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VMAX Pokémon Cards List

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The Pokémon game introduced a new generation of cards to further enhance gameplay. VMAX cards are evolved from the V cards series, which means a player can use them to attack even when they are not evolved. 

Their attack is based on Dynamax and Gigantamax mechanics, making them very powerful even when facing a powerful opponent. They attack heavily to the opponent Pokémon, and when they attack, they earn higher Hit points than regular Pokémon. 

However, they are very expensive when they are knocked out since they cost three prize cards.

So, what VMAX Pokémon cards are at the top of the list?

The following are the top ten VMAX cards in Pokémon.

  • Charizard VMAX: they hit massively, and when hitting they earn 330 Hit points. It has only two attacks, however it lacks water resistance, and has three costs when knocked out.
  • Rillaboom VMAX: it’s the latest version of Charizard cards. It can cause damage of 50 with only one energy card. It accepts any of the energy cards and earns 330 HP when it hits.
  • Lapras VMAX: when it’s knocked out, it has a retreat of three cards. It requires three energy cards and attacks heavily, with each attack earning 320 HP.
  • Grimmasnarl VMAX: its attacks earn 330 HP; and the retrieval has a loss of three. Its single attack deals 170 plus over 50 extra darkness energy.
  • Copperajah VMAX; has the highest hit point compared to other VMAX cards. When it attacks, it earns 340 HP and its retreat cost is four energies. It has resistant to Grass-type, thus cementing the defense.
  • Morpeko VMAX: it has the lowest HP compared to other VMAX cards at 300 HP and only has one attack.
  • Intel Xeon VMAX: it has HP of 320 with a retreat cost of two energy cards.
  • Toxicity VMAX: it has an HP of 320 with its attack dealing 160 and over 80 when the player target has been poisoned.
  • Cinderace VMAX; has a hp of 320, with its retreat having a cost of two energy cards.
  • Dragapault VMAX: it tops the list with an HP of 320 and weaker attacks than other VMAX cards.

What are the VMAX cards?

Vmax cards are the new generation archetype that have been produced in the upcoming Pokémon. The cards are accompanied by the sword and shield expansion, making them more powerful and better than GX cards

Eventually, the PowerPoint will be unnecessary because, with VMAX cards, a player can withstand any powerful Pokémon attack.

Gigantamax mechanics make them more effective and well equipped for the attacks. They gain more powers to attack, and when they attack, they earn high Hit points. 

When they are in battle and knocked out by the opponent, they will have to take three prize cards for their retrieval.

The VMAX cards are generated from the V cards, which are already powerful on their own. With VMAX creatures, a player can face any powerful opponent in the battle. 

Vmax card, just like the Tag Team GX, is a basic Pokémon, which means they can attack even when they have not evolved to a different generation. However, when a player is developing a VMAX deck, they need the V-cards because there are no VMAX cards without a V card.

How many VMAX cards are there?

The new release in October 2021 exist 15 of the most powerful Pokémon cards. Playing these cards is a bit risky because if they are knocked out, they give the opponent player a solid win by collecting enough prizes card to defeat them. 

Yes, they have high hit points whenever they attack, which makes them difficult to defeat.

Many VMAX cards have been introduced in the Pokémon deck, but the following are the 15 most powerful VMAX cards found in the Pokémon deck.

  • Rillaboom VMAX-with 330 HP
  • Charizard VMAX -330 HP
  • Grimmsnarl with 33o hit points when they attack. 
  • Lapras VMAX with 320 hits point
  • Copperajah VMAX-highest HP of 340
  • Intel Xeon VMAX -320 HP
  • Morpeko VMAX with the lowest HP (300)
  • Toxicity VMAX- 320 HP
  • Cinderace VMAX-320 HP
  • Dragapult-320HP
  • Rayquaza VMAX
  • Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX
  • Single Strike Urshifu VMAX
  • Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX.
  • Shadow Rider Calyrex.

Who is the strongest Vmax?

The latest Pokémon Vmax series was released named the Shadow Rider Calyrex as the most powerful Vmax card. The card acts as both the psychic and ghost-Pokémon with a sword and shield combination, which set it well in the Pokémon game.

It is weak to a dark card, and it resists the popular fighting type, hence it can hit back for weakness too. Its shadow door ability form of attack allows the player to attach a psychic-energy card, enabling the player to bench a Pokémon and draw two cards in turn.

It synergizes with the Max Geist attack. The move alone can cause ten damage with 30 more in each psychic energy card to attach to every friendly Pokémon in the game, meaning a player can do massive damage.

Best VMAX Pokémon cards

  • Rillaboom: it forms a Grass-type Pokémon with 330 Hp whenever it attacks. It cost only one energy card of any type.
  • Charizard: it belongs to darkness type, with 330 Hp whenever it attacks. It has an expensive retrieval cost of three, but it suffers from the weakness of the water type. It requires five energy cards to attack
  • Grimmsnarl: it belongs to the darkness type with 330 Hp whenever it attacks. It requires three energy cards to attack.
  • Lapras: has an HP value of 320 when it attacks, but it has weakness on the light type. In addition, it doesn’t discard any energy card from another Pokémon.
  • Copperajah: it belongs to the Rebel expansion group. It has the highest Hp of 340 whenever it attacks. However, it has a retreating cost of four.
  • Intel Xeon: it belongs to the water type with attack hit points of 320. It requires two energy cards to attack.
  • Moreno: belongs to the light type, with an HP of 300, which is the lowest. It has a retrieval cost of one energy card.
  • Toxicity: it belongs to the Rebel cash expansion. It has an HP of 320. It belongs to Electric-type, which has only one able to attack.
  • Cinderace: it has an HP of 320, and believed to have a weakness to water type.
  • Dragapault: has a 320 HP with its versatility, making it do massive damage.
List of VMAX Pokemon cards

Best VMAX Pokemon Cards: Conclusion 

The Pokémon game uses the VMAX cards to incorporate Dynamax and Gigantamax mechanics, which is accompanied by a sword and shield.

VMAX cards are a rare series of very valuable Pokemon inspired by the Gigantamax mechanics. They have higher HP value, and more so, they possess special abilities to face powerful Pokémon in the battlefield.

Playing these VMAX series cards can be a very risky move, especially when the opponent knocks them down during a fierce battle.

Whenever they are knocked out, the player has to incur a cost of three prize cards which can be a huge disadvantage. The opponent player becomes more solid when they collect these prize cards, thus increasing their chances of winning.

When using a VMAX card, a player requires a different gameplay strategy than the regular Pokémon. The VMAX cards are evolved from the V cards, therefore a player must have V cards when developing a VMAX deck.

There are 15 top Vmax cards according to the latest release. VMAX cards are strong because of their Hp points earned when attacking, so consider using them when developing your next Pokemon deck.

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