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What happens if you knock cup over in beer pong?

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Beer pong is one of the most popular drinking games in the world. 

It seems that beer pong rules vary slightly depending on where the game is being played. Not only does the table the game is played on vary slightly, but some house rules persist that players agree upon beforehand. 

The game’s main objective is for players from opposite teams to shoot ping-pong balls into cups filled with beer. The team goal is to eliminate their opponent’s cups before removing all theirs.

So, what happens if the player knocks a cup over in a beer pong?  The result will depend on whether the cup has been knocked over by a strong shot, defensive player or non-player. 

If the cup is knocked over by a strong shot, then the shot counts and the cup is removed from the table, but the defensive player doesn’t have to drink the pour.

However, a defensive player knocking over the cup has a different result. The cup is removed from the game as a penalty to the defensive team, even though the ball has not entered the cup. 

If a cup happens to be knocked over by a non-player spectator, then refill the cup and place it back into the rack formation.

This article discusses what happens when a beer pong cup is knocked over.

Beer pong rules 

It seems that beer pong rules vary slightly from one place to another the game is played. However, some rules are standard for the game, which includes:

  • The ball is only grabbed after hitting the cup. However, if the ball is grabbed before hitting the cup, the shooting team (with ball possession) must select a cup the opponent player needs to remove and drink its content.
  • Bounce shots are considered hit, and a player can swat the ball to deflect the attempt. Bounce shots are worth two cups, which is why defense is allowed.
  • If the ball enters the cup, it should not be interfered with by fingering or blowing.
  • The cups must be converted and re-racked in a triangular formation before each turn.
  • Players must put the cup at the center whenever only one cup is left.
  • The thrower must request the movement of the cup if the cup drifts away.
  • If the ball enters a cup, the cup is counted as a shot and removed from the table.
  • The team gets an additional turn whenever both team members get two balls in one cup.
  • Players can only lean on the table after the ball has been released.
  • Even though the opposing team is allowed to distract, players cannot obstruct their shot unless a bounce shot is attempted.
  • Whenever a player accidentally knocks a cup over during the game, the cup must be finished and removed from gameplay.
  • If the ball is dropped accidentally by the shooting player in any of the cups, then there is no penalty levied.
  • When a player who is not part of the game comes into contact with the ball, and the ball gets into the cup, the player is considered a backboard. Thus, the cup is counted.
  • Any cup knocked over by a non-player must be refilled and replaced back into formation.
  • If the ball enters the cup and falls over, the shot is counted as a hit, and removed from play. However, the opponent does not have to drink because the cup was knocked over by an aggressive shot.

What happens if a cup falls over in beer pong?

A beer pong cup falls over by a forceful shot, player accidentally knocking it over or a spectator bumping the table or cup formation. The specific circumstance will determine how the knocked over beer pong cup is dealt with.

An aggressive shot can be thrown with enough force to knock the cup over. In this circumstance, the shot counts and the cup is removed from play, but the opponent team does not have to drink the beer.

A cup that falls due to contact with the player’s body during defense or while taking a shot, the cup is removed from play and considered a penalty for interfering with the cups.

When a cup is knocked over by someone watching the game, it must be refilled and returned to the game.

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Knock Cup Over in Beer Pong: Conclusion 

In a beer pong game, players take their turn by throwing a pong ball into the cup. If they land the ball inside the cup, the opponent team is forced to drink the cup content. 

If the ball fails to land into the cup, it may knock the cup over. When a cup falls over in beer pong, the cause determines the outcome.

A cup that falls over due to excessive force from the throw, the throw is counted as a hit, and the opponent team removes the cup and does not have to drink.

If the opposing team accidentally knocks over the cup while taking a shot of defending a bounce shot, then the cup counts and is removed from gameplay as a penalty.

The opposing team can make the cups to move without being penalized. However, if the team knocks cups over, the knocked cups should be removed from the game.

Lastly, a spectator can bump the table and cause the beer pong cup to knock over. In this case, the cup is refilled and replaced because it was caused by a non-player.

Ultimately who knocks over the beer pong cup determines how the action is handled. Sometimes it counts as a penalty, and other times it is pure accident of someone watching the gameplay.

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