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Can you use days of the week in Scrabble?

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The Scrabble rulebook was published first in 1948, where proper nouns such as the name of places, days, months, companies, brands, people, countries, and other words were not allowed to be used in official tournaments. 

However, several proper nouns have found their way into the revised Scrabble Dictionary to date. These are proper nouns used in another part of speech, like verbs or adjectives, hence they don’t have to appear capitalized when in written form. 

Can you use days of the week in Scrabble? No, because all the days of the week are proper nouns, and they don’t appear in any other form as part of speech. 

Whenever they appear in a sentence, weekdays are always capitalized. According to Scrabble rules, all capitalized words are invalid in Scrabble, hence you cannot play weekdays on a Scrabble board.  

A valid word in Scrabble must be part of the word list in the Scrabble dictionary used. Any proper noun which doesn’t exist in another form (as a verb or adjective) cannot be used as a valid word in Scrabble, especially when official rules are followed. 

House rules are often used for casual games, and vary from one place to another, which means players can use any rules they want as long as all players are comfortable and agree on them. Nonetheless, playable words must be found in the dictionary used for Scrabble, even for casual games.

If the names of the weekdays were allowed in Scrabble dictionary, Sunday would have been worth 10 points, Monday 12 points, Tuesday 11 points, Wednesday 17 points, Thursday 15 points, Friday 13 points, and Saturday 12 points. Answered below are frequently asked questions about using das of the week in Scrabble. 

Can you use Monday in Scrabble?

It’s illegal to use the word Monday on the Scrabble board since it is a pronoun and not part of the Official Scrabble Player Association Dictionary word list. Otherwise, Monday would have been worth 12 points if it was legal.

Monday is a proper noun indicating the second day of the week. In speech, Monday can only become an adverb when a preposition is added to it, and not in any other form. 

Therefore, when a “Monday” word appears in a sentence, it must be capitalized since it cannot fit in as a verb or adjective in an English sentence. 

Since official rules ban all proper nouns that appear Capitalized as part of the written language, that makes Monday excluded from the official Scrabble word list. 

Is Thursday a Scrabble word?

No, Thursday is not a valid word in the Scrabble game since it is not part of the word list in the Scrabble dictionary. If Thursday was a legal word in the game, it can be worth 15 points. 

Thursday is a proper noun that represents the fifth day of the week. When added to a preposition, it becomes an adverb, however it can only appear as a proper noun but not a verb or adjective in speech. 

As a result, it only has one definition, and it always appears in uppercase when used in a sentence. 

According to official Scrabble rules, pronouns accepted in Scrabble do not always appear capitalized in an English sentence. Meaning in the sentence, they can appear as a verb or adjective, and since Thursday doesn’t qualify any of these requirements, it is not part of Scrabble’s official word list.

Words allowed in Scrabble

Any word that a player can find in Official Scrabble word finder if the game is played on the tournament level, or Scrabble dictionary agreed upon by players for casual games, then the word is allowed in Scrabble

According to Officials rules, the word list of Official Scrabble Dictionary Checker contains all words permitted in standard dictionary, except the following category of words:

  • Proper nouns: such as the name of days, months, brands, people, companies, countries, cities, to mention just a few, are always capitalized when used in a sentence.
  • Prefixes and suffixes that stand alone when used in a sentence.
  • Hyphenated words or words that require an apostrophe.
  • Words that are abbreviations and always appear capitalized, for example, OZ, TV, etc.
  • Abusive words, or words that can cause ethnicity or racial dispute.
  • Slang words that haven’t yet been adapted in the official English language.
  • Foreign words are not yet adopted in the official language. 
  • One-lettered words.
Can you use days of the week in Scrabble

Weekdays in Scrabble: Conclusion 

All the names for weekdays are pronouns, and therefore not part of the legal word list in the game Scrabble. As a result, this makes them invalid words in the gameplay.

As long as a word is not part of the Scrabble word finder, it will always be invalid whether the game is played at the tournament level or casually with friends and family. 

Tournament level gameplay uses the Official Scrabble dictionary, but players can incorporate any dictionary they want for casual games as long as all the players agree on it. Players can only use a dictionary when a dispute arises of suspected wrong wording or misspelling on the Scrabble board. 

Proper nouns are not allowed in the Scrabble game, but if a pronoun can serve as a noun, verb or an adjective in the English language, then it’s a valid word in the Scrabble dictionary. The only proper nouns banned from Scrabble Dictionary are capitalized in a sentence, but nouns that can be used in a lowercase sense are legally playable.

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