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Can you use the same word twice in Scrabble?

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The basic rule of playing Scrabble is to place tiles that are marked with alphabetic letters on a Grid game board. Players take turns placing their tiles to form words in combination with existing letters on the Board.

Each tile has a numerical value assigned to it that corresponds with the letter of the tile. Tiles are used to create words, but the word formed must be part of the wordlist of the dictionary used in Scrabble.

Can you use the same word twice in Scrabble? Yes, Scrabble rule do not limit a player from using a word they have already played. A player can play the same word as many times as they can provided they have the tiles on their rack.

It’s very common for short two-letter and three-letter words to appear more than once on the Scrabble board, and also be played by the same player. A word can be played as many times by a single player as possible, but it should abide by the following rules.

  • A player should not capitalize the word like the name of places, country, cities, brands, people, months and weekdays 
  • The word should not be abbreviated, hyphenated or require an apostrophe.
  • The word should not be a prefix or suffice, and must be able to stand alone.

Short lettered words have high chances of being repeated more than once on a Scrabble board. Sometimes repeating a word may be the only option based on the player’s tile on their rack and spaces available on the Board. 

In Scrabble, if a player cannot form a word, there is always an option to exchange tiles for new ones from the bag. Answered below are frequently asked questions about using the same word more than once when playing Scrabble.

Is it ok to use a word twice in Scrabble?

It’s absolutely legal to play a word twice on a Scrabble board as long as the tiles on a players’ rack allow for the move to take place, and the word is among the words in the Scrabble dictionary used. Most often short lettered words are the ones players repeat more than once. 

Normally, players form two words in the same turn, either in the same or different directions. For instance, if the existing word on the Board is SUMMED and the active player has two tiles lettered A, they can play the two AA parallel to the word SUMMED to create a two-lettered word MA twice in the same turn. 

Can you make two of the exact same words?

Yes, a player may make two of the exact same words in a single turn by just playing a single letter. Consider a case on the Scrabble board where the word DIM is across the row, and at the far end across the column, the word the HIM is shown below.


The word XI played two times

By placing a letter X above an I on DIM and ahead of I on HIM, a player can form two XI words in a single turn.

Also, consider a word like PHONE on the Board. If a player has two tiles on their rack (H and E), a player can place H on top of the letter E of the word and tile E down the letter H of the word to form a word HE two times, as shown below.



HE is replayed twice

Replaying a word in Scrabble

Yes, a player can replay a word multiple times as long as their tiles favor the wordplay, and the word adheres to the following rules:

  • Must be lowercase when it appears in a sentence.
  • Part of words in the Scrabble dictionary used for the game.
  • Cannot be abbreviated and must not be a suffix or prefix, which is able to stand alone in a sentence.

There is no limit to the number of times a player can repeat a word on a scrabble board as long as it follows the gameplay rules. Short-lettered words (2 to 3 letters) are likely to be repeated more often than longer words purely because of ease.

Replaying a word can be in a single turn or subsequent turns if a player draws tiles that allow two of the same word. If the replay of a word is made in the same turn, the words formed must attach themselves to existing letters on the Board.

Can you use the same word twice in Scrabble

Same Word Two Times in Scrabble: Conclusion 

A word can be repeated as many times as possible, however it must be a legal word to begin with. Despite being playable word, the word must be placed the right way, and attached to a letter of an existing word on the Scrabble board.

When a player forms two words in a single turn, they earn points for both words. 

It is common for repeated words in the Scrabble game to be shorter words ranging between 2 to 3 letter words. 

Another player can always challenge a word on the Board if they think it was illegally played, and want to prove it with substantive evidence. The challenger or the accused one will lose a turn if found guilty. 

Remember, as long as a word is legal, then someone can play it as many times as possible if they have the letters in their rack to do so.

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