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What if 2 Blocks Come Out in Jenga?

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Have you ever experienced when 2 blocks come out at the same time when playing Jenga? Some cases, when a player tries to move one block out from the tumble tower, there is a likelihood that the next block can wiggle and may come out, and the intense circumstances may lead to confusion.

If the blocks get loose to the point that it causes either one or two blocks to fall out, otherwise there is a high likelihood that the whole building topples over making the player lose the game.

What do you do when 2 blocks come out in Jenga? If the whole building has not fallen, but only one or two blocks are removed, the players involved in the game may agree to either put the fallen blocks on top of the tumble tower for the play to resume gameplay.

A player can tap or knock a Jenga block to find out which block is loose for them to make a safe move, but this must be done without disturbing other blocks or bringing down the entire tumble building.

In addition, a player should know, pulling the wrong block can easily make the whole tumble tower topple over. If there are no more moves, then high likelihood that the next player will knock down the tower and loose the game.

If you have been experiences where 2 Jenga blocks come out at the same time when playing Jenga with family and friends, we’ve got your solution. In this article, we are going to answer frequently asked questions to learn what rules are in place and what to do when you accidentally remove 2 blocks while playing the tower builder game.

Can you take 2 blocks in Jenga?

No, you can’t take 2 blocks in Jenga. In a Jenga game, only one block is taken out of the tumble tower and replaced in the incomplete tumble tower on the top level to grow taller.

However, there is no harm if a player decides to touch multiple blocks simultaneously to provide support to the tower as the player gets a block out, provided that the player only uses one hand to do so. 

If there is a disturbed block next to the block that the player is removing, the block can be left there, but the player should try to fix it to prevent the building from or leave the opponent player with a chance of getting an easy move.

Removing a block can cause one or two blocks to slide or fall out, which may or may not cause the entire tumble tower to fall. The player who took the turn will lose the game and bring the game to an end if the tower does drop. 

At times, two blocks can fall off due to the adjacent block of the removed block being loose. If that happens, and the damage causes the second block to be removed at the same time, the players may agree to put both blocks on top of the tumble tower to continue gameplay.

If any player feels like the adjacent block has moved while removing the block, the player is allowed to push the loose block back to fix it before the player continues removing the block to prevent the entire tower from falling down. 

In addition, a player should not remove the bottom blocks because by doing so, the entire levels above have a high chance of falling.

Can you touch multiple blocks in Jenga?

Absolutely yes, a player can touch multiple blocks while removing the block to ensure enough support to the tumble tower to prevent it from falling. However, the caveat being that only one hand can be used during the turn.

Even though a player is allowed in the Jenga game to touch multiple blocks, the player is only allowed to perform the process using one hand at a time. 

In addition, the player is allowed to tap and knock the adjacent blocks near the block the player needs to remove to determine which one is loose. As a result, the player can try to fix it in case there is any chance of toppling the tower. 

Consider the player’s aim should be to make the tower as stable as possible to ensure the entire building doesn’t topple over on their turn.

Can you fix the block in Jenga?

Yes, you can fix the blocks in Jenga. Furthermore, a player is allowed to touch multiple blocks around the block to evaluate the best scenario to remove the piece. 

It is advisable to check whether there are any loose position that can cause one or two blocks to fall, or even the entire towel to topple, then try to fix it in the right position. 

Fixing a block can be achieved by pushing the loose block to position itself in the appropriate resting place. Makes the tower more stable, prevent it from falling after the piece has been removed and when the next players turn, causing the player to lose unfairly.

What to do when 2 blocks come out in Jenga?

When two blocks come out of the building, the players involved in the game, depending on their cooperative aspect of the game, can reach the agreement for the player to put the blocks that have come out on top of the tumble tower for the other player to continue playing the game. 

If the players do not agree to place the second piece on top of the tower, then it must be returned to its original position within the tower, and that is a dangerous proposition because the tower has a high probability of being knocked over

The main purpose of players taking back the fallen blocks is because if the tumble tower falls off, the game automatically ends. Sometimes the two blocks may not be the fault of the active player; the previous player may have left some blocks loose while the player was removing their turn. 

Therefore, it’s advisable for a player to always tap to check which block is loose, and then try to fix it to avoid such a scenario. 

can two blocks come out in Jenga

Removing 2 blocks in Jenga: Conclusion 

Jenga is popular game for all ages regardless of the party size, that is interchangeably played indoor and outdoors. Additionally, it is flexible to make it into drinking game or add dice to make the game more fun and challenging. 

The main objective of the game Jenga is to dismantle pieces of the tumble tower without knocking it over. Continuously add piece to the top of the tower over and over again without causing the rebuilt tower to topple over during the process. 

In a Jenga move, a player must take only one block per turn from any level of the tumble tower. Then, replace the block they took from to the incomplete top level of the tumble tower, making the structure grow taller. 

A player is not allowed to remove 2 blocks at once, but be able to touch multiple blocks and fix them on their turn. 

Always start by tapping and knocking the block to find out which blocks are loose and try to fix them to prevent the tumble tower from toppling over. However, every player should only use one hand at a time in a Jenga move.

When two blocks come out of the building, even if it is on accident, discuss among the players about what actions to take. The two choices come down to placing the second block on top of the tower or return the second block back to its original position.

Evaluate this rule with all players before starting the game so there is no conflict, and to be able to maximize entertainment without argument.

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