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Words allowed in Scrabble game

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An instant word checker exists to enable players to determine which words are legally allowed in Scrabble rules because playing illegal words is subject to penalty. The checker is called a Scrabble word finder. It gives definition and scores guidelines.

The online Scrabble checker called the Collins dictionary is typically used in official tournaments with over a quarter of a million words endorsed by the English-language Scrabble Player Association. Before players start a game, they must agree on the dictionary they will use if disputes arise.

What words are allowed in Scrabble games? Any word that is considered part of speech, words listed from a foreign origin, archaic, slang, and others are legally allowed to be used in a scrabble game. However, the permission of those words is exclusive of the following words: words which are capitalized like TV, abbreviations like IQ, prefixes, and suffixes, words with hyphens, and words with an apostrophe.

It is essential to note that words from other languages are not accepted in the game unless those words are adapted from English and confirmed in a scrabble dictionary.

For casual games, players can adopt any dictionary as long as they agree on it at the beginning of the game. Ultimately the dictionary is the arbiter for acceptable words. 

Note that if the dictionary refers to a particular word as a pronoun or an abbreviation, that word is not acceptable.

For official tournaments, the host always advises participants to only use the official dictionary that is specific for Scrabble word lists.

If an official dictionary is available, ensure that all players agree on the word finder used for casual gameplay. Answered below are frequently asked questions about what words are allowed in Scrabble.

What words are allowed in Scrabble?

All words found in a standard dictionary are accepted in the Scrabble game apart from words that are always capitalized, abbreviations, prefixes, suffixes that exist alone, words that require a hyphen, and apostrophe. 

Again, players can only accept words from another language if they are also adapted in English. They should be confirmed from the dictionary to ensure it is legally adopted.

Words like TV, which is capitalized, IQ, an abbreviation for intellectual quotient, hyphens like open-faced, or any slang word that has not been adopted cannot be used. 

Words with Friends have many words not found on scrabble word, and vice-versa is also true. So, utilize the current Scrabble Dictionary to familiarize yourself with as many words as possible.  

What types of words are not allowed in scrabble?

  • Any word type that requires a hyphen in the English dictionary is considered illegal: For instance, a word like open-minded, opened-faced, chat-room, chat-group, and many others.
  • Words that are usually capitalized. For instance, like TV. 
  • Abbreviations such as IQ (intellectual quotient)
  • Words considered as pronouns in the English dictionary. For example, names of places, people, or things. 
  • Slangish words that are not adapted in the English dictionary 
  • Foreign words from other languages have not been adopted in the English language. 
  • Words have raised furious debate about racial and ethical discrimination in the past. 
  • Words with an apostrophe.
  • Suffixes and prefixes are not words that can stand alone.
  • One letter word.
  • Words that are not found in an agreed upon dictionary, especially when the game is played casually. In the case of a tournament, any word not found in the official word finder is illegal to play.

Is slang allowed in Scrabble?

Despite a general misconception, slang is part of speech and is perfectly legal to play in Scrabble according to official tournament rules. The only slang word accepted in Scrabble are ones that find their way into the official Scrabble dictionary.

Therefore, not all slang words are used in scrabble games.

Many people doubt slang words because they don’t seem like words. For instance, slang words like “za” and “zo” might look like unreal words, but they are well recognized in scrabble games. 

“Zo” is a form of the Himalayan ox, and “za” was recently added in the scrabble dictionary popularized by Tv shows. Additionally, a word like “lez” is also part of the scrabble word list.

Always consult the dictionary to see whether the slang word used is inclusive in the dictionary used. Any slang word that is not part of the word checker is not accepted in gameplay.

Are words that are sounds allowed in Scrabble?

Only words in an official dictionary or the dictionary agreed upon are allowed in Scrabble including onomatopoetic sound words like ah! Oh! Ouch! If players are using part of the dictionary, it’s legitimate to play them in the game.

Some onomatopoeia words are in the English dictionary, but others are not! They are typically used in normal conversation. 

The official scrabble dictionary can only include those sound words found in the English dictionary, but for casual games, the dictionary may include many onomatopoeias that are not even in the official language. Always decide on which dictionary to follow before the game begins.

Scrabble Word Finder 

The scrabble word finder is one of the most valuable tools in the game because it provides word definitions and scoring guidelines. It’s easier and quick to use, and it can assist a player in finding some of the top-scoring words in the game.

Someone can use a Scrabble word finder to win or cheat. When a player uses a word finder before playing a word, that’s cheating, and unfair gameplay. 

Scrabble finder should only be used whenever a player is stuck for long during the game and needs a little external help to just give them a hint to carry forward. Players can also use it to settle disputes whenever one of the players question the word that has been played.

Words allowed in Scrabble

Word Finder for Scrabble: Conclusion 

A word is legally accepted in Scrabble if it’s found in the dictionary used during the game. The Collins dictionary is used for official Scrabble tournaments, but casual games can use any dictionary as long as all the players agree upon it.

As long as the words are recognized in the Scrabble dictionary, even if they are awkward or slang words, they are still part of the appropriate word list!

Players cannot use a word checker before making a move in the game because that is considered cheating. A word checker can only be used if the player is stuck or if a dispute arises about the legality or spelling of a word. 

Any word played in Scrabble must be included in the official arbitrating dictionary. A word not appearing on the dictionary or word finder is considered illegal unless agreed upon by all players in the game. 

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