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How to play Pokémon cards easy

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Do you know how to play Pokèmon card game the easy way? The Pokémon game cards have been made easy by providing a beginner guide with simple to follow instructions that guide you through gameplay. 

Learn the basics of the game through picking up essential rules for how to attack and how the evolution and mechanics of the game works. 

How to easily play Pokèmon cards? Each player takes turns to draw a card from the deck. Then, play basic Pokèmon cards and attach energy cards for added effect.

The players can play any number of item and trainer cards except support and stadium cards. The objective of the game is to build a powerful deck of 60 that will help you to win battles against your opponents. 

The ability aspect of the Pokémon trading card game has made the game easy to jump into for all players. Since it makes the game a cinch to learn, it has given the trading card game a longer lifespan.

Playing the game can get very competitive, especially for beginners, because of its collective card aspect. So, for a player to start discovering the game, the following elements are necessary to keep in mind before diving into gameplay.

In this article, we are going cover how many cards you need to play the Pokémon card game and what kind of deck to select for a beginner. In addition, how the gameplay flows and basic setup to make the game easier. 

What are the rules for the Pokémon card game?

In a Pokémon card game, one player’s Pokémon battle with the opponent player’s Pokémon. The first player who takes all the prize cards between the two players wins the game.

If the opponent player in the Pokémon card TCG has been left with no Pokémon left to play, and more so, no cards have been left for the player to draw at the beginning of the player’s turn, the player wins the game.

A player’s Pokémon knock out the opponent player Pokémon’s by using abilities and attacks, which use energy that is provided in the game in the form of energy cards. The energy cards must have the necessary amount of energy to fulfill the energy cost of the Pokémon card. 

In addition, the energy card must match with the symbol of the energy cost for it to be used. The player manages to knock out the opponent’s Pokémon when the player damages the Pokémon greater than the opponent’s hit points. 

Once the Pokémon has been knocked out, it should go to the discard pile.

How do you play Pokémon cards game by yourself?

To play Pokémon card game alone requires standard 60 card deck, six sided dice and six Pokémon with varying Hit Points, which serve as opponent cards that have different types of energy cards such as water and grass. The main aim is to manage damage counters and use the dice to determine which Pokémon the solo player is playing against. 

In order to play Pokèmon card game by yourself, start with one Active Pokémon at hand and five others on the bench. Be aware that the active Pokémon at hand must be basic.

The player pulls the active Pokémon, but if the player doesn’t, the player must put all those cards back to the deck and draw seven new cards in turn.

If the player chooses six prize cards, place face-down and rolls the dice to know which player will play the opponent card against the next turn. 

Normal actions are done during the game by the player, such as adding basic Pokémon, benching cards, evolving cards, playing trainer cards, and attaching energy cards.

The solo player attacks the bot opponent Pokémon picked after rolling the dice to end the turn. Winning of the game is the same as that of the opponent human player.

Pokémon card game rules

Like other trading card games, Pokèmon also has a specific guide, game rules for players to get started. Whether you are playing by yourself or with a groups of friends, learn the basic rules to begin the game on the right foot. 

Here are important Pokèmon card game rules for beginners to know beforehand: 

  • Each player has a unique deck of a collection of 60 cards, which consist; energy cards, trainer cards, Pokémon cards, and item cards.
  • Each player picks up to five Pokémon on the bench at any turn of the game.
  • Except for the active Pokémon, others that are not in play are put on the bench.
  • At the beginning of every turn, each player draws seven cards that are kept hidden in the hand.
  • All cards apart from energy cards can have no more than four cards of the same name in the player’s deck.
  • A player can play six Pokémon at once, though only one Pokémon is active for the attacks in each turn.

How to set up Pokémon card game

Learning the game rules and how to play doesn’t automatically start the game. It is important to properly setup the Pokèmon card game to avoid any confusion or mishaps. 

The following are necessary steps to take before players begin a Pokémon card game:

Start the game with the two players shaking hands as a symbol of fair competition. Flips a coin after taking sides, and the side the coin faces up wins to start the game after setup.

Players shuffle their respective deck of 60 cards, and then draw their top 7 cards. Check whether they have Basic Pokémon in their hand. If not, they reshuffle and draw a new set of 7.

The players place their Basic Pokémon facing down as an Active Pokémon, then put up to five Pokémon on their respective bench. 

Next, put the top six cards of their deck off to the side facing down, which they use as prize cards. Players start the game by flipping their respective Active Pokémon and benched Pokémon.

How to play Pokémon card for a beginner 

As a beginner, variety of card options and complex game rules can make the gameplay overwhelming and intimidating to start. But the basic flow of playing Pokèmon is relatively easy to grasp to join in a first battle. 

Decide who goes first by flipping a coin and shuffling the deck to select seven cards and set aside the top six cards as prize cards for the winner. 

Each turn begins with active players drawing a card from their respective top deck. If a player can’t draw a card in the next turn, the player loses the game.

The player then plays any number of the basic Pokémon from the player’s hand to the bench. The player then attaches energy cards to the Pokémon at the player’s hand whether the card is active Pokémon or Pokémon on the bench.

The players evolve cards by playing stages 1 and 2 on the top of the basic or advanced stage. The player plays any number of item cards and trainer cards except for supporter and stadium cards.

Retreat an active Pokémon to the bench by paying the retreat cost using the energy card attached to it. The player uses any number of abilities on the Pokémon card by attaching energy cards to make the necessary improvements. 

Repeat drawing cards and reveal the hand to the opponent to draw seven more cards as many times as you need until you have at least one basic Pokèmon. However, the other player gets to draw one extra card for every time you redraw. 

If your active Pokèmon is defeated, replace it with one from your bench and if you have no Pokèmon on the field at all, you lose. 

How to to play Pokemon cards

Easy Pokemon Card Game: Conclusion 

Whether you just discovered Pokèmon card game for the first time or looking for ways to play and practice alone, learning this easy way to play Pokèmon card is perfect place to be. 

From video game to Battle Academy, Pokèmon trading card games is continuously becoming popular all around the world. 

You’ll find the basics for how the card game works to be quite easy, and others are quite eggar for newcomers to join the world of Pokèmon cards.

Start the game by setting up the arena and toss a coin to find out who goes first for a fair game.

Shuffle the deck of 60 cards and each player draws the top 7 cards and check the hand if there is basic Pokèmon. If you don’t have any, reshuffle and draw 7 new cards. 

Place the basic Pokèmon facing down and put up to 5 Pokèmon on the bench.

Players are allowed to draw seven cards from their respective deck at the start of every game, and the Active Pokémon should be basic Pokèmon at the beginning.

Continue play and once the active Pokèmon are defeated from the battle, replace it from the bench. When there are no more Pokèmon left on the field, you lose. 

When playing Pokèmon card game for the first time, we highly recommend reviewing the basic game rules and understand the setup to enter fair battlefield. Learn how to play Pokemon the easy way before you step up to more advanced strategies and winning techniques.

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