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How do I get out of Jail in Monopoly?

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In Monopoly, players occasionally find themselves in Jail, and their turn is suspended right away. But what exactly is Jail in Monopoly and how do you get out? 

In the board game Monopoly, players are allowed to pay a visit to the Jail, and when they do, the space is considered “safe,” and nothing negative happens to them.

So, how does a player get out of Jail in Monopoly? There are three ways a player can get out of jail in Monopoly. When a player rolls doubles during their turn, uses a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card or pays $50 to the bank as a penalty charge for landing in jail. 

If doubles are not rolled, and the fee is not paid, then the player is free to leave jail on their third turn. 

Generally, players are not lucky enough to rolls doubles during their turn, therefore they opt to pay the $50 before their roll so that they can move out of Jail and rejoin gameplay. In this article, we answer frequently asked questions about how to get out of Jail in Monopoly so that you can get back to rolling dice and purchasing property.

How do you go to jail in monopoly?

When a player is sent to jail, their turn ends immediately, and they cannot escape from going to jail. They do not pass Go and cannot collect their $200 salary during that turn. 

The following are circumstances in which a player will be sent to Monopoly Jail.

  • When a player’s token lands on the GO TO JAIL space after rolling a dice on their turn.
  • If a player draws a Chance or Community Chest card from the drawing pile marked as GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL.
  • When a player rolls doubles three consecutive times because a player is caught speeding around the board.

A player can still buy and sell houses in jail and erect them in a color group property that they own in monopoly. 

Players are also allowed to collect rent in jail on all properties they own whenever opponent players land on them. 

In addition, players can participate in the auction process of all mortgaged properties. Also, they can trade properties with other players through buying and selling.

A player might land on the Jail space, but they are “just visiting,” and not penalized for the upcoming turn.

How long do you stay in jail for monopoly?

A player should not stay in Jail for longer than three turns. If the player fails to roll doubles by the third turn, then the player will have to pay the fine of $50 to the bank and move the number of spaces indicated on the dice. 

Sometimes a player may have insufficient funds to pay the charge, and in that case, a player can mortgage properties with the bank at half the price to raise enough money to pay the fine. Alternatively, a player can be forced to trade properties with other players, to see whether they can get hold of a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card. 

After three turns have passed, player is released from Jail without any further penalty.

Can you buy yourself out of jail in monopoly?

Yes, a player can pay a fine of $50 dollars to the bank to get out of Jail. The fine must be paid before they roll the dice so that their token can be moved accordingly on their turn.

The number of spaces moved is dictated by the number shown from the throw. However, buying off freedom is not necessary if a player uses a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card or if they roll doubles with the dice before their third turn.

Can you use a Get Out of Jail Free card immediately?

Yes, a player can use a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card immediately during their turn. The card can be acquired through the Chance or Community Chest, through trade and sale.

If a player doesn’t have this card when in jail, that player has to wait for three turns unless a player rolls a double, or pays a fine of $50 to the bank.

The GET OUT O JAIL FREE card allows the player to continue playing and progress freely around the board without paying any penalty.

Tips to get out ofJail in Monopoly 

Monopoly Jail is not a productive place to find yourself stuck in, especially early on in the game when you want to be out acquiring properties and passing Go to collect $200. 

When you want to get out of Monopoly Jail quickly, here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind:

  • Use a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card.
  • A player should always ensure they have enough funds to pay up small bills like jail fines to prevent trying to sell properties back to the bank.
  • Roll a double during a turn while in jail to skip the fine and be let out immediately.
Ways to get out of Jail in Monopoly

Getting Out of Jail in Monopoly: Conclusion 

Going to Jail in Monopoly results in a lack of opportunity to earn a salary or purchase properties that you land on. Whenever a player gets sent to Jail, their turn ends right away and they will have to wait for the next turn to make a play. 

If a player wants to get out of jail in the next turn, they can play a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card, pay the $50 fine or roll doubles with the dice. Otherwise, the player will have to all three turns to pass and then they will be let out for free.

Players can still buy and sell houses and hotels while still in Jail, collect rent and participate in auctions for mortgaged properties owned by the Bank.

A player cannot escape from going to jail whenever they land on Go To jail space or draw a Chance card indicated as Go Directly to Jail. You are also sent to Jail when rolling three sets of doubles in a row, the penalty is speeding and you go directly to Jail without Passing Go.

A player cannot exceed more than three turns in monopoly. After the third turn, if a player has not managed to roll a doublefor the three turns, they are released from lockup and allowed to move freely on the next turn. 

It’s advisable to hold onto a Get Out of Jail free card until it’s needed, practically guaranteed that you will go to jail at least once during the gameplay. With these Monopoly hacks, you can free yourself from Jail and get back on the board to better position yourself for victory.

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