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Do you have to pay rent if you roll doubles in Monopoly?

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Do you question whether or not you need to pay rent when doubles are rolled in Monopoly? We all know that gameplay continues and the player earns another roll when doubles are rolled, but they must complete the required action on the space they land first before taking their next bonus roll. 

Another turn only happens if the roll does not take the player’s token to the Go to Jail space, a Go Directly To Jail Chance or Community Chest card, or is the result of three consecutive doubles, which sends the player directly to Jail and ends the player’s turn. 

Although entering Jail does not limit a player from collecting rent or buying a house to expand the wealth, it does end their turn and the next player is up.

Do you have to pay rent if you roll doubles in Monopoly? Yes, you have to pay rent if you roll doubles and land on a property owned by another player. As a result, they must pay the rent of that particular group before they leave the space for the second roll. 

No player should allow another player to leave their properties without paying rent or use the bonus roll to try and avoid rent. 

Once a player moves their token to the new location, they have to give time for the owner of that space to see, because once the next roll is made, the player who owns that particular space that the player landed on during the first roll cannot ask for rent that is past due.

On every rolled dice two things can happen: One, a player may land in a space which requires them to draw the card. When the card is drawn, instruct the player to move to a different property, then they have to move in those properties and take the required action.

Secondly, when the player lands on the space with unowned properties, they can buy them or auction them if they are available.

Rolling doubles can determine many different scenario from throwing you to the jail, ability to buy a property, and many more. Answered below are frequently asked questions that are specific to paying rent when you roll doubles in Monopoly. 

What happens if you roll doubles in Monopoly?

Rolling doubles can be a quick route to winning or can be make the game far more challenging. To determine the next move, we highly recommend estimating what happens when you roll a double in Monopoly.

Here are well-known scenarios that players can face when rolling doubles:

  • The player earns a bonus roll executed after completing all the actions required for that particular space including drawing cards, buying and auctioning unowned property, and paying rent. The second roll should not be implemented when any of the actions listed above are not complete.
  • When the roll moves the player’s token to the Go to Jail space, the player’s turn ends right away, and they go directly to Jail. They cannot use the bonus roll earned from the double to escape from jail, and they have to wait until the next turn. 
  • During the second roll of their turn, the dice may land on doubles. However, a third time in a row ends the turn and the player is sent to jail because they are considered speeding around the board.
  • Throwing doubles while a player is still in jail gives a player a chance to get out of jail, but if that happens, the player is denied the second roll.
  • When players are lucky to roll doubles in their first turn, they are in an increased position to reach the highest property values faster than their competitors so they can buy them up.

Do you get an extra turn if you roll doubles in Monopoly?

Yes, you get an extra turn if you roll doubles in Monopoly. However, for the bonus to be effective, the player must complete the actions necessary on the space they landed, including paying rent, drawing cards and buying unowned properties.

A player cannot earn the bonus roll if the first roll of the doubles takes the player’s token to the Go to Jail space or sends them to Jail due to instructions on a Chance or Community Chest card. 

When the player is sent to Jail, their token is taken straight to the Jail, and their turn ends instantaneously. The player cannot use the extra roll earned from the doubles to escape jail, and they have to wait for the next round to make a move.

On the other hand, when a double roll appears in the third consecutive roll, it can’t earn an extra roll because the player is considered to be speeding around the board. In fact, the player goes directly to Jail and does not even perform the action of the space they landed on.

Their turn ends after that, and they have to wait for the next round.

Do you pay rent on doubles?

Yes, you do pay rent on doubles in Monopoly. However, if the person rolled doubles three times in a row then the actions of the third turn a forfeited and the player is sent directly to jail.

In fact, whenever a player lands on properties that are owned by another player, they have to pay rent before they implement their next roll. 

If the space in which the player lands has properties owned by another player, they must pay the rent first and complete other actions required in that space before using their bonus roll.

Players cannot use their bonus roll to escape from the space they landed on in the first roll to not pay rent to owners of those properties. A player should not be allowed to use their bonus turn before paying the rent they owe to others. 

If the owner of the property allows the player to make the next roll before asking for rent, then they have to let it go because late payments are not accepted.

Monopoly Doubles Rules 

There are many situation that can determine the future of a player when rolling doubles in Monopoly. It can give the player another round, and three doubles in a row will place them in jail. 

To help you understand the flow of game, we’ve put together detailed Monopoly rules rolling doubles to enjoy the game fair and run smoothly:

  • Doubles offer the opportunity for the player to earn a bonus turn, which is taken after the actions necessary in the space they land on are complete.
  • When doubles occur, and it takes the player to the Go to jail space, the player is sent to Jail directly, and the turn ends immediately and the bonus roll cannot be implemented.
  • A double that results from a third consecutive bonus roll does not earn another bonus roll. Instead, the player is sent to jail straight away because they are considered speeding and the actions of the third doubles in a row are not taken.
  • Use doubles in Monopoly to get out of Jail without paying a fine. If the doubles are roll when the player is in jail, you get to leave jail for free and take the number of spaces displayed on the dice.
  • Players have to pay rent and may buy unowned properties before they take the bonus roll earned from the doubles.
Pay rent if you roll doubles in Monopoly

Paying Rent When Rolling Doubles in Monopoly: Conclusion 

In Monopoly board game, the probability of getting doubles in a roll is 16.67%. This can be good or bad thing depending on where the next move lands after each roll.

Double are earned in Monopoly if the faces of the two dice show the same number on a roll. When doubles occur, a player earns a bonus roll, but must complete the actions on the space they land on beforehand.

Depending on where each roll leads, the player needs to pay rent if the space that they land on is property owned by other player, draw a card or pay a tax. Once you make the payment, a player can roll the earned extra roll to take the next move. 

Players are not allowed to use the bonus turn prior to paying rent that they owe to others. However, if the player make the second roll before asking for the rent, then the landlord has to let it go.

Double rolls can place a player into jail if rolled three times in a row. In this case, the player is sent to Jail and the turn ends immediately with taking the actions of the third roll. 

The only time a player does not pay rent when rolling doubles is if they rolled doubles three times in a row, and as a result are sent directly to Jail without performing the actions of the third turn.

Understand the double rules for paying rent so that you can better enjoy the gameplay. with help from this guide, you will know how to handle the rent situation next time a player rolls doubles in the board game Monopoly.

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