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How to play beer pong without a table?

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Beer pong is a drinking game involving two opposing teams of players. Although the beer pong rules vary slightly, the basics remain the same a players must toss a ping-pong ball into plastic cups partially filled with beer until all cups have been eliminated on one side and the winner is declared.

Beer pong is usually played on a ping pong table, however there are specially designed beer pong tables that make gameplay even more exciting and prevent you from smashing beer all over  other surfaces. The game is uniquely designed to improvise the playing surface, therefore players can play beer pong on the kitchen table, on the floor, or even in the hallway.

So, how do you play beer pong without a table? All that is needed is a space that is 8 ft by 2 ft anywhere on the floor. The rules are similar to that of a regular beer pong game, and the cups are arranged in a triangular pyramid formation on the floor instead of a table. 

Once the cups are filled with beer, then the game is set to start. The setup of this kind of beer pong game is primarily a spontaneous one, and it requires the innovativeness of using any available materials be  it the kitchen table, a large piece of plywood, old door without the handles, or two small nightstands that are next to the bed. 

Beer pong without a table is played using the same rules as a regular beer pong game. The slight difference between the two styles is that a player can play the game in any space when a table is not available.

This article helps you understand how to play beer pong without a table. Answered below are frequently asked questions about playing beer pong when there is no table available.

What can I use for the beer pong table?

In order to make a beer pong table, players only need to use a flat surface with temporary lines. The most suitable playing surface is a modern ping-pong table manufactured with high-density fiberboard.

However, you are not only limited to ping pong tables and specially designed beer pong tables. When playing without a table, consider using:

  • old door with knob or handle removed
  • plywood board
  • two small night stands or dresser
  • kitchen table
  • large moving boxes
  • bar-top or counter
  • long hallway
  • floor

It is important to note, change in the surface can affect friction and accuracy of bounce shots. Therefore, players need to test the table once they change surfaces.

When it comes to marking the surface with appropriate lines, masking tape works best, but you could also use erasable marker or chalk on a cement sidewalk.

How long are beer pong tables?

According to tournament rules and regulation size, a beer pong table must be 8 feet long with an official height of 36 inches. This is similar to the measurements of a ping pong table, in which the game is frequently played on.

If an 8 feet table is not available, a 6 ft table that is more portable can be used instead. The smaller tables are more convenient to store and transport the game anywhere. 

A 6 foot tables are more convenient, especially when the game is needed to go faster. In addition, you could place markers 1 foot away from the table on both sides so that players still toss the 8 foot distance.

Generally, both the 8 foot and 6 foot tables are designed so that they have a foldable portable surface, but the official pro table is 8 ft.

What is the distance for beer pong?

The standard distances for a beer pong table is 8 foot or 2.44 meters long, 61 cm wide, and a set of the height of 70 cm. However, the distance of a beer pong table will vary depending on the game style (6 or 10 cup game) selected by the players. 

For instance, the distance between the two front cups in a 10-cup game is approximately 165 cm. 

In addition, the above dimensions may vary since there exist both 6 foot and 8 foot beer pongs tables. Therefore, it depends on the kind of table the players are using to play the game. 

The above dimensions are based on official guidelines and tournament rules for beer pong tables.

How do you play beer pong on the floor?

An 8 foot by 2 foot flat space is required to play beer pong on the floor. Arrange the cups in a triangular pyramid pattern on the floor and shooting is the same way as played on a regular beer pong table. 

When the player drops the ball in a cup, the opponent team has to take it off the floor, drink the beer, and set the cup aside. The team to sink the ball in all the cups wins the game.

How to play beer pong without a table

Beer Pong Without a Table: Conclusion 

When playing beer pong without a table, the environment is more flexible than the regular beer pong rules since players are free to play the game in whatever space is available, provided the surface is flat and smooth. 

The game setup is similar to that of a regular version, but the only difference is the playing surface being irregular in comparison to a standard pong table.

When playing beer pong on the floor, the cups are arranged in a pyramidal triangular pattern just like in standard beer pong gameplay, but this time on the floor. 

The ball can be bounced off the ground, or tossed directly into the cups. For hygienic purposes, it may be optimal to fill the glasses with water instead of beer, and pour into a separate cup for drinking.

The beer pong table varies in distance based on the kind of beer pong game played, either a 6-cup or 10-cup formation. Typically, a beer pong table is designed with a foldable, portable flat surface that can be moved from place to place. 

Beer pong use tables that are 8 foot in length and 27.5 inches high, but tables may vary if they are not regulation or tournament style. It is OK to use whatever surface comes to mind when you don’t have an official beer pong table on hand.

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