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What happens if you roll a 7 in Catan?

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To some extent, Catan is a game of chance because any resource that comes into play depends on how the dice is rolled. In addition, players can trade resources with each other directly through a swap.

So, what happens if a player rolls a 7 in the Catan game? At some point in the game, players are likely to roll the number 7 with the two dice. Anytime a 7 is rolled, all players are allowed seven resource cards and must discard 50% of their resource cards after that.

Furthermore, the roller must place a robber onto any number Hex. Other players are stopped from earning resources found in adjacent spaces surrounding the covered numbered. 

Additionally, the player who rolled 7 has the advantage of randomly stealing resources from a nearby settlement since the player is the Robber. When more than one player has a settlement adjacent to the covered number, the Robber gets to decide which player they want to steal from.

This will continue until another player rolls a 7 in their turn so that they can move the Robber again. 

The Robber has activated anytime a seven-roll is made from the two dice. Answered below is everything you need to know about rolling 7 in Catan and activating the Robber.

What happens if you roll a 7?

When a player rolls a 7 with the two dice, the Robber is activated and moved to any numbered Hex. Any player with 8 resources and above must donate half of the resources back to the deck. 

Other players cannot gain any resources from the settlements around the covered number. Any resource in the settlement next to the covered number can also be stolen by the Robber. 

If more than one settlement is around the covered number, then the Robber must choose only one player to steal from.

Do you have to move the Robber if you roll a 7?

Yes, whenever a seven is rolled, the player must move the Robber to another number on the Catan board, or the Robber can also be placed on the back of the desert. 

The person who rolled the 7 from the two dice becomes the Robber and can steal resources from a settlement nearby. The player can decide to move the Robber to a new location if they don’t want to steal the settlement, but a player cannot avoid stealing the settlement as long as it surrounds the number that the Robber is placed. 

When the Robber is strategically positioned on a location that could steal from more than one settlement, the player gets to decide which settlement they want to steal from. 

Can you build after rolling a 7 in Catan?

No, a player cannot build after a 7 is rolled. Once the Robber is activated, move it to any number on the Catan board, and their turn ends. 

As a result, it means a player cannot build, buy or engage in trade whenever they roll a seven. This only affects a single turn, and the next turn is a usual turn.

The house rule for this scenario can vary depending on who plays the game. The rule disadvantages players who are good at building a solid economy, especially late in the game since they have to end their turn whenever they make the roll.

Can you play a Knight when you roll a 7?

Yes, a player is allowed to move a Knight during their turn. However, for a player to move a Knight card after rolling a 7, they must move their Robber first before moving the Knight. 

A knight card can be played before or after rolling the dice, but it’s advantageous to play a Knight card before taking a roll. For instance, if a player plays a Knight card before rolling and then gets a 7, that particular player can collect any card that an opponent player would have collected.

Catan 7 rule

  • Whenever a 7 is rolled, the Robber gets activated.
  • Players with more than 7 resource cards have to return 50% back to the resource stack, including the Robber.
  • A player can play a Knight card before or after rolling a 7
  • Once a roll 7 is made, a player can move the Robber to any number on the board and cover it.
  • Other players are prohibited from earning any resource from a settlement around the Robber.
  • The Robber can steal any resource from another settlement located next to the Robber.
What happens if you roll a 7 in Catan

Rolling 7 in Catan: Conclusion 

The resources that a player earns in the Catan game depend on the dice roll, however rolling a 7 is the only number treated differently from other numbers. Anytime a seven is rolled, the respective player activates the Robber. 

The Robber has to be moved to any number Hex on the board and placed strategically to where it can be able to rob resources from other player settlements that sit adjacent to space the Robber occupies. 

Players with 8 or more resources are forced to return half of those cards back to the stack, even including the Robber. Other players apart from the Robber cannot access any resource around where the Robber sits on the board.

Basically, it’s all about chance in the Catan game because any resource a player will earn during the game entirely depends on the dice roll outcome. Rolling 7 and activating the Robber has a large impact on the outcome of the game and unique strategy being used.

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