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Can you Buy a House in Jail in Monopoly?

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Do you know if you can buy a house while in Jail in Monopoly? Landing on jail can result in a loss of the turn and ability to collect a salary for passing Go. 

It costs you precious time cruising around the board and potentially a fee to get back out. Generally, there is a misconception involving the purchase of the houses by a player while still in jail, but the reality is that those powers are not ceased.

Can you buy a house in jail in Monopoly? Yes, when a player is in Monopoly Jail, the player can buy, sell and trade properties, houses, and hotels, and even collect rent generated from owned properties. 

Additionally, the mortgage rights are not taken away, and a player can mortgage properties with the Bank at half the price in case they are facing the threat of bankruptcy. 

Every player in Jail still has the rights to participate in a property auction by the bank as a result of players failing to pay their debt. 

While in jail, players cannot land on any new properties to be in a position to purchase them. However, players can exchange the properties they want from other players in exchange for either cash or other properties they possess to gather a property monopoly and buy houses and hotels on the group.

Furthermore, they are allowed to buy houses for properties that they have a monopoly of the color group. 

However, house rules vary depending on players playing the game, and some household can prevent a player from performing such a transaction while in jail. 

If you are uncertain about what can or cannot do in jail, this article shares the must-know jail rules for buying houses and hotels when stuck in jail. Answered below are frequently asked questions about buying building such as hoses and hotels while in Monopoly Jail.

How do you go to Jail in Monopoly?

There are multiple ways for any player to be sent to jail in Monopoly. Under the official game rules, the following four circumstances that you go directly to Jail and do not pass Go or get to perform your turn:

  • Player rolls dice and lands on the Go to Jail corner of the board.
  • Player lands on the Chance or Community Chest and draws a Go to Jail card.
  • When a player rolls doubles three consecutive times in a row during their turn.

When any of the above cases happen, players cannot continue with their active turn. There are both positive and negative effects to consider.

If that player does pass Go during that turn, the player cannot collect $200. Furthermore, they cannot buy any property they land on or pay rent to the landowner.

Can you buy houses in Monopoly at any time?

Yes, you can buy a houses in Monopoly at any time when you own all the properties of a color group. Once the player gets ownership of properties in a particular color group, the player can start purchasing building at any time they want, regardless it’s their turn or between other players’ turns.

The objective of Monopoly is to buy as many properties as possible in order to bankrupt their opponent players by charging rent. Rents increase exponentially the more houses they have, and hotels have the highest rental value.

Once a player gets the Monopoly rights for a particular color group, they can start purchasing houses and hotels. At any time, they can improve that property by building more houses to increase the chances of winning the game by bankrupting a player that lands on a space with high rent.

Before a player can buy any house in Monopoly, they must first own all the properties of a particular color group.

Even a player in jail can buy houses. However, there should be even distribution when buying houses across all properties in the monopoly color group.

What are the Jail rules in Monopoly?

Whether you are purchasing houses or making a trade during jail time, understanding the Monopoly Jail rules is quite important. 

Generally, any player goes to jail when landing on the Go to Jail space, draw a Go to Jail card, or rolling doubles in three consecutive times. 

On the other hand, player who fall into jail can easily get out by paying a fine of $50 prior to rolling the dice, turning in a Get Out Jail Free card, or rolling doubles.

With these basic Monopoly Jail rules in mind, here are in-depth jail rules that every player needs to play the game fairly and to take advantage.

  • When a player gets out of jail, they must move a number of spaces as indicated by the dice they played. 
  • Even when players are in jail, they can buy and sell properties and still collect rent on their properties.
  • A player cannot be sent to jail if they land on jail square in the usual gameplay, and they are are “just visiting” and don’t incur any fine.
  • When players are sent to jail, they should go directly to the jail square by moving across the board and do not pass Go or collect $200.
  • Turn ends when a player is sent to jail.
  • Houses can be sold or built on the properties they own in a complete monopoly color group.
  • If a player cannot afford to pay to get themselves out of jail, they can sell and mortgage properties to raise enough funds.

How to buy houses in Jail in a Monopoly 

Being in Jail can be tough and throw a curve ball to your strategy. However, there are many gameplay actions that a jailed player can still participate in.

In fact, when player is in Jail, they cannot land on properties which puts them in a position to purchase. However, jailed players can still participate in Bank auctions or trade, sell and purchase properties from other players.

After a player purchases or owns all the properties to form a monopoly of that specific colored group, then they can start to buy houses on the property. 

According to the official rules, a player can buy houses for their monopoly at any time, whether they are in jail or even when it’s another players turn. However, the houses must be purchased in even increments spread out between all the properties in the colored group. 

So if you purchase four houses and there are three properties, then two properties can have one house and one property can have two houses. You cannot put all four houses on one property if there are no houses on the other properties.

Same goes for selling houses and hotels back to the bank. Houses must remain in even increments and can not be sold back to the bank in an unbalanced fashion.

Buy a house in jail in Monopoly

Buying Houses in Monopoly Jail: Conclusion

In Monopoly, when a player is sent to jail, their turn ends immediately. Therefore, the player will have to wait until the next turn to make a play. 

Whether you land on Go to Jail space, drawing Go Directly Jail card from Chance or Community Chest, or rolls double three times in a row, you get sent to jail no matter what. Do not pass Go and do not collect $200.

There are lot of limitation once you hit the jail space, however buying houses for your monopoly colored group is allowed. 

Even though you landed in jail, be aware of the jail rules so you can get out quickly and get back on the board. 

If you do not have cash to pay the fine, mortgaged property can help you to afford to get out of jail. Otherwise, roll doubles, use a Get Out of Jail Free card, or wait 3 turns to be released.

Generally, any player can buy a house, participate in an auction or make a trade with another player while in Jail. Houses can be purchased during your turn, or even before an opponent rolls the dice for their move.

Understanding the Monopoly game rules will help you formulate a winning strategy. Raise the rents by purchasing houses and hotels so that you can bankrupt the competition and win the game.

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