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Drinking games with UNO cards

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Uno is a card games that is frequently available in most households, however not many people know that the deck can be used to play drinking games with Uno cards. Game players prefer it because it’s simple and fun to play.

Despite a majority of people considering the game Uno to be a kids game with simple rules, classic Uno cards can be elevated to a higher level of fun by adults playing drinking games. 

So, what are drinking games to play with Uno cards? The most common drinking game that uses Uno cards is called Drunk Uno. Using a normal deck that has 108 cards with additional rules that outline the drinking pattern to earn the points. 

Gameplay requires knowing the original rules. Each player is dealt with 7 cards and the player who gets rid of all their cards first wins the game and all losers take a shot. 

Furthermore, action cards can be used to initiate drinking assignments. Draw 4 Wild equals taking a shot and other cards like Draw 2, Skip or Reverse means the next player has to chug their drink.

This article shows you how to play a drinking game with Uno cards. Answered below are frequently asked questions about playing drinking games with Uno cards so that you can transform the kids game into an adult friendly version.

Can you turn Uno into a drinking game?

Yes, you can play a drinking game using Uno cards. With a few modifications to the Uno rules, Uno can be transformed into a drinking game. 

Play the game using the classic Uno rules with a few slight deviations. For instance, any time a wild card is played, instead of choosing the color to continue the game, it is considered a social drink in Drunk Uno. 

When a Draw 2 card is played, the player has to take two sips of the drink instead of drawing two cards from the discard pile. 

Anytime a player doesn’t have a card to discard, they have to keep drawing from the draw pile and drinking at the same time. 

Whenever the opponent player plays a Skip or Reverse card, the player will miss a turn to take a sip. 

When one player discards all the cards, the remaining players have to take a drink for all the cards they have in their hands. 

When a player has been left with one card, they have to say the phrase “Uno“; otherwise, if another player notices the player hasn’t said the word, they can be penalized by drawing five cards and taking a sip. 

What do you need for drunk UNO?

To play Drunk Uno, someone needs a drink, preferable a beer and a deck of Uno cards. Just like the standard deck of Uno, each number has 4 suits and action cards such as Wild card Skip card, Draw two card and Reverse cards. 

The game also requires shot glasses to pour shots for advanced gameplay.

How to make a drunk UNO game 


  • Two to four players
  • Shot glasses to measure pours
  • Table
  • Drinks either wine or beer. 
  • A set of Uno cards.


  • Players sit around the table.
  • Dealt each player with seven cards.
  • Rules for classic Uno applies with the additional drinking rules in play.
  • Cards are shuffled, and the player to the left of the dealer starts the game. 

How to play drunk Uno

Like the normal Uno game, the player begins their turn by drawing cards from the stockpile to form pairs with cards in the discard pile. However, the impact of action cards is a bit different from the usual Uno.

In the standard Uno, action cards are associated with drawing cards and missing turns, but Uno Drinking Game action cards involve drinking instead. 

Players can twist rules a bit to add their own house rules to increase fun and engagement.

UNO drinking game rules 

  • Whenever players forget the rules or ask a question concerning the rules, they must take one drink.
  • Whenever the opponent player drops a Skip or Reverse card, the player who misses the turn must take a drink.
  • If a player plays a Draw-Two card to the discard pile, the next player must take two drinks.
  • If a player picks a Wild Draw 4 card, it is considered a social drink, and all the players in the game take a drink. 
  • A player has to mention the phrase “Uno” whenever they are left with only one card in their hand. When they fail, and an opponent player notices it, they must take four drinks and draw 5 cards.
  • The player at the end of the game with the most cards must take a glass of beer bottom-up.
  • Whenever a player draws a blank card, they have the power to write any rule to it which will be followed in the game.
  • The game continues until one player wins and all others have to drink depending on the number of cards in their hands.
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Drinking Game with Uno Cards: Conclusion 

Uno game is considered a childhood game that all kids love because it’s easy to learn and fun at the same time. However, the game can be modified with additional rules to meet the interest of adults by making it a drinking game. 

The drinking game uses a regular deck of Uno cards with a few modifications to the rules for Drunken Uno. 

Drunk and classic Uno differ mainly based on the significance of Actions cards whenever they are played. In classic Uno, action cards deal with missing turns (Skip, Reverse and Draw cards). 

However, in drunk Uno, the actions cards are associated with taking drinks. For instance, the Draw-two card takes two drinks, and Wild Draw 4 is means all players take a drink.

Understanding the basic rules of classic Uno helps to play Drunk Uno. Beer and wine are the most common beverage to play with, but even though remember to stay safe and play responsibly.

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