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How to play Snap with Uno cards?

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The Snap game is all about the mental reaction time, and luck doesn’t play any part. Snap game uses a deck of cards, but for more than four players a second deck may be necessary, otherwise it is possible to play Snap with Uno cards.

How do you play Snap with uno cards? The gameplay is the same as when played with regular cards, with the only difference being that Uno cards are used, it is a matter of matching a number and the color plays no part.

Snap can be played with a deck that is missing cards, or an oversized deck like the 112 Uno cards. Answered below are frequently asked questions about playing Snap with Uno cards

Can you play Snap with Uno cards?

Absolutely! All players are dealt an equal number of cards and cards are turned over one player at a time to match the numbers while the colors are ignored.

There are twice as many cards as a regular deck, so playing Snap with Uno cards is great if you are playing with more than 4 players.

How do you play Snaps step by step?

  • It starts with the dealer distributing an equal number of cards to each player in a clockwise direction.
  • Each card is issued face-down, and no player can see it until the game begins.
  • The first player to the left of the dealer has to flip over the top card of their pile and place it  in front to form a face-up pile of cards.
  • When a player turns over the top card and realizes it matches the top card of another player’s pile, the players all race to be the first player to call out “Snap.”
  • The first player to call out for Snap wins the matching cards, which should add to the bottom of the player’s face-up pile.
  • If multiple players call “Snap” at the same time, then the matching cards are placed in the center of the table.
  • If a player flips over their card and it matches the top card in the center of the table, then the first player to call out “Snap Pot” wins the collection.
  • First player to get all cards wins the game.

What are the rules of the card game Snap?

  • Snap game is played with at least two players and no set of maximum players.
  • The game is recommended for players at least 4 years old.
  • The Snap game uses a deck of 52 cards, but a second deck may be necessary if more players are involved. 
  • Playing Snap with Uno cards is best for 4 to 8 players at a time.
  • Dealer issues the cards in a clockwise rotation. All the cards dealt are in face-down with equal number to each player.
  • Players take their turn by flipping over the top card from the face-down cards pile to create another pile in in front of face-up cards when they don’t match any top card from the opponent pile.
  • The game objective is to win all the cards before the opponent does.
  • The first player to say the word “Snap” takes the matching cards and places them underneath their face-up pile. 
  • In case of a tie between two players saying the word “Snap” at the same time, the matching cards are placed at the center. 
  • When there is a match between the top card of the pile at the middle of the table, then call out the phrase “Snap Pot” to win the center pile.
  • When a player makes the mistake of mentioning the phrase Snap pot or a Snap at the wrong time, the guilty player will be forced to give their top card to the active player. 
  • Gameplay continues until one player Snaps all the cards, and that player wins the game.
  • The cards can run out of play with some cards remaining in the Snap pot. Gameplay ends because the other player dont have any cards remaining to flip over.
How to play snap with uno cards

Snap With Uno Cards: Conclusion 

Although Snap is usually played with a deck of cards, Uno cards can be used to play Snap. Playing Snap with Uno cards is great when more than 4 players are involved because there are plenty of cards to go around.

Players are only required to match the card number and not the color. Be keen to notice any matching pile so that you can mention the phrase “Snap” before opponents in order to win the matching cards. However, mentioning at the wrong time will cost you. 

Cards go to Snap pot whenever two players “Snap” simultaneously. The first player to match the top card wins the center pile by calling “Snap Pot.”

With a large group of players, it is advantageous to play Snap with Uno cards. A standard deck has 52 cards while an Uno deck has 112 cards, making it fun for the family and friends.

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