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What happens if you roll 3 doubles in Monopoly?

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Do you know what happen when you roll 3 doubles in a row in Monopoly? Rolling doubles can be a blessing or curse, especially when it comes to the third consecutive roll. 

In general, when a player rolls doubles in the game Monopoly, they earn a bonus roll, which is taken after the player finalizes on the actions necessary on the space they previously land. 

What happens if you roll 3 doubles in Monopoly? If the player rolls doubles three times during the same turn, they must Go to Jail, and their turn ends right away. 

3 consecutive doubles in the same turn is considered as speeding around the board. As a result, the player does not perform the actions of the third roll and the player is sent straight directly to Jail.

Getting three doubles in a row is not by the player’s fault, but it’s a matter of chance. The player should not be determined about getting doubles three rolls in row because the odds of getting a third consecutive double is 0.46%

There are no speeding tickets in the game, and therefore the player ends up being sent to jail. 

Roll doubles usually require pay rent, go to jail or chance to buy a property, as determined by the official Monopoly rules of rolling doubles. However, rolling three doubles can results differently. 

In this article, we are going to learn what happens when getting 3 doubles and rules to avoid the difficult situation. Answered below are frequently asked questions about rolling doubles three times in a row, and what to do when that happens.

If you roll three doubles in a row, do you go to jail?

Yes, you go to jail if you roll three doubles in a row. The player is considered speeding around the Monopoly board, and is sent directly to Jail without performing the actions of the third roll.

Since there are no speeding tickets in the game, the player is sent directly to jail before the third turn is taken. The player has to take their token to jail, and wait until the next turn to make the following move. 

The moment the player makes a third double, they have to pick their token, and they have to move it straight to jail, and they cannot take the third turn.

The probability of getting three doubles is 0.46%, which implies the chances of getting a three double in a turn is 1 in 200 turns. Therefore, a player is very unlucky when they get a doubles three times in a row, and it is not their fault.

Do you get to buy property before going to jail?

No, you can’t buy property before going to jail. When a double appears in the third consecutive roll, a player has to move their token straight to the Jail. 

As a result, they don’t get a chance to land on the space they would have landed on if they had moved their token the number of spaces indicated on the dice roll. 

Therefore, they don’t get a chance to perform the required actions on that space, which may include purchasing properties or paying rent.

When they land in jail, their turn is suspended until the next turn where they have to opportunity to get out of Jail.

Do you have to pay rent before going to jail?

No, you don’t have to pay rent before going to jail on a third double in a row because the player doesn’t actually land on any property. The player is sent to Jail before their token is moved.

When doubles turns up on the third turn, a player is required to take their token straight to jail and not make any action until their next turn. 

Players pays rent in Monopoly whenever they land on space with properties that another player owns. However, in the third roll of double, players don’t get a chance to move to any space, and instead the player is directed straight to the jail. 

Monopoly Doubles Rules

Based on official Monopoly 3 doubles rules, the player do not get a chance to throw bonus roll, instead they are sent to jail directly and the turn ends until the next round.

During any other roll of doubles, the players must pay rent or may buy property on spaces they landed on. They cannot leave a space they landed on without paying dues, even if they are going straight to jail on the third roll.

Here are Monopoly doubles rules that you need to understand:

  • The chances of a double roll in Monopoly is 1 in 6 turns.
  • When a player rolls doubles, an additional bonus roll is usually taken after a player completes all the actions on the space they landed on in the previous roll.
  • When the first or second roll of the doubles lands the player on the Go to Jail space, the player has to take their token directly to the Jail and end their turn until the next round. The player is not allowed to use their additional bonus roll to escape going to jail.
  • If the third roll in a row turns out to be another doubles, the player is sent directly to the jail before their third turn is implemented. 
  • When a player is in Monopoly Jail, they can use doubles to get out without paying a fine. If they get doubles, they move their token by that number of spaces, and they need to take necessary actions.
  • Players can buy unowned properties on the double roll. If the space requires a player to draw a card instructing them to move to a property that is not owned, they can purchase the asset, and then make their next move.
  • Other players can buy houses or hotels in between a player’s doubles roll.
Roll 3 doubles in Monopoly

Rolling Three Doubles in Monopoly: Conclusion

In general, double rolls can lead to many different scenarios including paying rent to houses own by players in those spaces they land on. They can buy unowned properties and develop them by building houses and hotels, drawing cards, and performing the instruction on the cards for actions they are to perform. 

The bonus roll is then taken once the player has completed the actions unless, as a result of the first or second roll, the player lands on the Go to Jail space or draws a Go to Jail card, making the player Go straight to the jail instead of taking the following roll.

However, a third consecutive doubles causes a player to be sent straight to jail, and when that happens, the player ends their turn immediately. A third doubles roll doesn’t earn a bonus roll, but instead sends the player straight to jail.

Unfortunately, no player can buy property before going to jail. The only way to purchase unpossessed properties is to take action before the 3rd double rolls happens.

In addition, the player does not need to pay rent before going to Jail when it happens on the third doubles in a row. Once 3 consecutive doubles happens, the player is immediately sent to jail and no further action is taken at that time.

The three doubles rules in Monopoly are more restricted than the general double rules. So, understand what players can or cannot do so the gameplay can be easy and smoothly transitioned to the next player in the rotation.

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