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What does shuffle hands mean in UNO?

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UNO is a card game that uses special cards with specific effects. The Action cards include Reverse, Skip, Wild Draw 4 and Draw Two, however one of the newer cards added to the game is the Shuffle Hands card, so let’s look into how it works.

This card is not available in all UNO versions, and only in the newer editions that have recently been released. Those used to playing UNO attack or UNO flash versions may not be conversant with this type of card.

What does Shuffle Hands mean in UNO? The player who plays this card, must take the cards from each player, shuffle them together, and re-deal them back to players evenly as if they are starting the game all over again. 

In addition, the rules also state that it is a wild card in UNO, which means the player who plays the card is entitled to pick a color for the gameplay to resume. 

When playing the UNO version with the Shuffle Hands card, the action provides a unique experience of mixing up the gameplay. A player who worded hard to reduce the number of cards in their hand will suddenly find themselves with a full hand once again after reshuffle card is played. 

What are shuffle hand cards in UNO?

The Shuffle Hands card is a new addition to the Uno gameplay; when played, the player takes all cards from the respective players, shuffles them together, and redistributes the cards evenly back to players. 

It also acts like a wild card, which the player gets a chance to dictate the color to follow. Being a Wild card, it can be placed during any turn regardless of the card on top of the discard pile. 

These cards are used in UNO to mix up gameplay by allowing those players with small hands to get more cards and those with many cards to relieve some. However, some UNO versions such as UNO flash and UNO attacks do not use the card.

How to play shuffle hands card in UNO

The card is played just like any wild card across all UNO versions, and can be played at any turn regardless of which card was previously played on the top of the discard pile. 

Once the card is played, the player picks all cards from every player and reshuffles them together. Once done shuffling, redistribute the cards back to the players evenly and dictate which color will follow the gameplay. 

The player on the left side of the player who played the card resumes the play. 

If the card was played as the last card, the player does not get to end the game because they have to issue cards to themselves when re-dealing. Nobody is excluded when the cards are being dealt, which adds complexity to the game.

Shuffle hands UNO rules

  • When the card is played, the player who played it must take all the cards from the respective players and reshuffle them. 
  • Once shuffling is done, the player should deal back the cards evenly to all the players as if the game is starting anew.
  • The player who sits to the left of the player who shuffled the cards resumes the play.
  • The card is treated as a Wild, which means a player can place it on top of any card on the discard pile, and more so, the player gets to pick which color to play next.
  • When it’s the last remaining card, a player cannot end the game. According to official rules, the player is included when dealing the cards and does not get to exit the game.
What does Shuffle Hands mean in Uno

Shuffle Hands Card in Uno: Conclusion 

There is nothing in the rules that state the Shuffle Hands card must be used in UNO, and that’s why some version like UNO Flash do not include the card. If a player does not enjoy the mechanics of the card, players may opt to exclude the card from the gameplay.

The card is used to shake up the game and give players a chance to even the odds. When played, it disadvantages the player with a small hand since cards are evenly distributed regardless of the size of a hand previously held.

The Shuffle Hands card can be used in a defensive manner, especially if opponents almost gets rid of the cards in their hands. One can also use it for offensive cases if the player’s hand has many cards. 

Players often use the Shuffle Hands card when they realize they have no move to play. By playing the card, you get an opportunity for a brand-new hand.

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