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Beer pong rules 2 balls same cup

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In beer pong games, many house rules exist for how the game is played. Players from each beer pong team takes turns shooting the ball into the cups, targeting to sink all the cups before their opponent does.

Once a cup is sunk with the ball, a player must remove the cup from the formation and drink the beverage of choice. Players are only allowed to shoot one ball in their turn, but if they sink a ball in a cup, the cup is not taken immediately. 

As a result, there is a possibility of the teammate dropping another ball to the same cup.

So, what are beer pong rules for 2 balls in the same cup? The rule states the team that manages to sink two balls in the same cup from both of their players earns another turn.

When the first player makes a shot and sinks the ball in the cup, a player should not remove the cup immediately. If the next player on the team makes it in the same cup subsequently, then the rule of 2 balls same cup applies. 

Shooting may continue, provided the team keeps shooting the same cup from both players. However, the 2-rule ball on the same cup does not apply if both shooters sink the two balls in different cups because both balls must drop in the same cup for this rule to apply.

This article discusses what happens when 2 balls land in the same cup in beer pong. Answered below are frequently asked questions about beer pong rules for 2 balls in the same cup.

What is gentleman’s rule in beer pong?

The gentleman rule applies when a player asks for the cups to be arranged in a vertical line to the end of the table for ease of targeting. The player is allowed to ask for a gentleman’s rule to fix the position of the last two cups. 

The rule is typically applied when a player gets down to only two cups remaining. However, the rule does not count on the re-rack customarily allowed during beer pong.

A team is allowed two re-racks during the course of gameplay, and the gentleman’s rule does not count as one of the reformations. In addition, it is customary for the last cup to be placed at the far back center edge of the table.

Some house rules have morphed into gentleman’s rule that are applied depending on the area. 

However some houses play with a rebound rule. On a rebound, as long as the ball does not touch the floor, the offensive player can shoot again either behind the back or using the opposite hand.

Can you bounce twice in beer pong?

Yes, a player can bounce twice. This is quite difficult because the defending team can swat the ball when the shooter performs a bounce shot

Bounce shots result in the defending team removing two cup from the plains field, which is why it’s so advantageous to sink a bounce shot. The dribble shot can be defended, therefore it is much harder that it seems.

The ball may bounce as many times on the table, but it cannot be interfered with by the opponent once it lands in the cup.

Same cup beer pong

When the first player from a team with ball possession makes a shot and sinks the ball, the cup is not removed from the formation immediately. If the second player sinks a shot in the same cup, then the same cup rule applies.

Sometimes a team in a beer pong game manages to drop two balls into the same cup in the same turn. The rule applies even when the ball sinks in the cup due to bounced shots. 

Once the second ball lands in the cup, the opponent player must remove the cup from the play, drink its content, and then place it aside. The offensive team gets the two balls back, earning an additional turn. 

If the two players from the shooting team drop the two balls in the opponent’s final cup, the defending team’s attempt at redemption is canceled.

What happens if two players make it in the same cup?

The shooting team with possession of the ball earns an additional turn, and both balls are returned for another shot. The defending team must remove the cup (hit by the two balls) and drink its content. 

The rule also applies even when one or both balls sink into the cup due to a bounce.

Beer pong 2 ball same cup rule

Beer Pong 2 Balls One Cup: Conclusion 

When the shooting team manages to sink two balls in a single turn in the same cup, the rule of 2 balls same cup applies. The shooting team will earn an additional turn, and the defending team will pick the cup and drink its content. 

The shooting team can continue shooting as long as two members from the team hit the same cup. However, if the shooting team hits two different cups, the two balls same cup rule does not apply.

A team from either side can ask for gentlemen’s rule in a beer pong game when they get down to the final two cups. The cups have to be arranged in a perpendicular line for easier targeting, and this rule doesn’t apply for the usual re-racks allowed in the beer pong game. 

Players are allowed to request their opponent team to reform their cups but only at the start of their turn. The team is only allowed to do so twice per game, however the team cannot request reformations either during the rollbacks or redemptions.

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