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Is a GX better than a mega EX?

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Do you know which is better, GX or EX? In Pokemon trading card game, there are mega EX-cards and GX-cards, however the mega EX and GX cards are almost the same in many instances.

The Pokemon GX can be only used in Alola region games and Amine, while the Pokemon EX is the pre-evolving of Mega Evolving in which they look cool and are used in mega evolve. 

Is a GX better than a mega EX? The GX cards are better than the EX cards. GX offers additional damage due to having more powerful attacks on the other player’s Pokemon compared to EX cards.

The GX cards possess special powers called the GX-move. The attack is very powerful, but can only be used once in the whole game. 

In addition, the regular art EX-cards have a full-color background in the only place their respective moves are listed. For regular art GX-cards, they stretch the entire area with their moves listed despite whether the GX-card is regular art or not.

Compared to GX, EX cards and normal card are almost the same. 

The only difference between the two is that EX cards are slightly more powerful than normal cards. However, the one drawback to EX-cards is it kills either as a player or for the opponent player. 

Additionally, it uses two prize cards instead of one. EX-cards undergo mega evolution to become mega EX-cards which are very powerful. Unfortunately, they end the players turn.

If you are debating to identify which one is powerful, rare, and better, we’ve rounded up a comparison between the EX and GX. Answered below are frequently asked questions to help you understand the difference between EX and GX in Pokemon gameplay.

What do EX and GX stand for?

The EX-name is an abbreviation standing for extra, indicating a wide-range of attack cards with additional Pokémon effect. It also denotes the mega power level representation. 

From the EX-series cards, there are Pokémon EX-cards with variants in the Pokémon Trading card game, which first appeared as EX-Ruby and Sapphire expansion. 

An example of the Pokémon EX-card is the Grumpig, which contains EX Deoxys expansion that possess a powerful attack called the extra ball. The attack comes along with additional damage when used against the Pokémon EX. 

The Pokémon EX cards are similar to normal Pokémon cards, the only difference is when it comes to the knockout pattern. For the Pokémon EX, its knockout requires two prize cards instead of the normal Pokémon card, which requires only one prize card. 

To recover from this downside, the Pokémon EX cards are significantly more powerful than other Pokémon cards. Pokémon EX has at most two weaknesses or resistances, and their retreat cost is at most 5. 

Some possess a high number of HP, which can go up to 200HP, which is against the Pokémon game rules of HP possession that says a card should have at most 120HP. Pokémon-EX is immune to certain effects, such as the deactivation of poke-bodies which cannot be done by the cards. 

GX stands for Giga, which denotes the next level of power after the mega. The GX series produces Pokémon-GX, which were first introduced in the Sun and Moon expansion in Japan. 

They are the same as the EX, but they possess more power and higher HP compared to Pokémon-EX. When they are knocked out, they require two prize cards instead of one. 

They have exclusive attacks called the GX attacks, which provide the Z-Moves with more powerful effects and a player uses one GX move per game. Unlike the counterpart EX, they evolve from the usual stage evolution, which evolves from the basic Pokémon.

Which is more powerful, GX or EX?

Pokémon GX, which are from the GX series, are more powerful than their counterparts from the EX-series. Pokémon-GX have special exclusive mechanic powers called the GX attacks. 

GX attacks are based on unique moves called Z-Move mechanics, which were introduced in the Pokémon Sun and Moon. They contain powerful effects that damage the opponent’s Pokémon more than the Pokémon-EX. 

Regardless of the powerful effects they possess, the player is allowed to use only one GX attack per game. Therefore, a player has to think carefully on the GX card to include since, in the end, the player can pull off just one ultimate striker. 

To ensure the rule is followed, a special GX marker is made to take note of whether the active player has already used their respective GX attack or not. In addition, the GX attack is denoted in blue and black bar color, and its name separates itself from other attacks with its effect text colored blue. 

Which is rarer, GX or EX?

The GX-cards packs are more rare than EX-cards. In addition, GX-cards are more powerful and valuable than the EX-cards. 

Most Pokemon masters tend to buy Pokemon cards and rip open packs of variant cards, knowing well the chances of getting the EX-cards in variant Pokémon EX and GX cards is much greater than getting a full pack of Pokémon GX cards. 

The GX cards are more way more valuable; hence they are worth more than the EX-cards. And since the demand for the GX-cards is extremely high, they are printed in small numbers. 

That is reason why their numbers are fewer than the EX-cards, causing their prices to be higher than that of EX-cards. From our research, GX cards are rarer than EX-cards.

However, both GX and EX-cards are cards that player want to pull from their booster pack. They are both some of the biggest creatures in the Pokémon trading game, and therefore hardest to find, making them both rare Pokemon cards, but GX cards are even more infrequent than EX cards.

What is better, GX or EX?

GX cards are better than EX-cards. In fact, the GX cards cause extra damage to the opponent Pokémon compared to EX-cards because they possess exclusive powerful mechanic attacks called GX attacks.

These GX attack produces powerful special moves based on the Z-moves mechanics. The moves were first introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon in Japan, and have carried on in the gameplay since then. 

When made in the game, they produce powerful effects that cause greater damage than that caused by their counterpart EX-cards. 

However, only one GX attack is allowed for a player to make per game. In addition, the artwork of a GX card covers most of the parts of the card regardless of whether the GX card is a regular art card or not.

Unlike the EX-card, which the artwork covers on the background of the card applies to the regular card only.

Is GX better that EX in MTG

GX vs EX Pokemon Cards: Conclusion 

GX cards are more powerful, rarer, and better than EX-cards. Since they share most of the characteristics, including the effect on the knockout of their Pokémon, additionally they require two prize cards to defeat. 

The GX card stand for Giga and EX stand for Extra. They are completely different power, attack, and HP level when it comes to playing the Pokemon card game. 

The two of them are very powerful in the Pokémon TCG. The difference is that GX attacks found in GX cards give the card more power than the EX-cards.

Because GX have more special power or Z moves, they cannot be overcome. In addition, GX has limitation of number of cards in the market which results in high value and extreme rarity.

Overall, GX cards are much better option than EX cards. Use these comparison to help you build a custom Pokemon deck and strategize to win the game. 

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