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How to play Rummy with Uno cards 

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Normally, the Rummy game is played with a deck of playing cards, 52 cards excluding the two jokers. When using Uno cards to play Rummy, the game set up will include 112 cards, kinda like playing Rummy with two decks.

How do you play Rummy with Uno cards? Rummy with Uno cards applies the same rules as the normal cards, the only difference is that with Uno cards there are special cards that change the course of the gameplay. Using a deck of 112 Uno cards, 6 or more players can easily play the game at the same time.

Recommended number for playing Rummy with Uno cards is 6 or more players. Start by removing the Draw 2 cards from the deck, because there is no scenario to draw more than 1 card in regular Rummy.

Once the deck has been shuffled, the dealer’s player then dealt seven or ten cards to each player, depending on the version you want to play.

The dealer should place one card face-up in the center, which starts the discard pile for the player to the left of the dealer to start playing. If the card is any of the wild cards, return the card to the draw pile, and pick another card to start the discard pile. 

The starting player can pick the card from the draw pile or pick the card on the discard pile. If the player cannot lay down part of a hand or complete Rummy, they must discard one card to the discard pile before moving to the next player. 

The goal is to make three or more consecutive sequence cards of the same suit or sets of three or four cards that have the same value. A player can lay down any part of their hand in stages, or go for a Rummy to earn an extra 10 points for the round.

Gameplay moves in a clockwise direction unless a reverse card is placed on the discard pile, which changes the direction. Whenever a player places a Skip card, the next player losses their turn, and if it appears on the Discard pile at the start of the game, skip the player to the left of the dealer. 

A player can use any wild cards to form a combination suit or rank because it can substitute for any number. For instance, a wild card-6-7 combination assumed the wild card represent-5. 

The first player makes their whole hand into combinations, and only one card is left in their hand to discard wins the round. Points are tallied and the the first player to score 100 points wins the game.

From Go Fish to Snap, there are many games that you can play with Uno cards. Answered below are frequently asked questions about playing Rummy with Uno cards and how easy the special deck of cards can be used to play other games.

Are Rummy and UNO the same?

No, Rummy is not Uno. Rummy is an old-fashioned card game that is traditionally played with a regular deck of 52 cards, and Uno is a card game that requires a specialized deck consisting of 112 cards.

The two games with combined to form a new game called UNO Rummy-Up whose rules are similar to standard Rummy with influence from the Uno game. 

Both use the tile rack that is played to create runs and set. The only variation from the standard Rummy is that the game adds Draw 4, Draw two, reverse, skip the card, and other unique cards that are common in Uno.

However, you dont need to purchase this new game to play Rummy with Uno cards, We have included step by step instructions for you to substitute a regular deck of cards for the Uno cards to play Rummy.

Rummy set-up with Uno cards

Set up a standard Uno deck with 112 cards, consisting of 19 numbered cards from 0 to 9 of four colors: Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue. The deck also has five special cards: 8 Reverse cards, 8 Skip cards, 8 Draw-2 cards, 4 wild cards, and 4 blank cards. It is important to remove the Draw 2 cards from the deck before playing Rummy with Uno cards. 

Each player is dealt with one card to determine who will become the dealer, the highest value becomes the dealer. ‘

Players can play the game between 6 or more players to move faster. Each player is dealt with 7 or 10 cards after the dealer shuffles the deck. After the dealer dealt the cards, the remaining cards are placed face-down to serve as the drawing pile, but one card is flipped face-up to start the discard pile as long as it’s not a wild, which should be reinserted back into the deck. 

The player to the dealer’s left side starts the game, and the gameplay follows a clockwise direction unless a reverse card is played.

Ways to play Rummy with Uno cards.

  • Remove all Draw Two cards from the Uno deck because that is not part of the Rummy gameplay.
  • The game is played with an Uno deck of 112 cards and between 6 or more players to be effective with the large sized deck.
  • Each player is dealt with 7 or 10 cards by the dealer, and the remaining cards form the draw pile in face-down. The dealer flips one card to start the discard pile, but the card should not be a wild card.
  • The player to the left of the dealer starts the game, and follow a clockwise direction unless a Reverse card is played, which changes the direction to the opposite side.
  • A player can draw a card from the draw pile or the discard pile, and then one card is discarded and may be used by the next player. If the card on the discard pile is an action card, the upcoming player must do the action related to the card. For instance, if it’s a Reverse card, gameplay shifts in the opposite direction. If it’s a Skip card, the next player should forfeit their turn.
  • Players must discard one card to complete a turn, but if they have managed to put part of their hand into combinations of sets and runs, they can lay down a portion of their hand before going to the next player.
  • A wild card is useful to form any combination since it substitutes for any card in a run or set. For instance, in a run of the 5-6-wild-8, the wild card stands in place for the 7.
  • The game ends when one player manages to get rid of their cards or when they manage to put their hands into combination remaining with one playable card. 

Rules of Uno Rummy 

  • The Rummy version uses an Uno deck with 112 cards instead of the regular 52 cards. Remove all Draw 2 cards before getting started.
  • The actions cards apply the same way as in Uno. (Reverse, Skip and Wild cards) Reverse card changes the gameplay direction, Skip forces the next player to forfeit their turn, and Wild cards replace any card in the game.
  • A player can use a Wild card to form any set or a run because it can substitute any card to complete the rank.
  • After drawing a card from a draw pile or discard pile, discard one card to complete the turn. 
  • Players can form identical sets that belong to the same suit and rank in Uno Rummy, unlike the ordinary Rummy, because there are multiples of the same card in the Uno deck.
  • When a player gets rid of all their combinations and are left with one card, they call Rummy and the game ends right away.
How to play rummy with uno cards

Rummy With Uno Cards: Conclusion 

Rummy with Uno cards is played the same way as the standard Rummy game, the only difference being the type of deck used. The standard Rummy uses 52 regular cards or 54 cards when the two jokers are used as wild cards, but the Uno deck uses 112 cards with special action cards that impact the Rummy game.

Rummy is about forming sets and runs in the same suit. When using the Uno deck, players can form identical pairs of cards that belong to the rank and suit and the player who gets Rummy first ends the game.

In Rummy, a player must dispose of a card to the discard pile to complete a turn after drawing a card. 

When there is an action card on the discard pile, a player cannot pick up the card. Instead, they take the action required by the card on top of the discard pile that was directed at them.

A wild card is not a card to leave on the discard pile because the opponent player can take it to their advantage to form sets or run. Wild cards can substitute for any card to complete a set or run.

Although Uno and Rummy are dissimilar games that generally use different decks, it is very possible to play Rummy with Uno cards. The gameplay is relatively unchanged, with the addition of a few fun action cards to add to the mix.

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