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Is OZ a Scrabble word?

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There are two-letter words in the scrabble game that are acceptable, but others are not. Any word accepted in the Scrabble game must be found in the Scrabble dictionary finder, which all the players must agree to use at the start of the game.

Game abbreviations are not accepted in scrabble because they are not actual words. Any word disputed against or found misspelled, must be removed from the scrabble board, and the player forfeits their turn.

So, is OZ a word in scrabble game? No, OZ is an abbreviation for the word “ounce,” but is not accepted in the Scrabble dictionary. However, if someone interchange the two letters, the word is “ZO” is considered a valid word. 

Knowing such words allows a player to score high points with minimum letter tiles.

House rules vary from place to place, which means that some can argue for words, but as long as Scrabble rules are used, “Oz” is not a word in the Scrabble dictionary. If “Oz” would be a word in the scrabble game, it can be worth 11 points. 

Players should place any disputable word in the scrabble word finder to determine whether the word is legal or not. Using a generalized guide, it is easy to determine whether or not words like “Oz” are a scrabble word.

Is Oz a real word?

No, it’s isn’t a word but an abbreviation of a word. According to American English, “Oz” is an abbreviation of the word ounce, a unit of weight measurement equivalent to 1/16 pound or 28g. 

Also, in the Italian language, the “Oz” is an abbreviation of the word Onza.

Furthermore, Oz is a fairytale land that Dorthy arrives to find the wizard in “The Wizard of Oz.”

What word ends with Oz?

One hundred eighty-six words end in oz in the scrabble word finder, WWF, or the wordle solver. The longest word with 7 letters, and the shortest with 3 letters. some of the top search words with an oz ending are: 

  • 7-letter words: kolkhoz and sovkhoz
  • 6-letter words: schnoz, kolkoz and kolhoz
  • 5-letter words: trooz arroz and tomoz
  • 3-letter words: coz and soz 

The words with the highest point in the scrabble game end in oz has 27 points, and the one with the lowest point value has 12 points.

Note the above words are only for the top listed searched words in the Scrabble game, but it is easy to find a full list of words with oz.

Words that contain Oz 

There are 186 words with oz found in WWF, Scrabble Word Finder, and Word Hub word solver. The longest word has 15 letters, and the shortest word has 3 letters. 

Here are the top-scoring words with oz interims of Scrabble points and Words With Friends point values (WWF).

  • Cozying with 22 Scrabble points and 24 WWF points.
  • Sozzled with 26 Scrabble points and 27 WWF points.
  • Sovkhoz with 26 Scrabble points and 26 WWF points 
  • Schnozz with 30 Scrabble points and 31 WWF points.
  • Rozzers with 25 Scrabble points and 27 WWF points.
  • Kolkhoz with 27 both Scrabble and WWF points.
  • Ozonize with 25 Scrabble points and 26 WWF points.
  • Kolhozy with 26 Scrabble points and 25 WWF points 
  • Kolkozy with 27 points of both Scrabble and WWF points. 

The best scoring word that contains oz has at least 31 points without adding any bonuses. 

Is OZ a Scrabble word

Word OZ in Scrabble: Conclusion 

“Oz” in scrabble is not considered a word, but rather an abbreviation, and so a player cannot use it in scrabble board. However, “zo” is an accepted word in the game scrabble.

The article focuses mainly on the top listed words used in scrabble with the letters oz, but it’s easy to find the full list of “words that end with oz” or “words that start with oz,” which contains all the possible words.

Oz is not accepted in the scrabble dictionary, but words with oz are legally accepted to be used in scrabble if all players agree upon the word. It’s good to take notes of these words, because in some cases a person can score very high points using short words formed two letters.

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