formulates and complex thoughts are processed for all ages. 

Board games better than video games because of:

  • Face your opponents and study their body language.
  • Healthy way to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. 
  • Give a tough challenge to your opponent.
  • Math and cognitive thinking without any complexities involved that actually make you smarter.
  • Learn self-control, patience, enhance attention span, interaction, and have fun with your partner one on one, large groups and also in team play.

Most importantly, you can play board games anywhere and at any time without an internet connection or smart device. Whether you are camping, on an airplane or even a cross country road trip in a car, board games allow everyone to play and feel excited, adventurous, and connected with each other. 

Board Games vs. Video Games

Video games are gaining huge popularity over the past few decades, especially with the rise of eSports and professional gamers. Board game have been steady family friendly game night play that all ages love that hasn’t disappeared. 

However, there are pros and cons about board game and video games. Here are some comparative elements to consider:

  • Give you one-on-one interaction, while videos need a mic or chat service to connect with other online players.
  • Stimulate connection, joking, laughing, chatting with eating around a table, which a video screen may not be able to simulate.
  • No not need for any software updates, simply enjoy the board game original in a face to face manner. While a video needs a software update and extra hardware to enjoy the game to its fullest.
  • New games may not be compatible with your old systems and you might need to upgrade to new systems, which can be quite expensive.
  • Each board game gives you a different feel while the majority of the video games have the same strategies with new locations, characters, or backgrounds. This could be beating up the bad guys, professional sports or racing through the lanes.
  • A board game converted to a video game compared to gives a real feel with a board game. For instance, solitaire with cards on a computer or smart phone is a lot different. Do not underestimate the sense of touch and feel.
  • Doesn’t strain your eyes out while staring at a video game screen can strain your eyes, distort your posture due to continuous visual contact. So, a board game can be considered healthy gaming.
  • Is energy-saving while a video game is energy-consuming. It needs electricity, wifi, and other hardware to operate the game.
  • A board game can be played indoors and outdoors while video gaming may not be possible if there’s no data or device for you to connect.

Games are fun to play whether it is board or video games. 

Overtime, board games have evolved into modern and small-scale activity at home with friends and family. Video games elevated as realistic graphics and high demand strategies evolved in the industry. 

Board games vs video games

Board Games and Video Games: Final Thoughts

Board games and video games are tried and tested from many players of all ages, and both come with their advantages and disadvantages. Both of them are extremely fun, addictive to play and help you to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Video games are known to be played alone or in groups virtually. In addition, it helps you to build motor skills, visual thinking and hand-eye movement. Because video games have lot more complex rules and options, this may lead to individualize goals instead where board games feature simple goals to achieve. 

Compared to video games, board games give a little edge when it comes to the aspect of bonding, classic nature, long-lasting. Also, board games include life lessons like bonding, taking victory in stride, joy in losing, patience, attention, and pleasure.

Board games have face value rather than video games, which translates into face to face gameplay while sitting down to play. In contrast, video games rarely have physical interaction with each other. 

Additionally, the history of board games are undeniable as they are part of life and childhood. It teaches you fair play, accepting lose and winning in a fun and friendly environment. 

What are your thoughts on board games vs video games?

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