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Scrabble Solitaire

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Scrabble variants are played the same way as standard Scrabble, but with a few rule changes. Scrabble games can be played online using apps or on a traditional Scrabble board.

Many Scrabble versions can be found for free online, and players can play against each other or a cpu bot. Nonetheless, Scrabble has one main rule and that is to use letters to create words.

How do you play Scrabble Solitaire? The only difference between Scrabble Solitaire and standard Solitaire is that the player plays alone. For a classic Scrabble game, players compete to win maximum points by the end of the game (when one player utilizes all their tiles from their rack). 

In Scrabble Solitaire, a player competes against a clock by trying to score as many points as they can within a stipulated period, or set specific points target, and compete to achieve victory within the shortest time possible.

Players use the version to challenge themselves using 7 tiles on their rack. Like the standard Scrabble, any word played must be part of the Scrabble dictionary. 

Single player scrabble is usually played on a smartphone app, which a player can easily download for free. The Solitaire scrabble version gives a player the freedom of playing the game at their own pace, but now the faster a player is to form words, the higher the chances of setting a good record. 

This post covers everything you need to know about playing Scrabble by yourself. Answered below are frequently asked questions about Scrabble Solitaire and what you need to know to enjoy the game alone.

Is there a solitaire Scrabble game?

Yes, there are multiple app versions for Scrabble solitaire that are free to download. Look in the Google Play or iPhone app store for a version compatible with your device.

Players can also play online for free, meaning no need to download an app. 

In single player Scrabble, a player competes against time to form words or aim at scoring maximum points within a specific duration. The app version generates seven random tiles on the player’s rack, and a player uses the seven tiles to create words and see the highest score they can achieve with no restriction.

The Solitaire Scrabble app provides someone with hours of entertainment. Like the standard Solitaire, all words must be part of the Official Scrabble Dictionary to count towards your point total. 

Can you play Scrabble by yourself?

Yes, Scrabble can be played by a solo player using a one-player Scrabble game rules. In fact, many Scrabble enthusiast enjoy playing Scrabble alone through online or smartphone apps on their phones and tablets.

There are no specific instructions for playing alone. The same rules are followed, but you are just competing against yourself to improve speed and higher points total.

The advantage of playing Scrabble alone is that it derives critical thinking and cognitive booster aspects into the game, while also improving one’s Scrabble playing skills.

How can you play Scrabble alone?

Playing scrabble alone is similar to playing the game with two or more players. The only difference is that the game setup is based only on one player, but the rules are the same.

The game board has no tiles because all the tiles are inside the bag. Draw seven tiles randomly without looking and leave the rest in the bag to be used after placing the first word in the center of the board.

Whatever word is formed, double the score with the double word bonus. Note the score and continue forming other words by attaching them to the existing word. 

Whenever you use tiles, replace them with new ones from the bag. The rack must have 7 tiles at all times, unless there are no more tiles for replacements and the game ends.

Scrabble Solitaire

Scrabble Alone: Conclusion 

Scrabble Solitaire is a single player form of the classic game. Unlike standard Scrabble, the objective is to compete against your own highest score after a specific duration of time.

There is no board designed for solo Scrabble games, and therefore the game is commonly played online or on an app. 

The good news is that the solo gameplay use the same rules and equipment as standard Scrabble, so perfecting alone mode is the same as on the normal scrabble. 

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