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How to play Pokémon Battle Academy

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Have you ever tried to play Pokemon Battle Academy? The Pokémon Battle Academy board is annotated with fundamental rules, especially what action a player takes when the player’s turn arrives. 

There are three themed 60-card decks in a battle academy that are needed to start the game.

How do you play Pokemon Battle Academy? The objective of the game is to complete the fire, electric and psychic Pokémon type with rare power cards. 

Players join as Pokémon trainers at the battle’s academy, and they prepare a Pokémon using a ready-to-play Pokémon trading card game with the Battle Academy Board. 

The game involves two players who are provided with everything they need to play. In addition, the players are provided with guides to the deck that make the game easy to follow.

The battle academy deck also gives play styles such as metallic coins, counters, rulebooks, and useful odds and ends. The game also provides players with some demo games that can play with decks, such as fire and electric deck.

The players use Charizard, or Pikachu to lead their respective teams in the heads-up battle against the opponent trainer. 

The player then switches their decks to play Mewtwo, who battle against Pikachu or Charizard. By switching the deck, the player leads a different team of Pokémon into the arena. 

With little strategy and lots of luck, a player can battle with the battle academy deck.

In this article, we are going to share our experience and how it compares to playing regular Pokemon card game. Answered below are frequently asked questions about how to play the game to win the battle along with revealing valuable cards to add to the battle academy. Let’s dive in!

What is Pokémon Battle Academy?

Pokémon Battle Academy is a deck kit designed for kids to practice the Pokémon trading card game. It’s the most accessible game because of its price and the easiest and quickest way to learn the rules of the Pokémon card game

The game comes as a whole package filled with multiple levels that work collaboratively. 

It is ideal for beginners and experienced players who want to learn or continue enjoying the game. The battle academy is the best entrance point for players who want to join into the addictive world of Pokémon TGG. 

Pokémon Battle Academy is the most reachable version of the Pokémon trading card game. The battle academy is an introductory package every Pokémon player is looking to get into, and it works with existing players or complete beginners. 

In addition, it has eleven elements that are very attractive to seasoned players. The game comes with a traditional board and the decks needed to get started.

Is the Pokémon Battle Academy worth it?

Yes, Pokemon Battle Academy is worth the gameplay value. The Pokémon Battle Academy deck comes with enough energy cards and trainer cards to gain a fair introduction into the Pokemon TCG. 

The game box includes three theme card decks with two beginner decks and one advanced for experienced players. The box also provides three rulebooks for instructions on how to use each deck. 

The two-beginner boxes give the two stars a chance to have the first experience as they learn the game by providing all the information these players need to know to get started. 

Once players play a few games and develop a basic understanding, they use the advanced deck and its rulebook to have a good time playing the game.

What do you get in a Pokémon Battle Academy?

When you decided to join the Pokemon Battle Academy, the kit offers variety of tools and options to get the game started. There are a few elements that overlap when you buy Pokemon cards for a general trading card game. 

To understand the kit better, here is what the Pokémon TCG Battle Academy Board game comes with:

  • Three sets of complete Pokémon TCG decks of 60-cards in each of the decks.
  • In each deck, it has special power Pokémon, Charizard-GX, Mewtwo-GX and Raichu-GX.
  • The game box provides the players with two tutorial games to play right away.
  • Two-player game board.
  • Three deck boxes that give the proper organization of cards.
  • Each deck has a rulebook.
  • One large metallic coin.
  • A set of damage counters.
  • One code card purposely for Pokémon Trading Card Game for online use.

Pokémon Battle Academy card list

Pokemon Battle Academy is a beginner-friendly deck kit with three special decks including Charizard, Pikachu, and Mewtwo deck.

Cards in the Charizard deck include:

  • Charmander (burning shadow)
  • Fire energy
  • Fire energy (Dragon majesty)
  • United minds
  • Fire energy salazzle
  • Fire energy salandit
  • Ultra-prism
  • Sun and moon 
  • Hidden Fates
  • Lost Thunder
  • Ultra-Prism Charizard
  • Dragon Majesty Pokémon Catcher
  • Ultra-prism kangaskhan
  • Ultra-prism Chameleon

Cards in the Pikachu deck include:

  • Lost thunder (Pikachu, portion)
  • Ultra-prism (Raichu, Cynthia, Alolan, Bug Cached, Hau and Great Ball)
  • Lightning Energy
  • Lightning Energy Chansey
  • Hidden Fate
  • Sun & Moon (Tauros, Pikachu, Electabuzz, lightning, Electropower and Electivire)
  • Burning Shadows
  • Team Up
  • Promo 65
  • Lightning Energy Switch
  • Unified Minds
  • Lightning Energy potion

Cards in the Mewtwo deck include: 

  • Hidden Fates (Mewtwo, Eevee, Mew, Snorlax)
  • Lost Thunder (Espeon, Mareanie)
  • Unified Minds (Toxapex, Mesprit, Cresselia, Bug Catcher)
  • Sun & Moon (Great Ball, Hau, Potion, Switch)

Pokémon Battle Academy value

The following are some Pokémon battle academic major product and their value in the market;

  • Chansey Pikachu stamped, whose rarity is uncommon, cost $0.20
  • Charizard- Charizard stamped, whose rarity is rare, cost $3.71
  • Charizard GX, whose rarity is ultra-rare, cost $7.84
  • Charmander, whose rarity is common, cost $0.26
  • Mewtwo GX, whose rarity is ultra-rare cost$ 2.47

How do you evolve Pokémon Battle Academy?

Pokémon Battle Academy evolved from basic Pokémon. The Pokémon is placed on top of the related basic Pokémon in play, including the fossils or the Pokémon originally evolved. 

The evolution happens before the play. It’s important to note that the Pokémon can’t evolve when Pokémon initially played on the turn of the Basic Pokémon. 

During evolution, the Pokémon attacks unless the card specifically states otherwise. The Pokémon still have pictures of the basic Pokémon from which they evolved that indicates on the card from the left-hand corner upper part of the basic Pokémon card. 

The Pokémon that has evolved can be removed from the basic Pokémon they evolved from. When the evolved Pokémon has been attached to a basic Pokémon, the energy cards, other attached cards, and damaged counters remain on the card with the special conditions the card possessed before being removed. 

When a player evolves a Pokémon, the Pokémon gets into a new play, so the player cannot evolve it for the second time in the same turn. 

Additionally, neither player can evolve an active or benched Pokémon from the first turn.

How to play Pokemon Battle Academy

Playing Pokemon Battle Academy: Conclusion 

Pokémon Battle Academy provides beginners of the Pokémon trading card game with everything they need to know to start playing. The game is perfect for two players and the kit includes three decks and fire, electric, and psychic Pokemon with power cards to combat.

For any beginner or newbie, Pokemon Battle Academy is worth investing in. The gameplay enables you to work with plenty of energy cards and trainer cards to evolve and grow in the gameplay.

Th kit includes 60 cards for each of the three sets including Charizard, Mewtwo, and Raichu, rulebook, coil and set of damage counter. There is one online code to play the Pokemon trading card virtually. 

Evolving the Pokemon is great way to grow and increase chance of winning. However, this evolution cannot happen when the Pokemon is already played on the turn. 

Use the description on the upper left-hand corner to understand the basics when evolving. When the Pokemon is attached with energy cards or damaged counters, the Pokemon is removed. 

Once the Pokemon is evolved, the player cannot evolve a second time in the same turn. But, the player can evolve active and benched Pokemon from their turn. 

There are three different decks in Pokemon Battle Academy, and each deck contains special energy cards to evolve from including Charizard, Pikachu, and Mewtwo cards. 

Generally, the rarer the card, the higher the market value is worth, which is important for Pokemon collectibles to know exactly what cards have high price.

From our experience, the Charizard cards are rare and Newtwo GX is rare with a much higher cost.

There you have it! It can be intimidating to play and learn all the rules of Pokemon card game, however Pokemon Battle Academy makes it super easy for anyone to jump in and play the game. Use these tips to get prepared to enjoy the game and play fairly.

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