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Best Board Games To Play With Your Dog in 2022

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Have you ever tried to play board games with your dog? Activities with your dog tend to be limited to walking, running, or tossing a ball. 

If you have been only playing tug a war with your dog, you’ll love these board games options to keep your dog entertained and build relationship stronger as a best friend. 

What are the best board games to play with your dog? As human’s best friend, dogs are intelligent, poses advanced memory skills and are able to read and react to human body language, gestures and pointing. That is why playing board game can make your dog even smarter.

The best board games for dogs are:

  • Soggy Doggy Dog Board Game
  • Woof Board Game
  • Do You Mind?
  • Funagle
  • My Dog Can Do That
  • Dogopoly

These board games are fun, challenging, and easy to learn for your dog to participate. On a rainy or snowy day, you can setup these games indoors and play with your dog using incentive toys or treats. 

If you are a board game fanatic, get specificboard games to play with your dog. This way your dog also gets a common association with you with bonding time over a board game. 

Pick a board dog game for a fun-filled excitement and challenging adventure with your furry friend. Let’s dig into the best board games to play with your dog!

What board games can I play with my dog indoors?

Games are a great form of education and entertainment for human and animals alike. Board games are interchangeable for indoors and outdoors, regardless of time and location. 

Not only will you bond a strong relationship with your dog, it will also make you smarter and are proven to be good for your brain to benefit each other. 

If you are looking for healthy ways to develop bonding time with your dog, choose these dog friendly board games to make beautiful and unforgettable memories.

Board games that are fun to plays with your dogs

Board Games with Dogs: Conclusion

Playing aboard game with your dog is the best way to have a fun time with your furry friend. 

Generally, dogs are smart and have in-depth memory to be able to follow the command. Also, they can understand human words or read body gestures, that is why dogs are perfect player to include in board game night. 

Board games are one of the best ways to make your dog more intelligent by stimulating mentally and socially. Teaching new tricks with these games is a great for training and educational purposes that the whole family can enjoy including kids in all ages. 

However, not all board games are dog friendly. The best picks are given as above which can be enjoyed with family along with your pet dog. 

Happy board gaming with your pet friend!

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