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Rolling Doubles in Catan 

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Doubles are allowed in the Catan game, but variance resides in house rules. The rules don’t outline anything special about a double roll during the game, but many households give an extra turn to the roller.

So, what are rules about rolling doubles rules in Catan? Whenever a player rolls doubles, the player who made that roll has an opportunity to get another roller in the same turn. The rule speeds up the game, and it usually allows players to have an exciting roll with more resources throughout the game. 

Rolling double is a house rule that many players enjoy, especially when the result rewards players with abundant resources. Any time doubles happens in Catan, a player gains an additional roll from which they are entitled to collect resources. 

Can you roll a double in Catan?

Yes, the player receives the resources from the roll, and gets to roll the dice again in the same turn. 

The rule for the double roll varies from one house rule to another. Some use it to speed up the game and allow players to have sufficient resources.

The probability of rolling a double in the Catan game is 1/6, which means every roll involves 6 combinations on each of the two dice.

What happens when you roll doubles in Catan?

When players rolls two numbers of the same value in the Catan game, they make their play, collect resources and get to roll again in the same turn. 

Remember, in the Catan game, the collection of resources earned in a roll depends on the combination number from the two dice. Therefore, players get to collect resources from the two rolls. 

The rule speeds up the game since players gain more resources, enabling them to reach 10 points faster. However, standard rules apply even in the double roll. 

For instance, if a roll 7 is made, a player cannot collect resources, but can steal them with the Robber. 

What happens when you roll 3 doubles in Catan?

Nothing special in the Catan game happens when 3 doubles are rolled in a row. In Catan, the doubles rule is a variant on the official rules, so you can either immediately end the players turn, allow the player to go once again or take away all resource cards from the active player.

In the game Monopoly, when a player rolls 3 doubles in a row they immediately go to jail. 

In Catan, when three doubles are rolled, players can decide that the player has to discard all their resource cards to the discard pile. The action makes the player lose all the resources they possess during the game.

3 doubles in Catan are achieved when a player makes a double during their third roll. When that happens, they have no option but to lose their resources. 

Rolling doubles in Catan

Rolling Doubles: Conclusion 

At the beginning of each turn, the player rolls two dice, and the outcome from the combination of the two dice will determine the number of resources a player earns from the resource stack, making Catan a game of chance.

When the two dice combination has the same number on each, the roll is called doubles. The player who made the roll earned an extra roll on the same turn. 

At the end of the roll, the player will have to collect the resources from the two rolls, which speeds up the game by giving the players more resources. Thus, they can buy settlements and earn 10 points faster. 

The probability of earning a double roll in two dice throw used in Catan is one out of six possible combinations.

When the roll of 7 appears after a double roll, the player only earns the robber, but the player does not earn any resources from the previous doubles roll

When a double roll is made in the third roll consecutively, then the player is forced to discard all resource cards into the discard pile. The action makes the player lose all the resources they had acquired up to that particular point in the game.

Rolling doubles is a house rule in Catan, and the rule book makes no clear distinction between roll types. Many player enjoy the variable rule because it allows the possibility to stack more resources and escalate the game a bit more.

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