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Where to buy Pokémon cards online?

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Are you looking for the best place to buy Pokemon cards online? The demand for Pokémon trading cards has increased the popularity across the global world, which has led to astounding prices in the recent couple of years. 

It is easy to locate the best place to sell Pokémon cards in packs, sets, or bundles. However, when it comes to buying individual Pokemon cards can become challenging due to risk of fake Pokemon cards when shopping online through private sellers.

Where to buy Pokemon cards online? From eBay, Target, Gamestop, and Amazon, these are safe platform to purchase Pokemon cards. However, be aware of fake cards from price sellers. 

In order to prevent from purchasing phony cards, check the blue center coloring on the back of the cards to identify if it is real or fake. Additionally, any cards with HP level above 250 are generally fake.

We highly recommend checking out a local gaming shop to see the specific card availability and compare with online references before purchasing. 

To add more variety of Pokemon to your collection, it is easiest and most convenient to buy Pokemon cards online and ship directly to you. Earning special cards requires the challenge of beating opponents in a battle, and each win offers you a new card for your deck.

Purchasing decks or booster packs can easily gain new cards, and only buy cards with the blue circle in the back when purchasing singles. 

If you have been experiencing a difficult time when buying Pokemon cards, we’ve rounded up best online platforms to make safe transactions. Answered below are frequently asked questions about buying Pokemon cards online and what it takes to find a legit source.

Do pawn shops buy Pokémon cards?

Yes, pawn shops do buy Pokemon cards. If there is a pawn shop near you, you may have a chance to purchase or sell Pokémon cards at the shop. 

In addition, leave alone the cards but also the idea of card especially the rare cards, a person can table it to the owner of the pawnshop and the owner will make the follow up on how the card is going to be available in the shop so that the consumer interested can have it. 

Accessing a card in a pawn shop is straightforward. All it requires is confidence when pricing the card and the individual ability to negotiate to get the right price for the actual value of the card. 

Pawnshops yield a good number of locations when doing a quick search, however that doesn’t mean all accept or offer Pokémon card selling or trading. If a pawn shop doesn’t talk about cards, don’t buy cards from them because they lack knowledge about Pokémon cards and their value/marketability.

It is in the best interest of the Pokémon card buyer to at least make some calls to nearby shops to inquire whether or not they sell Pokémon cards. Always double-check the price before starting to negotiate about the prices or make a bidding on one of the Pokémon cards in the pawnshop.

Can you buy Pokémon cards online?

Yes, you can buy Pokemon cards online. In fact, there are tons of online options to access and buy Pokémon cards from reputable sources. 

Online and brick and mortar stores make up the majority of the list. In addition, there are many sites out here on the digital space where one can access Pokémon for sale. 

However, not all the Pokémon cards sold online are worth someone’s time for many reasons such as counterfeits cards and low-quality cards. It’s good to be cautious when purchasing, since unlike purchasing the cards from dealer shops, online shopping doesn’t give a person a chance to browse to see the kind of cards being purchased, limiting the sizes of options for the buyer.

Other aspects that support the online purchase of Pokémon cards are online streamers and YouTubers who recently have led to immense success on the Pokémon sales. They gamers feature a load of packs or even boxes of cards and unpack them for an attentive audience of perspective buyers to see live. 

Many potential buyers come to see because streams are fun to watch. Streamers and online retailers get a chance to sell their Pokémon cards with the option of unboxing them for the audience to see live before they get shipped.

What websites sell Pokémon cards?

If you are looking for online sites to sell Pokémon cards, the buyer must keep in mind that some sources are much more reliable than others. However, worry less because the following sites will help any upcoming online card retailer grow the brand. 

Here are platforms that are safe to buy individual Pokemon cards:

  • Amazon: The largest online retailer of many products, and they now carry Pokemon cards for sale. Though they are extremely convenient, the card you are looking for might not always be in stock.
  • The site scans Pokémon cards for easier selling and identifies the card information to lockout scammers.
  • Only for sellers to sell their cards using the site, they must have an email and a password to access the website. 
  • Facebook Marketplace: Helps online retailers sell cards quickly and for free in both local and international market space of Pokémon cards.
  • Troll and is one of the best sites that offers a large selection of Pokémon cards with collectible miniatures that come at fair prices.
  • it’s one of the top-selling online sites for Pokémon cards in the European marketplace.

Other particular websites where individual Pokemon cards and packs are sold include:


Where is the best place to buy Pokémon cards online?

If a potential buyer is looking for the best place to buy Pokémon cards using the online market space, there are many options such as physical media, brick stores, eBay shops, Facebook marketplace, from streams and YouTube tutorials.

Depending on the geolocation, there are different online sites for each country. For instance, Cardmarket is especially popular in the European countries, and Troll and Toad site,, and work well if a person has an account or mortar stores. 

In addition, there are also retail platforms such as Amazon, though its selection is not always suitable at times compared to sites and online stores listed above that specialize in online trading card purchases. 

In most online sites, their main objective is purposely for collector items, which means a business that results in the best prices.

Channel Fireball is a dedicated online website for buying and selling Pokémon cards. The site offers a deep knowledge of its cards, and most importantly, it provides solid content and videos to buyers concerning the cards they sell.

Troll and Toad is another site that provides multiple sellers with the latest card packs and up-to-date pricing, which lets buyers have a large diversity of cost options and quality due to multiple people in the market.

How to buy Pokemon cards online

Buying Pokémon Cards Online: Conclusion 

There are ways to obtain new cards from winning a battle or purchasing new decks or booster packs. When it comes to buying Pokemon cards, visiting local game stores is the most common method game players use, but nowadays online shopping has become popular in Pokemon trading card game world. 

Buying Pokemon cards through online platforms is convenient and trustworthy, which makes it easy to obtain rare cards. From eBay to Facebook Marketplace and a wide variety of websites, it is important to purchase authentic cards from verified sellers to avoid any fake cards. 

Besides the sites listed above, a potential buyer can still access the Pokémon cards online through other sites for a card game such as the Fireball, which is the newest and has the rarest Pokémon cards. No matter what cards you are looking for, someone online is selling the rare Pokemon card that you are looking to buy.

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