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How to play Scrabble

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Scrabble is a classic word game where players target to get as many points as possible by creating words or modifying the existing ones. To play a scrabble game, a person needs at least one opponent player and the game board with 100 alphabet tiles.

As players play the game by creating words, they need to rack up the points, and if that is hard for them, they can have a scorekeeper tally the points on their behalf. Once a player is perfect on the game, they can join a club or enter the tournament.

How to play scrabble?


  • Assemble the board game 
  • 100 letter tiles
  • Cloth bag to put the letter tiles
  • Two or more players 
  • Dictionary to solve for challenges (must be agreed upon by all the players)


  • Start by shaking the tiles inside the cloth bag to mix them up.
  • The bag is passed around to all the players who draw one tile and place the drawn tile face up on the table. The player who draws an alphabet tile close to the letter “A” starts the game as long as no player draws the blank tile. If one player draws the blank tile, that player wins the start.
  • The tiles are returned to the bag once the starting player is determined.
  • Each player draws seven tiles face down and puts them in their rack.
  • The player who goes first should use at least two of their tiles to form a word. Place the first word across the square at the middle of the board. The player can place the word horizontally or vertically, but not diagonal. If the player manages to create a word in their first move, they get a double score of the total value of the word formed. For instance, if the word has a value of 8, the player receives 16 points.
  • Every time a player creates a word, they should tally up their points, with the points indicated on the lower right corner of every tile. If a player places a tile on their premium square, they should adjust their score as indicated on the bonus multiplier.
  • A player should draw as many new titles as they used when forming the word during their turn, and once they pick, they should pass the bag to the next player.
  • A player can modify an existing word of another player’s word on the next turn. Other players can always dispute if they think the word is misspelled.
  • Players target to score as high points as they can using the highly valued tiles  such as Q and Z.
  • Players can decide to exchange tiles they don’t want with a new ones during their turn at any point in the game. 
  • Keep drawing until all the tiles are used up from the bag. Once one of the players uses all their tiles, the game ends.
  • The player with the highest score at that point wins the game.

Any player who dreams is to play at professional tournament level must know the game rules as outlined by the National Scrabble board.

How is the game Scrabble played?

The scrabble game is played by 2 to 4 players who compete to form words using their letter tiles to earn points on a 225-grid board. Each player draws seven tiles from the bag, and they have to replenish them whenever they use them during their turn. 

The number of new tiles drawn from the pool must equal the number of tiles the player used. Players tally points from the words they form, which depend on the letter value forming the word. 

In a player’s turn, the player may pass, exchange tiles or place the word on the board. When placing letters on the board, one of the letters placed must touch at least one letter already on the board to form one complete word. 

When all letters are used up from the pool and one player has used up all their tiles, the game ends, and the player with the highest score wins the game.

How many tiles do you get in scrabble?

Each player gets seven tiles at the start of the game, which they should place in their rack. Players use these tiles during their turn to form a word exchange with new ones, and they can even pass the turn to see whether the gameplay can favor their tiles if the next player plays. 

Every time a player uses tiles to create a word, they must draw a new one to refill their rack. A rack should always have 7 tiles unless there are not enough tiles from the draw bag.

How to play Scrabble 10 steps

  • When setting up the scrabble game, assemble all the tools required (scrabble board, cloth bad, 100 letter tiles, dictionary, and players).
  • Determine who starts the game by drawing a letter tile and placing it face-up on the table. The player who picks the letter closest to “A” starts the game.
  • Each player has to draw seven tiles and place them in their rack face down.
  • Every player gets a chance to create a word during their turn, and once the word is formed, they tally the score.
  • Once a player uses their tiles to create a word, they draw new tiles from the bag.
  • Modify the present words on the game board
  • Target high scores during a turn by forming words using rare tiles and bonus multipliers.
  • Disputes for misspelled words are handled using a dictionary and the word is removed if spelled incorrectly.
  • Exchange tiles that are not useful and forfeit your turn to place a word on the board.
  • End the game and tally the total scores to determine who wins the game.

How do you win at Scrabble?

A player wins the scrabble game by earning as many points as possible before the titles run out. Each player uses letter tilesto form words or modify the existing ones by laying the letters on the square grid on the board. 

Rare letters are worth more points, so the player should focus on forming words with high values. At the same time, it is advantageous to take advantage of the premium point squares on the board to multiply high value words for two or three times total points. 

When all tiles are used up, the game end and the player with the highest score wins the game. You may place less number of words compared to your opponent, as long as your words have higher values and use the bonus squares on the board then you can easily win.

How to play Scrabble

Playing Scrabble: Conclusion 

Scrabble blends together the aspect of language and creativity at the same time, which means scoring high is not as easy as it may sound. The game is challenging, and sometimes it can be very frustrating if someone keeps losing. 

If a player wants to improve their chances of winning, they must strategize their skills by blending high value words with placement on bonus squares on the board.  

It’s good to know a strategic player will focus on earning as many points as they can on their turn, and if that’s the case, then words that contain rare letters such as Q and Z earn more merit. As long as there is the possibility of forming words from such letters, a good player should forgo less valued words.

Players earn points by creating words on the game board. However its not about the number of words as much as the value for the words you place on the board and landing on the premium multiplier squares for double or triple word value.

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