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What happens when you land on Go in Monopoly?

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Have you ever landed on Go during your turn in Monopoly and wonder what happens next? Tossing dice can result in many variables, however landing on Go has a different outcome.

What happens when you land on Go in Monopoly? According to the official game rules, the player gets awarded $200 for completing a rotation around the board. The same amount is paid by the bank whether the player passes go or lands on go.

However, some house rules call for an increased payout from $200 to $400 for landing on Go instead of just passing by. The player collects the bonus payment, which ends their turn unless it was a double roll, in which they get to roll again. 

If a player’s roll doubles three times consecutively, and the third roll results in a number that would make their token land on Go, they Go to jail without collecting their $200. Rolling doubles for a third consecutive time in a row results in being sent to jail without perform any actions for the turn.

In this article, we are going to explain what exactly happen when you land on Go in Monopoly. Answered below are frequently asked questions about whether you get $400 or $200 extra money from landing on Go, and what other things you can expect.

Do you get extra money for landing on Go?

Yes, you can get extra money for landing on Go if the players agree to implement a variation to the official rules. Therefore, anyone that lands on Go can earn extra money, which is typically set at $400. 

In certain house rules scenarios, a player is rewarded $400, doubling the official salary of $200, when they land directly on Go. The $200 for passing go still applies, and the variations is specifically designed to reward anyone that lands on the starting space.

When you land on Go, do you get $400?

According to the official Monopoly rules, you only get $200 from the bank when you land on or pass go during each trip around the board. However, some house rules allow for a $400 reward when you land on Go.

There are two ways to land on Go in the board game Monopoly, by rolling the dice and landing on the space or by drawing the “Advance to Go” card from the Community Chest. The payout is the same for both situations, however it is a rule that should be agreed upon at the start of the game.

Do you get $200 for landing on Go?

Yes, you do get $200 for landing on Go. The official Monopoly rule indicates that players should receive $200 when their token lands on or passes over the Go space, either by the dice roll or by drawing the card. 

The banker has to pay a player $200, and the amount is paid once per rotation around the board. The amount is not given to the player for leaving the space, but is paid when a player crosses the line to enter the Go space from the end of the board. 

A slight deviation to the official guidelines is a customized rule that allows for the bank to reward a player with $400 for landing on Go instead of the traditional $200. This is a house rule that must be agreed upon before the game begins.

What happens when you land on Go in Monopoly

When any player lands on Go in Monopoly, the player receives a $200 salary paid from the bank, and the space is safe from any player requiring them to pay rent. Other than earning the bonus, here are the following optional scenarios that can happen when a player lands on the Go space: 

  • After collecting the $200 salary, the player’s turn ends right away unless they had a double roll.
  • When a player rolls doubles three times in a row, they go to jail directly and are not allowed to collect the salary landing on Go if it happens during their third doubles roll.
  • Earn double salary for landing on Go, and reward is increased to $400 instead of $200.
  • Some custom house rules say that a player can refuse the $200 payment for landing on Go, and instead move to any space on the board. As a result of landing on Go, you get to go anywhere on the board, kind of like a wild card space. Give this a try and let us know what you think. 
Land on Go in Monopoly

Landing on Go in Monopoly: Final Thoughts 

Rolling two six-sided dice can result in many different positions to land around the board. And when a player lands on Go in Monopoly, generally the player earn $200 as a salary for completing a rotation. 

The official rules state that a player gets $200 no matter whether they pass or land on Go. 

Over the years, households have provided variations to the rules that have become adopted somewhat universally. One of the most popular additions is that players earn an extra $200 for a total of $400 when they land on Go.

Some households play a wild card scenario and allow the player the option to not take the reward cash, and instead move their game piece anywhere on the board.

Players can end up on the Go space either by rolling dice or drawing a card from Chance or Community Chest. 

No matter how they land on the space, the banker is the one who pays players the reward. Salary of $200 is the standard official rule, and $400 is commonly used as a house rule.

Landing on Go can be positives because it completes a cycle around the board and provides a safe space to land where you are free from taxes, fines and fees.

Start the game by setting a rule for how to handle landing on Go. Once the rule is established, stick with it through out the gameplay. 

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