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What happens when you roll a 12 in Catan?

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Catan is played with two six-sided dice, therefore a 12 roll can only be had with double sixes. Since the number of resources collected depends on the combination number from the two dice, the roll impacts gameplay.

What happens when you roll a 12 in Catan? Rolling a 12 in Catan gives production to the 12 hex. In addition, they go again when a player rolls doubles in Catan just like a normal turn. 

When you roll 12 in Catan, it implies that the two dice were double 6s and the player gets to roll again. The extra turn earned is executed immediately, and the number of resources collected is equivalent to total combinations from the two rolls. 

However, if three doubles of 6s are made three times in a row, the player will lose their turn and lose all the resource cards they had collected up to that point.

There are variant house rules in Catan involving a 12 dice roll, which brings out some differences in how players play the game because they treat a roll 12 the same way as roll 2. Many players disagree with this variant rule, but others apply it to speed up the game.

Answered below are frequently asked questions about rolling a 12 in Catan, and everything you need to know about the 2s and 12s rule that some households utilize.

What numbers are rolled the most in Catan?

Rolling 7 in Catan is the most common number because one six-sided die is rolled, the probability of getting a face number is one over six (1/6). As a result, a 7 combination has six possible outcomes including 6/1, 1/6, 2/5, 5/2, 4/3, & 3/4. 

The second numbers, which have 5 possible combinations each, are 6 and 8. For 6, the combinations are 1/5, 5/1, 4/2, 2/4, 3/3. 

In the case for the number 8, the combinations are 2/6, 4/4, 3/5, 6/2, & 5/2. Therefore, 6 and 8 are the numbers that come third in frequency whenever the two dice are rolled.

The numbers that come third in the probability of occurrence when two dice are rolled are 5 and 9. A player can achieve each of these numbers in four combinations including 1/4, 4/1, 2/3 & 3/2 (for the number 5), and 3/6, 6/3, 5/4 & 4/5 (for the number 9).

Therefore, it is wise to settle on a strategy that focuses on the combination numbers closer to the central spectrum from the above analysis. A roll seven may seem to be the best, but remember, no resources are collected when the roll is made despite being a robber. 

Focus more on getting a roll 6 or 8 because it’s the safest bet. Any time a roll from either of the two is made the player can collect resources. 

Mathematically, the likely number to appear on top is 7, but 6 and 8 are the next best odds for improving production and resources.

Can you go over 10 points in Catan?

Yes, a player can go up to a potential 22 points. Theoretically, a player can own 5 points from owning settlements, 8 points for owning cities, 4 points for having the longest road or army, and 5 points for hidden victory points, which results in 22 points. 

Anytime a player reaches 10 points or more will have to wait until their turn to claim the victory.

Let’s take it mathematically: if a player has nine points at the start of their turn and manages to build the longest road, that particular player earns three points at go for a total of 12 points. 

Theoretically, a player can get more, but a player can only reach up to 12 points before the game ends. The Catan rule does not specify that a player must have an exact 10 points, instead it says the first player to reach 10 points ends the game.

What happens when roll a 12 in Catan

Rolling 12 in Catan: Conclusion

When a 12 is rolled in the Catan game, the double 6s means the player gets to roll again. If doubles occur three times in a row, the player losses their turn, and all the resources cards collected vanish away.

Catan is a game of chance based on the outcome of the dice roll. Before anything else during a turn, a player must roll the two dice to determine how to collect resources.

The number 7 is most likely to appear when a roll is made since it has the highest probability of any other number. There exist 6 possible outcomes from the roll of the two dice that can result in a number 7. 

The other two numbers that are frequently rolled in Catan are 6 and 8. Each of these two numbers have five outcomes when combining the two dices.

In Catan, whenever a player reaches 10 points, the game comes to an end unless it’s not their turn. However, it is not a must to hit exactly 10 points. 

Points can exceed 12 points when the game is played practically, but it is possible to have 22 points when computed theoretically. If the player hits 10 points and it’s not their turn yet, they have to wait until their turn reaches to end of the game.

Some household allow a 12 roll to be played like a 2, and vice versa, but these are not the real rules. Yes, playing this way speeds up the game, but thats not how its played and this method is quite offensive to player that take the game more seriously. 

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