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How to play Pokémon card game alone

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Have you ever tried to play Pokèmon card game by yourself? The Pokémon card game deck has a collection of different cards with every card being distinct from one another. 

The more a player collects, the more cards a player will have to customize their deck. The Pokemon trading card game doesn’t aways have to be played with another person, and it can be played in a solo single player gameplay. 

How do you play Pokèmon card game alone? To play Pokèmon by yourself, the card game is requires a few adjustments that need to be made. Start the game as normal by shuffling the deck and drawing 7 cards.

Draw 1 Active Pokèmon with up to 5 Benched Pokèmon. The Active Pokèmon must be a Basic Pokèmon, and if you didn’t picked an Active Pokèmon, shuffle and re-draw a new set of cards. 

Select 6 Prize cards face down. Begin the game by flipping a coin to find out who goes first. Utilize a six sided dice to find out the amount of Heal Point (HP). The game continues until all Prize cards are gone or all the Pokèmon are knocked out. 

The Pokémon card game is typically played against an opponent, but players can play by themselves. Solo playing style helps the player to learn different strategies to master the game and get better when playing against opponent players. 

There are several things a player needs before solo play gets underway, which includes six chosen Pokémon that act as the opposing players Pokémon. Also need different energy cards such as water and glass, and a standard deck of 60-cards. 

The point of playing Pokémon by yourself is for the player to develop a better deck than the opponent’s deck. In addition, it is to give a player a strategic plan when it comes to attacks and damaging the opponent’s Pokémon that were laid out during their turn.

Can you play Pokémon cards by yourself?

Yes, you can play Pokèmon cards by yourself. In fact, it is great way to improve the strategic plan of attack and damage the opponent Pokémon when they play with another human player at a later time. 

If a player wants to go solo in the Pokémon card game, the player must have a 60-card standard deck and six chosen Pokémon cards that serve as the opponent. Any time a player rolls a dice to know which Pokemon to choose. 

In order to damage the counters, the player uses the dice to determine which Pokémon the player is going to play. In addition, the magnitude of the damage the opponent Pokémon is going to cause. 

Playing Pokémon solo is no different from how two opponents play the game. The player still uses a single active Pokémon, which in most cases is the Basic Pokémon at hand, with up to 5 Pokémon on the bench.

Like, with regular gameplay, in solo style the player pulls down an active Pokémon and has to draw seven new cards during their turn. 

Playing solo helps the player examine their respective card deck to master the skills and abilities that they do. Playing Pokemon by yourself is very beneficial when the player meets a fellow player during the actual competition like Pokèmon Battle Academy or in a professional tournament.

Pokémon cards constantly change with time, including new decks being released every year. So, players need to constantly keep up-to-date with the current strategies and custom built decks.

As a player, it’s wise to be conversant with the changes regardless of playing solo, to understand better the new cards and decks they would have played, or they will play when they meet new real players in the Pokémon card game arena. It is essential to understand the possible combinations a player might get on the deck when facing an opponent.

Solo Pokémon card game rules

The Pokèmon card game rule for solo playing is pretty similar to the general game rules. In a single player setting, you will be using a dice to determine the move and opponent action. 

Here are game rules for playing Pokèmon alone:

  • Shuffle a standard deck of 60 cards and set aside six Pokémon cards to serve as the opposing Pokémon of different types like water, glass, and lightning cards.
  • Draw 7 cards but if you draw no Basic Pokèmon, re-shuffle and draw again. When you fail to draw a Basic Pokèmon, add 10 damage to the opponent.
  • Set aside the 6 Prize cards.
  • Roll a 6 sided dice to determine the Heal Point of your first Pokèmon. If you have more powerful deck, add another dice or roll again to make up the HP. 
  • Flip a coin to determine the first player to start the game based on heads or tails.
  • If you win the coin flip, no need to draw a card; and if you lose the flip, then you must roll a dice.
  • The amount rolled on the dice equals the amount of damage your Active Pokèmon takes. 
  • Continue the game until you knock out the opponent’s Pokèmon or draw a Prize card. 

How do you play Pokémon card game by yourself?

The Pokèmon card game for solo is quite easy and straightforward because there is not much change from playing Pokèmon cards with others. However, to play by yourself you will need a six sided dice. 

The player puts one Active Pokémon at their hand and up to five more on the bench to be used later in the game. 

In each turn, the player pulls the active Pokémon, but the player doesn’t. The player is forced to take back the cards to the deck and pick a new set of seven cards. 

The player chooses another six cards and places them on the top left of the game in a face-down position, serving as the Prize cards. 

Before the player starts a normal turn, the player tosses the six sided dice to determine the opposing Pokémon that the player will play against. 

The number in which the dice lands becomes the new opposing Pokémon in that turn. If you roll six, then roll again to determine the status condition to add to the damage.

Here are action represent according to the number of dice:

  • 1: Asleep
  • 2: Burned
  • 3: Confused
  • 4: Paralyzed
  • 5: Poisoned
  • 6: Roll dice again

The turn then starts with the player drawing a card, followed by actions such as evolving a card, attaching Pokémon with energy cards, retreating the knocked-out Pokémon, playing the trainer cards, benching Pokémon cards, and using abilities as a player can. 

At the end of the turn, the player attacks the opposing Pokémon, and the only thing the opposing Pokémon does is counter the attack to the player’s Pokémon. 

How to play Pokemon card game alone

Playing Pokemon Card Game by Yourself: Conclusion 

Playing Pokèmon card game alone is a great way to practice and strategize each different scenario. This gameplay is easily played as a solo player with very few adjustments. 

The setting and rules stay the same, all you need is a six sided dice to determine the power and the action to take as an opponent. 

The fundamental principle of a Pokémon deck is that the deck must have Basic Pokémon before the play begins. The Bot opponent also need 6 basic Pokemon for the solo player to battle against.

Prepare your 60 card deck and shuffle to select 6 Prize cards and draw 7 cards that includes at least 1 Basic Pokèmon. 

First, flip the coin to determine who plays first, then roll a dice to find out the HP for your Pokèmon. 

Take turns to draw card and roll dice to decide proper action either to evolve, attach energy card to your Pokèmon, play trainer cards, or benching Pokèmon card. 

The player wins in a solo game when the player takes all their respective Prize cards or manages to knock out all the opposing Pokémon selected at the beginning of the game.

Playing Pokemon card game by yourself is an easy way to perfect strategies and understand the intricacies of your custom deck. Practice makes perfect, and solo play is a great way to advance your skills.

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