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Can you throw underhand in beer pong?

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Beer pong is not a complicated game, therefore a basic strategy and fundamental throwing skills are an essential part of the gameplay.

Arguably, the most significant and divisive decision a player need to make regarding the gameplay has to do with how they throw the ball during their turn. 

The official beer pong rules allow players with only two throwing options, either overhand or underhand.

Can a player throw underhand in beer pong? Absolutely! Players from the shooting team are allowed to toss the ball underarm when taking shots during their turn. 

The players can shot directly for the cups or try to bounce the ball on the table or any object around the table since it’s considered part of the game. 

Players uses underarm or overarm shots. A bounce shot is worth more due to its difficulty, otherwise you can underarm toss a direct shot to the cup. 

This article addresses whether or not it is allowed to throw underhand in beer pong. Answered below are frequently asked questions about underhand shots in beer pong.

How do you throw in beer pong?

A player may use three main techniques to make a throw-in beer pong: the arc shot, bounce shot, and laser shot. In addition, the ball can be tossed underhand or overhand based on your personal comfort level throwing the ball.

The ball is thrown from a higher position in arc shots and then dropped in the cup. For a laser shot, the ball is thrown in a line directly into the targeted cup. 

Finally, in the bounce shot, the ball is thrown to hit the table before landing into the cup. When the bounce shot is done, the opposing players can swat the ball before it enters the cup. because a bounce shot is worth two cups. 

Regardless of the shot taken, the shooting player must throw their ball using an elbow at the back edge of the table and cannot lean forward beyond for greater advantage.

Can you throw overhand in beer pong?

Yes, a beer pong player is allowed to throw the ball overhand. Tossing can be done overhand or underhand, whichever way feels best for the player. 

Most beer pong players prefer overhand technique because they believe that overhand throws are easier to target the cup. 

Nonetheless, either the underhand or overhand technique doesn’t matter. Provided the ball lands into the cup, the defending player must drink the cup contents in which the ball sunk in. 

The player can use the overhand technique to bounce the ball off the table to make a bounce shot. The shot is hard to make, and therefore, when it occurs, the shooting team is awarded two cups instead of one. 

Either way you decide to toss the ball, the player’s elbow must not go past the edge of the table.

What do elbows mean in beer pong? 

Elbow is a beer pong game rule that requires the shooting player to retain their elbow behind the edge of the table while shooting. It’s also called the wrist rule, with the same intentions of not leaning too far across the table. 

When the player breaks the rule, the shot made does not count. Instead, when the shot is made once the rule is broken, the shooting player can step back and re-take the ball shot.

It’s an unspoken rule that primarily applies to many house rules. The rule prohibits the elbow from crossing the line of the edge of the table. 

The elbow rule is most applicable, when the beer pong tables are short or when playing without a table. An unspoken rule implies the rule applies until the shooting player violates it. The rule prevents the player from reaching as far as they can over the table for those that may take advantage to sink the ball at ease into the cup.

Can you throw underhand in beer pong

Throwing Underhand in Beer Pong:Conclusion 

Underhand and overhand tossing is allowed in the beer pong game. Players may use the two throwing styles to bounce the ball off the table, or they may opt to take a shot directly into the cup.

Most players prefer overhand rather than underhand since they think the method is a bit aggressive, but others prefer underhand since they believe it is the sure way to make a precise shot.

Players make their throws either overhand or underhand during their turn to achieve the three common techniques of shooting: laser shots, arc shots, and bounce shots

The bounce shots are challenging to manage among the three shots. Bounce shots are worth two cups instead of one, but the opponent can swat the ball to deflect the shot after the ball bounces off the table. 

The above techniques work as long as the player’s elbows do not cross the line behind the edges of the table. If the elbow cross, the shot does not count and must be retaken.

Beer pong is a drinking game, therefore players should be responsible while playing the game. Drinking alcohol excessively is harmful and can cause danger. 

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